Saturday, December 24, 2011

2 Drabbles

Collin's thoughts
Collin was sitting under his favorite tree at lunch time, Harriette was doing extra cheer practice and Bentley was comforting his girlfriend, Karina, because she hurt her ankle and couldn’t cheer with the rest of the cheerleaders. Which meant Collin was alone for lunch.
He was sketching a picture of Bentley and Karina, just another drawing to add to his growing collection of sketches of Bentley. He realised it was sort of creepy to have drawn so many pictures of one person, but he tried not to think of it that way.
Bentley did not find it creepy though, he liked it. Collin smiled, remembering when Bentley was looking through his sketch book he had teased him for drawing so many pictures of him but told him afterwards that he found it cute.
He finished his drawing and then looked at it for a while before he shut his book and just stared into space.
Sometimes he still wondered why Bentley would want to be friends with him. It’s not that Collin thought that he was a loser or anything and he guessed that they were both sort of popular, but it still shocked him.
Collin had liked him long before they were friends, so when Amado invited him to hang out with him and Bentley Collin was nervous at first, but Bentley was so easy to hang out with and it was not long before they were really close.
Collin liked to think that maybe Bentley liked him more then Amado, but usually pushed those thoughts out of his mind.
And right then with Bentley comforting Karina across the outdoor cafeteria Collin could not help but jealous of Karina, but he pushed that feeling away too and decided that he needed to do something else other then stare at them from across the cafeteria so he went to watch Harriette’s practice.
Harriette waved excitedly when she saw him sitting in the bleachers, he waved back and smiled. He never told anyone his thoughts about Bentley, not even Harriette. Bentley knew, but that was for another story.

Something not a lot of people knew about Fedora was that she liked to dance, she once took jazz classes but after the teacher made a passing comment about her weight Fedora quit.
She also used to take hip pop, tap, Irish dance, and a whole lot of other dance classes but after quiting jazz she quit the rest too.
She still practiced dance by herself though, and any time the school had a talent show she performed.
Sacia used to dance to, and actually went to the same dance class she did, but somewhere along the way Sacia stopped. She was never really passionate about it, it was just something she did because she could. Of course she still performed at all the talents shows like Fedora, there was nothing she wouldn’t do for a little time in the spotlight.
Harriette tried Ballet when she was younger, just because Fedora did dance and she wanted to too. She quit pretty soon afterward though.
Chriselle took hip pop classes, and of course she was a cheerleader. She also always danced at talent shows, the school talent shows were filled with dancing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 9; “It’s Christmas!”

Harriette woke up the next morning with Fedora jumping on the bed. Harriette opened her eyes tiredly and realised it was Christmas morning. Suddenly awake she jumped out of her bed and went over to Collin’s and shook him.
“Wake up!” Harriette said.
“Come on!” Fedora said, joining in on the shaking.
“I’m up, I’m up,” Collin said, yawning.
“It’s Christmas!” Harriette exclaimed.
“Oh,” Collin said, suddenly completely awake.
“Come on!” Fedora said running out of the room.
Collin and Harriette followed Fedora out of the room and downstairs. Fedora already had her stocking and was eating something chocolaty. Harriette got her own and sat next to Fedora. Collin got his and went to sit next to Bentley, who was already awake when they came down, on the couch.
“Lollipops!” Harriette exclaimed as she looked through her stocking which was full of lollipops, her favorite candy. She also got a bunch of little wind up toys, some candy canes, two little box of chocolates, a pack of headbands, and some bow clips.
“This is great,” Fedora said with her mouth full of chocolate.
“Ew,” Harriette said.
Fedora swallowed, “Sorry.”
Bryan came downstairs and sat with them with his stocking. He rummaged through it without even saying good morning.
“Good morning to you too,” Fedora said sarcastically.
“What?” Bryan said.
Harriette laughed.
Once everyone was awake and downstairs Harriette’s mom made some hot chocolate for everyone then said it was time to open presents. Fedora jumped up and clapped causing everyone to laugh.
They each got a gift and the unwrapping commenced!
Afterward Fedora and Harriette were talking about what they got, Fedora was raving about her new skateboard.
“I knew my mom wouldn’t get me one,” Fedora was saying, “but I had hope your mom would after I broke my old one, and she did! I can’t wait to just go out there and ride it!”
Harriette smiled at her friend and then looked over at Collin who was taking pictures of Bentley with his new camera, he just recently got into photography.
“Harriette,” Fedora said, “you always do that.”
“What?” Harriette said.
