Friday, January 24, 2014

Kinda Sorta

“Why didn’t you tell me?”
Ella was fuming mad, and admittedly totally embarrassed. Why? Because she had finally put two and two together and realised that Collin kind of sort of had a boyfriend, and kinda sorta had a boyfriend since November.
Thing’s had been going so good for Ella. Collin had loved her gift, and Ella even saw him looking through it a couple time during lunch. Then Ella had an amazing winter break at the same ski lodge that Collin’s family went to, she even caught him alone a couple of times and hung out with him one on one.
Like the time when she woke up and Mariah had disappeared and she figured that Mariah had went down to the cafe and was getting herself some breakfast so that’s where Ella went too. But of course Ella wasn’t stupid, she wasn’t gonna leave her room without getting ready a little bit. So after fixing her hair and putting on her “natural makeup” she went downstairs, presumably to join her sister. Whos he found instead, to her pleasant surprised, was Collin sitting in one of the comfy chairs in the corner drawing. Alone.
She almost jumped up and down and squealed, but she controlled herself and manage dot get herself a muffin and coffee before heading over to him looking as composed as she could.
“What brings you here?” She asked as she took a seat next to him. Collin and his family had their own cabin away from the lodge, so she hadn’t seen him around here very much.
“Oh, hey, Ella,” Collin said looking up from his paper, “What was that?”
“Oh, sorry, what brings you here?” Ella asked again, feeling her face flush.
“I wanted to try drawing the cafe,” Collin said, looking around the cafe, “it’s not easy.”
“Oh?” Ella inquired.
“Yeah,” Collin said, looking back at Ella, “lots of people and stuff. What do you highlight and what do you just keep out of it.”
Ella nodded slowly, amazing by him as always.
“How are you doing?” Collin asked.
“Oh, me? Good,” Ella said, “been skiing. How about you? Do you like skiing?”
Collin frowned a bit, “A little bit. Not as much as some people, I don’t like the cold and the snow.”
Ella nodded, “I understand that. My parent’s really just bring us here because everyone else does. We’re going back home before New years, got a big party planned.”
Ella bit he rlip, then stopped thinking it might look weird, had she said too much? Had she rambled a bit? Hopefully not and if Collin was annoyed he didn’t show it he just smiled and said “we always celebrate new years at home too.”
Ella was momentarily silenced by his gorgeous smile.
“I better go, Harriette’s probably awake now,” Collin said, glancing at his watch.
“Ella,” Ella said, trying to to show how disappointed she was, “I guess I’ll see you around.”
“Yeah,” Collin said, standing up, “see you around.”
And with one last gorgeous smile sent her way he walked across the cafe, stopping to toss something in the trash before heading out the door.
After that Ella was convinced it was only a matter of time before they fell in love and started dating. She was convinced that 2014 was her year, well her and Collin’s year. Anr as they counted down to the new year with all of their old school friends Ella kept a solid image of Collin in her head, her only resolution. Well, that and of course raising even higher on the popularity totem pole.
But then Mariah kinda sorta forgot to fill her in on Collin’s relationship status.
It had become painfully obvious when walking through the hallways that first day back to school she passed Collin standing at his locker awfully close to this weird looking hispanic guy. She had literally stopped in her