“I was talking and you just stopped paying attention,” Fedora said, “I saw you staring at Collin, which you do way to much. It’s like you’re keeping tabs on him, he’s not going to runaway.”
“Sorry,” Harriette apologized.
“That’s fine,” Fedora said, shrugging, “So, what’s your favorite gift?”
“Um,” Harriette said thinking, she loved all of the gifts!
“Don’t tell me you love all of them,” fedora said, “‘Cause that is a cop out.”
“But I do,” Harriette said.
Fedora laughed.
“Hey,” Tamarai said, sitting down next to Harriette.
“Hi,” Harriette said.
“What was your favorite gift?” Fedora asked Tamarai.
“Um,” Tamarai said, “probably the cocoa set.”
Fedora laughed, “The cocoa set? You got a new MP3 player and you like the cocoa set better?”
“Yes,” Tamarai said.
Harriette smiled at her, she always seemed to like the simple things. That and she did love hot cocoa.
“Wow,” Fedora said, “But you do like the MP3 player, right?”
“Oh, of course!” Tamarai said, “Definitely.”
“Good,” Fedora said, opening up a chocolate bar.
“How many have you eaten so far?” Harriette asked.
“I think this is my third chocolate bar,” Fedora said, “but I ate some other chocolates too.”
Harriette laughed.
Soon her mom called them into the dining room for Christmas dinner and they ate happily talking about there presents and other things.
Overall Harriette thought that this was definitely a great Christmas and she could not believe it was going to be over so soon. It felt like only a few minutes when she climbed into bed that night after all the guests had gone and went to sleep thinking how she got everything off her Christmas wish list, Santa must of been paying attention.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 8; “but it’s still A-dor-ra-ble!”

After listening to Fedora ramble on about how hot Bryan’s brother was, Harriette helpfully reminded her that he was her cousin.
Fedora shrugged, “it’s not illegal to think your cousin is hot.”
Harriette laughed and got up to find Collin, but he seemed to be missing, probably somewhere with Bentley.
The party had really started by then and Harriette noticed her mom bringing out a tray of hot chocolate and coffee. Harriette took three and went back to Fedora and Bryan.
“Collin’s disappeared,” Harriette said as she handed them both a mug of hot chocolate.
“With Bentley again?” Fedora said, rolling her eyes.
“Yeah,” Harriette said sitting down on a pillow.
“They’re probably making out,” fedora said.
“Fedora!” Harriette said, shocked.
“What?” Fedora shrugged, “I always thought Bentley swung that way, and come on it wouldn’t be a surprise if Collin did too.”
“Yes it would,” Harriette said, “because he did not tell me, and he tells me everything. So your logic is flawed. I’m sure they’re doing something completely innocent.”
“Whatever you say,” Fedora shrugged again.
Harriette’s thoughts did not stay on that for long, how could it, it was Christmas eve! She sipped her hot chocolate quietly as Fedora and Bryan talked about Sacia. She apparently was having a hard time in Italy, which Harriette found hard to believe. Who has a hard time in Italy?
“She always has a hard time when Serena is in the picture,” Fedora said when Harriette asked about it.
“Serena?” Harriette said, trying to remember who Serena was, “you mean her sister?”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, “one of them, the fake blond one who thinks she is like the queen of Christians.”
“Oh,” Harriette said.
“The bad part is that her parents think she is too,” Fedora explained, “so Sacia is like the loser child compared to her, of course that’s not counting Simone. But lets not get started on Simone and her problems.”
Harriette nodded and took another sip of her hot chocolate. She wondered how it felt to always be compared to her older sister, since Harriette never had a older sister and was the only girl in the family until Willow, she never really felt anything like that. She wondered if Willow felt like that sometimes, she hoped not.
Harriette noticed Bentley and Collin come back from upstairs and waved at Collin, who did not notice her.
Sometimes Harriette got jealous of Collin’s friends, she was used to his only friend and number one confidant, she was pretty sure she was still his number one confidant though, now he spent most of his time with Bentley and Amado.
She drank her drink sadly, but forgot about that when she remembered that it was Christmas eve. No one should be sad today.
She could hear Grayson talking to their mom about his plans for Christmas, apparently he had organized something charity like, that was just so Grayson. His whole life was dedicated to helping other people, Harriette still remembered when he was eleven and gave all his Christmas presents to a children’s hospital, without even opening them to see what they were. She also remembered her mom being so proud of him, she always was.
And that was just one of the many times he gave something away to some sort of charity, he once saved up his money for a whole year and then bought a bunch of stuff, like groceries, hygiene products, and some fun stuff, like cards or board games, and gave it to the homeless shelter.
Their mom was proud of him then too.
Harriette switched her attention to Summer who was talking to Fisher on the couch, Fisher looked annoyed and Harriette could guess Summer was making an attempt to get him to do something productive. She always did when they were in a room together.
Harriette then looked over to Collin and Bentley who were laughing about something on the other side of the couch. Harriette smiled, Collin looked pretty happy. And when Collin was happy, Harriette was happy.
But she still could not help but wish that she was over there making him laugh. She shook off this thought and turned back to Bryan and Fedora.
“Why did you just shake?” Bryan asked.
Harriette blushed, she had not realised that she had quite literally shook the thought away.
I know,” Fedora said, sounding annoyed, “It’s so cold in here. Sometimes I get those super shivers too.”
Bryan and Harriette stared at her and laughed.
“What?” Fedora shrugged, before laughing with them.
“Well that’s what they are,” Fedora laughed, “super shivers.”
That just made them laugh more. After getting all the laughs out they went back to drinking. But Fedora realised she had no more so she got up to look for some more hot chocolate and maybe some food, which meant definitely some food.
Harriette went back to looking around the room, Summer was now talking to Grayson and Fisher was talking to Bobby, Collin and Bentley were still talking on the couch and Harriette’s mom was talking to Fedora’s mom. Bryan’s dad, Summer’s dad and Fedora’s step dad were talking in the corner of the room, which made Harriette miss her dad, who, if he was still alive, would be talking with the rest of the dads too.
But no one should sad on Christmas eve so she shook that thought off too, which made Bryan burst out laughing again.
Fedora came back with a tray of hot chocolate and cinnamon buns. Harriette replaced her empty cup with a full one from the tray and then starting to drink that one.
“Why is Bryan dying?” Fedora asked.
“Super shiver,” Harriette shrugged, though Fedora must of known that Harriette did not “super shiver” she was just shaking off a thought, which she did around Fedora quite a lot.
“Oh,” Fedora said, then taking a big bit out of her cinnamon roll.
Harriette went back to looking around the room again, this was really sort of entertaining. Collin and Bentley were still sitting together on the couch, Summer was still talking with Grayson but now Felton was also talking with them, Fisher and Bobby had disappeared, all of the mom’s were talking while drinking coffee, and Tamarai was playing with Willow and Finn.
“Fisher’s gone,” Fedora pointed out, she must have been scoping the room too, “probably went outside to smoke or something equally terrible.”
Harriette sadly had to agree.
“Okay kids,” Harriette’s mother announce, it must be time to open their first present.
Fedora jumped up, “finally, I hope I get something chocolate!”
Harriette laughed as her mom explained everything to them, like she did every year. “So we pick out the present and you guys get to open them, understand?”
“Yes,” all of the kids said.
“Okay then,” Harriette’s mom then pulled out a basket of presents and handed them to each one of the kids. “Open up.”
Harriette quickly tore open her present to see a pair of bunny slippers, something she had wanted for so long.
Fedora also slippers, hers were alligator ones. Finn and Willow got some pajamas, Bryan got a Santa hat, Collin got slippers too, his were teddy bears, Bentley also got slippers, black bear ones, and Tamarai got kitty slippers.
The older “kids”, the ones who have left the house, also got presents, though they were not kids anymore. They all got Christmas sweaters.
Harriette immediately put on her adorable slippers and showed them to Fedora, who loved her own alligator ones.
“It’s not chocolate,” Fedora said, “but it’s still A-dor-ra-ble!”
Harriette laughed, “they are.”
“Look,” Tamarai said, skipping up to Harriette, “kitties!”
“Adorable,” Harriette said.
Harriette looked around for Collin, he was with Bentley laughing about something. Harriette shook away her jealousy and turned back to Fedora and Tamarai.
“Why did I not get any slippers,” Bryan said.
Fedora shrugged, “maybe they thought you would like a Santa hat instead.”
“Or it means you get to be Santa tomorrow,” Harriette said, and it did, it always did.
“Oh,” Bryan said.
“Or it means you still get slippers,” Fedora said pointing to an unwrapped present next to him.
“Oh,” Bryan said again, quickly unwrapping the second present and revealing a pair of pig slippers.
“Pigs,” Fedora said, “just like you.”
“Shut up,” Bryan said, though he looked pretty happy with his slippers.
They talked happily about the next day till Harriette’s mom said it was time to go to be. As always everyone stayed the night, they had a lot of guest rooms but Fedora always shared with Harriette and Collin.
Harriette waited for Collin to say good night to Bentley and then they went upstairs to their room with Fedora. They changed into their pajamas and got into bed.
They talked for a while about Christmas then fell asleep with excited thoughts of Christmas on their mind, that’s the kind of thought you don’t need to shake off.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 7; “but he looks a whole lot good!”

The next few days continued on like the first three, except with Collin. It was great, it was like back when they were the Troublesome Threesome, except this time with Tamarai. But Tamarai was not that bad.
Everyday Fedora would greet Harriette by telling her how many more days till Christmas there were.
“Three!” Fedora exclaimed when there were three more days left, Harriette could tell she was super excited. But who wasn’t?
“Wow,” Tamarai said, “so close.”
“I know,” Fedora said.
They were in Harriette’s kitchen putting together a snack plate for them to eat while watching some Christmas movies. Harriette poured some Ritz crackers on the plate next to the growing pile of cheese that Collin was cutting.
“I’m just so excited!” Harriette said, though she was not excited for Christmas to be over and for them to go back to school. This break was the best and when they go back to school her and Fedora would go back to being distant like they were before Christmas break.
Fedora was pouring some salsa into a bowl for the tortilla chips that were already on the plate and Tamarai was mixing together a dip for the plain chips that were on the plate. She kept putting seasonings in it and Fedora wondered just how good this mystery dip was going to be.
Finally the plate was set up and they went into the living room to watch the movies. The dip was fantastic.
They spent the rest of the day watching silly Christmas movies till Harriette’s mom told them that it was bed time.
“Bye,” Harriette said as Fedora put her jacket on and left.
Fedora paused at the end of the driveway and called back, “See you later alligator,”
Soon it was Christmas eve and Harriette and Fedora were helping Harriette’s mom set up for the small get together they were having later with the rest of Fedora’s family, Bryan’s family and all of Hariette’s brothers and other relatives.
Every Christmas eve they have this little party and the kids get to unwrap one present. It was another one of Harriette’s favorite traditions.
They made some cinnamon rolls and some cookies and a bunch of other treats for the little party and just as Harriette and Fedora put them out on the coffee table there was a knock at the door.
Harriette went to open it, it was Bryan and his family, they had come home from skiing a few days ago. Harriette led them into the living room and told her mom they were there just as there was another knock at the door.
This time it was Harriette’s older brother Fisher and her other older brother Bobby, they had not come to the other party because Fisher was out of town and Bobby had something else to do.
Harriette then led them into the living room too, now only Fedora’s family and Harriette’s other older brother, Grayson, was not there. Oh and her aunt, uncle and cousin, Summer.
In the living room Harriette’s mom greeted her two sons warmly and told them to take a seat enjoy some of the lovely snacks.
Fisher immediately took a cinnamon roll and ate it in only two bites, Harriette sighed, Fisher was the one brother who had not done anything worthwhile yet.
Bobby was living with his on and off girlfriend, Chelle, in Los Angeles and Grayson was in college and being smart, something he was always good at. Fisher was just living alone near them working at a game shop downtown while maintaining a video game review site, obviously he loves video games.
The bell rung again and Harriette went to get that, it was the rest of Fedora’s family and also Grayson, they must of met up somewhere along the way.
Harriette’s led them also into the living room. In the living room Harriette’s mom was asking Bobby about Chelle and why she was not there.
“She is doing something with her dad,” Bobby said.
“Well, that’s too bad,” Harriette’s mom said, “I would have loved to see her.”
“Yeah,” Bobby said.
“Mom,” Harriette said to get her mom’s attention, then gestured to the new arrivals.
“Oh, welcome!” her mom said, embracing Grayson into a hug.
Bentley went to sit next to Collin and try to look over his shoulder at his drawing, but Collin just kept covering it. Bentley laughed.
Then the doorbell rung again and Harriette knew that it must be her aunt, uncle, and cousin. The final guests.
She led them into the living room too and they were each embraced too. Harriette was excited to talk to her cousin, Summer, she was like a big sister to her because Harriette never had a big sister.
Summer had pretty blond hair that was stick straight no matter what she did, Harriette remembered one time when Summer’s friend, Lola, did her hair for her, it was beautiful. Summer also had pretty blue eyes, Harriette had always wanted blue eyes. She also nice sense of style. She always were blouses and skirt, sometimes dresses, but hardly were jeans. She used to, back when she was in high school.
“How are you?” Summer asked Harriette after getting hugged by her mom.
“Great,” Harriette said, “I’ve hung out with Fedora, Collin and Tamarai a lot the past week.”
“Does that mean you’re not fighting anymore?” Summer asked.
“We were never fighting,” Harriette said.
Summer looked at her knowingly, “well I’m glad you’re doing great.”
“How are you doing?” Harriette asked.
“Fine,” Summer said, “I just got a job at a flower shop.”
“Cool,” Harriette said. “Do you arrange the flowers?”
“Yep,” Summer said.
“Wow,” Harriette said, that sounded fun.
Summer laughed and went to talk to Grayson, who she was always close to, even though he was five years younger then her.
Harriette went over to where Fedora was sitting with Bryan and sat with them.
“Hey,” Fedora said, “there is a whole lot of relatives here.”
“Yeah,” Harriette said.
“It’s overwhelming,” Fedora said, “I did not even recognise Summer when she came in, she’s gotten plumper.”
“Not really,” Harriette said, looking at Summer. She did look like she gained a little weight, but she looked better. Harriette always used to think she looked a little unhealthy before.
“Grayson looks the same though,” Fedora said, “he’s so tiny.”
“Yeah,” Harriette said.
“But no one compares to Bryan’s brother,” Fedora said, pointing to Bryan’s brother, Felton.
“Not only does he look a whole lot different,” Fedora continued after Harriette looked at him, “but he looks a whole lot good!”
“Seriously?” Bryan said, looking shocked.
“Yeah,” Fedora said.
Bryan just shook his head.
Harriette laughed, Fedora used to hate Felton, at least she thought she did. Fedora was pretty weird and she sort of acted the same around people she hated and liked.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 6; “I’ll miss you more.”

So far the party was moving on smoothly, they had drunk all there hot chocolate and Lizzie and her sister were getting ready to leave.
“Good bye,” Mrs. Brown said, “I hope to see you again.”
“Me too,” Daffodil said.
“You guys can come by anytime,” Mrs. Brown said.
“Thank you,” Daffodil said, “come on, Lizzie, time to go.”
“Aw,” Finn and Willow said, frowning.
“Don’t worry,” Lizzie said, putting on her jacket, “we’ll see each other tomorrow.”
“Okay,” Willow said.
“Bye,” Finn said.
“Come on, Fedora,” Fedora’s mom said, “we have to go now.”
“Aw,” Fedora said sadly, getting up, “See you later, alligators.”
“Bye,” Harriette said.
“I’m leaving too,” Sacia asked.
“Do you need a ride home?” Fedora asked.
“That would be great,” Sacia said.
“Come on,” Fedora said.
Harriette watched as Fedora’s family and Sacia left. Then she turned to Collin who was talking to Tamarai.
“Time for bed,” her mom said. “We have church tomorrow.”
“I know,” Harriette said.
“Okay,” Tamarai said, “good night.”
“‘Night,” Harriette said.
After Tamarai went upstairs Harriette’s mom shooed her and Collin upstairs too. After dressing in her pajamas she got into bed, said good night to Collin and fell asleep.
The next few days leading up to Christmas break went by quickly for Harriette. On the last day she gave DaeRi her present early because DaeRi and her family were going to Korea over the break.
“I love it,” DaeRi said, looking at the light purple purse that Tamarai and Harriette had bought. “Thank you so much.”
“No problem” Harriette said.
“We saw it and just knew you would love it,” Tamarai said.
DaeRi hugged Tamarai and Harriette and then they had to split up because DaeRi’s mom was there to pick her up.
Finally it was Christmas break, but Harriette wasn’t very excited just yet. Collin was going on that ski trip with his friends, which meant a whole three days without him, Harriette would miss him terribly.
“I’m not going to be gone for that long,” Collin said when Harriette told him she would miss him when he was gone. Bentley was picking him up soon.
“But it will feel like a long time to me,” Harriette said. Collin had never went anywhere without Harriette, this was the first time they’ll be apart for so long.
“I’ll miss you too,” Collin said, closing his suitcase and lifting it off the bed.
“I’ll miss you more,” Harriette said.
After Collin left Harriette spent the next few days hanging out with Fedora and Tamarai, all of Fedora’s friends were going away for break too. Sacia went to Italy to spend Christmas with her relatives, AeGuk was DaeRi’s brother so he was with her, and Bryan was skiing with his family.
But it was not that bad in the end, Harriette, Fedora, and Tamarai played board games, went to the movies, ate out for lunch at cozy restaurants, and Harriette’s mom made them a bunch of hot chocolate.
On the day that Collin was coming home Harriette was playing Monopoly with Fedora and Tamarai while drinking some hot chocolate. Fedora was winning, as she always did.
“I’m home,” Collin said as he entered the living room.
“Collin!” Harriette said jumping up to hug him. “I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too,” Collin said after Harriette stopped hugging him.
“How was it?” Fedora asked, she was still sitting at the coffee table organizing her Monopoly money.
“Fun,” Collin said.
“Any crashes?” Fedora asked.
“No,” Collin said.
“Aw,” Fedora said, “you missed the best part of skiing. Bryan better come back with a bunch of wipe out tales.”
“Welcome back,” their mom said, she had just came in from the kitchen.
“Hello,” Collin said.
“How was it?” their mom asked.
“Fun,” Collin said.
“Why don’t you go upstairs and unpack,” their mom said, “when you come back down I’ll have some hot chocolate for you.”
“Okay,” Collin said, “I’ll be right back.”
Harriette watched him as he brought his stuff upstairs.
“Can I have some more hot chocolate?” Fedora asked.
“Of course,” their mom said.
“Well,” Fedora said, yawning, “I guess our game is done, I won!”
“Tamarai started to collect everything and put it back in the box while Fedora went into the kitchen to ask for some chips.
Harriette was so glad that Collin was home, now her Christmas vacation could really start. Not that she did not have any fun the past few days, she did, but now since Collin was home she could have more fun. Hopefully Fedora will continue to stay, Harriette did not think any of her friends were home yet so why wouldn’t she?
Fedora came out of the kitchen with a tray of hot chocolate and some tortilla chips with salsa. She set it on the coffee table.
“Eat up,” Fedora said, sitting on the couch and getting some chips.
Harriette followed her lead but just drunk some hot chocolate instead. Finally Collin came downstairs and sat next to Harriette.
“Here’s your hot chocolate,” Harriette said handing him one of the mugs of hot chocolate.
“Thank you,” Collin said, taking a sip. “So what did you guys do?”
“A bunch of stuff,” Fedora said with her mouth full, Harriette shot her a disgusted look.
“Yes, a lot of stuff,” Harriette said, “like play board games, as you saw when you arrived, we also went to see a movie yesterday after shopping at the mall. I bought you something for Christmas.”
“I thought you already bought me something for Christmas?” Collin said.
“I did,” Harriette said, “I bought you another gift, the more the merrier.
“I got you something too,” Collin said, “I got it while at the ski resort.”
“Really?” Harriette said, excited to see what Collin had gotten her.
“Yep,” Collin said.
“I bought everyone presents,” Fedora said,” you guys will love them, I’m just so good at buying stuff for people.”
“I’m so excited,” Tamarai said, she was sitting on the floor playing solitaire. “Christmas is becoming one of my favorite holidays.”
“It’s already one of mine,” Fedora said, her mouth full again.
Harriette just shook her head, Fedora never listened.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 5; “You have such beautiful ornaments,”

Lizzie was indeed very cute, she had dark brown curly hair and green eyes like Finn and Willow had said. She also had a very pale complexion that Harriette thought should have made her look sick all the time but it just added to her cute looks.
Lizzie had brought along her sister who was home schooled, this sister looked just like Lizzie with dark hair and pale complexion. Her name was Daffodil, which Harriette thought was a silly name.
“Hi,” Lizzie said when Harriette’s mom had answered the door, her voice was equally cute. “Thank you for inviting me.”
“Anytime,” Harriette’s mom said.
Lizzie smiled at her.
“Lizzie!” Finn and Willow said, who had stopped playing with Sacia’s hair and ran up to her.
“Come on,” WiIllow said.
“I want to show you our room,” Finn said.
“And our dollhouse,” Willow said.
“Our dad made it for us,” Finn said.
“Okay,” Lizzie said, following them up the stairs.
“And you are?” Harriette asked the sister.
“Daffodil,” the sister said.
“Daffodil?” Fedora laughed, “and I thought my name was stupid.”
Daffodil giggled, “and what is your name?”
“Fedora,” Fedora said.
“Like the hat?” Daffodil giggled.
“Yep,” Fedora said, “I think my mom wasn’t in the right state of mind when she named me.”
Daffodil giggle again, “and what is the rest of your names?”
“I’m Harriette,” Harriette said.
“Very pretty name,” Daffodil said.
“I’m Bentley,” Bentley said, who was sitting on the couch next to Collin.
“Like the car,” Daffodil said, “I like it.”
“And I like your name too,” Bentley said.
“Thank you,” Daffodil said blushing, Bentley could make anyone blush just by talking to them. Fedora was rolling her eyes.
“What?” Collin asked, he had just been poked by Bentley.
“Introduce yourself,” Bentley said.
“Oh, I’m Collin,” Collin said.
“I’m Sacia,” Sacia said, who was trying to fix her hair.
“Isn’t that a guys name?” Daffodil said.
“Not Sasha, Sacia,” Sacia said, “S-A-C-I-A, Sacia.”
“Interesting,” Daffodil said.
“It’s Italian,” Sacia said, “I’m Italian.”
“I spent a summer in Italy before,” Daffodil said. “It’s very beautiful.”
“Yeah, I go there about once a year to visit relatives,” Sacia said, “though I never really lived there myself, I do know some Italian though.”
“I know Italian too,” Daffodil said, “I also know French and German.”
“I’ve always wanted  to learn Spanish,” Fedora said, “but I’m too lazy.”
Daffodil giggled.
“So I heard you’re home schooled,” Harriette’s mom said.
“Yes,” Daffodil said, “I’ve been home schooled since the third grade, I’ve been looking into going to school again though. I really want to experience high school.”
“What grade are you in?” Harriette asked.
“I’m a Junior,” Daffodil said.
“You look way younger,” Fedora said.
“Yeah, people tell me that a lot,” Daffodil said.
The twins came back downstairs with Lizzie, they were talking about a doll house that Lizzie had.
“It’s huge,” Lizzie said, “I helped make it with my sister, the one in private school.”
“Cool,” Finn said.
“I want to see it,” Willow said.
“Maybe you can come over tomorrow,” Lizzie said, “if you don’t have anything to do.”
“Can we?” Willow asked their mom.
“Of course,” their mom said, “we can drop you off after church.”
“Yay,” Willow said.
“Now let’s get to decorating,” their mom said.
“Okay,” Harriette said. She got up and opened the first box of ornaments, it had her favorite one in it. It was a round blue one with glittery stars all over it. She put it right on the front of the tree so that everyone would see it.
Fedora was putting a bunch of ornaments on, not really caring what they looked like. She was mostly excited for the hot chocolate afterwards, they always had some and it was the best.
Sacia, who had never been to one of these decorating parties before, was hanging up all the glittery ones, she loved glitter and next to the lights they looked so pretty.
Collin was not decorating the tree at all, he was drawing a picture of everyone decorating. Bentley was sitting with him and he kept trying to look over his shoulder, but Collin always covered his picture. He did not like people seeing his un-finished work.
“Come on,” Harriette said when she noticed that Collin was not decorating.
“I’m drawing,” Collin said.
“I know,” Harriette said, “but that can’t be much fun.”
“It is,” Collin said.
“Just one ornament,” Harriette said.
“Okay,” Collin said. Harriette handed him one of her other favorites, it matched the blue on but it was gold. Collin put it right next to the blue one and smiled at Harriette.
“They’re so nice together,” Harriette said.
Collin sat back down and continued to draw.
“You’re such a boring person,” Bentley said, poking Collin.
“Shut up,” Collin said.
“You have such beautiful ornaments,” Daffodil said.
“Thank you,” Harriette’s mom said.
“Our family decorating yesterday,” Daffodil said, “we did not have nearly as much fun though. Do you always do this?”
“Yes, we do,” Harriette’s mom said.
“It is very fun,” Daffodil said.
“Thank you,” Harriette’s mom said.
Fin and Willow were decorating with Lizzie, talking about Lizzie’s Christmas decorations.
“Our house is like a magical Christmas kingdom,” Lizzie said, “you can see it tomorrow.”
“Sounds so pretty,” Willow said.
“It is,” Lizzie said.
After they finished the tree they stilled had the rest of the house to decorate, but all they did at the party was the tree.
“How about some hot chocolate,” Harriette’s mom said.
Yes!” Fedora said.
“I’ll help,” Fedora’s mom said.
“Thank you,” Harriette’s mom said.
They left into the kitchen and Harriette sat down on the couch looking at the tree, her two favorite ornaments up in the front. It was beautiful.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Introducing: Karina Black

Karina Black is the epitome of preppy, she was a cheerleader, student body president, and a part of practically every club, except the non-popular ones. She always thought she should be the head Popular, but Harriette was instead.
Karina had bleached blond hair and brown eyes, she was also tall and skinny. So she was also the picture of Popularity, all she needed was blue eyes. But Harriette did not even have blue eyes.
Karina lived in a small apartment with her older sister, Kathrine, her mom had disappeared when she was fifteen and her dad was never in the picture but he did send child support. She was now seventeen and a senior in high school, her mom sent money whenever their birthdays rolled by or Christmas.
She did not mind living with her sister, her sister was always nice to her and they did not have money problems because her sister had a job. Kathrine graduated college the year before, and now she was working at a business that payed good.
Katrina was born naturally smart, she never found homework hard and was one of the smartest people in school, probably second to Fedora Bannister.
Karina’s attitude to the Un-Populars was neutral, she figured if she wanted to stay student body president she had to be nice to everyone.
Karina’s favorite part of the day was whens he got home, her sister always came home after her so Karina had to house to herself. Karina would put her favorite music on, jazz, and get to her homework. After her homework she would clean the house and prepare dinner, she basically cared for the house since her sister was so busy.
Katrina is dating Bentley Hall, probably the coolest guy in the school. Her friends are the cheerleaders.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Wishlist pt 4; “The more the merrier.”

There was a knock at the door and Fedora jumped up again, “I invited some friends, I hope that’s okay.”
Harriette shrugged as Fedora ran to the door. Really it was not okay with Harriette, she was hoping they could hang out with Collin and have fun. She did not like Fedora’s friends, especially Sacia.
Sacia hated Harriette for “kicking her and her friends out of the Populars,” which Harriette never did. They left on their own.
“Hey,” Sacia said, Fedora had just brought her into the living room.
“Hello,” Harriette’s mom said.
“I hope you don’t mind,” Fedora said.
“Of course not,” Harriette’s mom said, “the more the merrier.”

Sacia smiled at her and took a seat on the couch.
“Did you invite anyone else?” Harriette asked.
‘“Yeah, AeGuk,” Fedora said.
“Oh,” Harriette said. Fedora’s boyfriend was also coming, this meant that Harriette would get no time to hang out with Fedora. She had purposely not invited DaeRi so that they could hang out, DaeRi had no idea that they were secret friends.
Finn and Willow were staring at Sacia, but Sacia had not noticed she was too busy staring at the tree with a bitterly. What was wrong with her anyway?
“Hello,” Willow said hesitantly.
“What?” Sacia snapped.
Sacia did not reply, Harriette poked her.
“Willow said hello,” Harriette said.
“Who’s Willow?” Sacia asked.
“Her little sister,” Fedora said.
“Oh, her?” Sacia said staring at Willow.
“Yeah,” Fedora said.
“Hi,” Sacia said to Willow.
Willow smiled shyly, “what’s your name?”
“Sacia,” Sacia said.
“Pretty,” Finn said.
“You’re pretty,” Willow said.
“Thank you,” Sacia said, amused.
“Can I brush your hair?” Willow asked.
Sacia laughed, “you want to brush my hair?”
“Yeah,” Finn said.
“It’s long,” Willow said.
“And straight,” Finn said.
“Um, well...” Sacia said, looking at Fedora who just shrugged. “Okay?”
“Yay,” Willow said, she got up and ran upstairs to get a brush.
Harriette ran her hand through her hair, Finn and Willow had never asked to brush her hair. So what if it was curly, curly hair is fun too.
Harriette noticed Fedora looking at her, she looked like she wanted to tell her something. Harriette sighed and said she needed something to drink and Fedora quickly agreed. They both walked into the kitchen.
“What’s up?” Harriette asked.
“Please be nice to Sacia,” Fedora said.
Harriette crossed her arms, ”what do you mean?”
“Sacia having family problems,” Fedora said, “so be nice to her.”
“Was I not being nice to her?” Harriette asked, could Fedora read her mind?
“You were just in there giving her the evil eye,” Fedora said.
“I did not realise,” Harriette shrugged.
“Just be nice to her,” Fedora said. She opened the fridge and took out a can of coke. “Please?”
“Why would I not be?” Harriette said taking a can of diet coke.
“I don’t know,” Fedora said sarcastically, “because you guys hate each other.”
“Well, why’d you invite her then?” Harriette said.
“I thought it might cheer her up,” Fedora said, taking a peek into the living room, “and by the looks of it, it is.”
Harriette looked over Fedora’s shoulder, Willow was brushing Sacia’s hair and Finn was putting a bunch of clips in it and Sacia was laughing.
“Okay,” Harriette said, she didn’t want Fedora to be mad at her so she did not have a choice. Plus she knew what it felt like to have family problems, Harriette’s dad died last year and one of her brothers were pretty much throwing his life away and sometimes her mom could get stressed about that.
“Thanks,” Fedora said, leaving the kitchen. Harriette hung back and glanced out the window, it looked like Lizzie had just arrived.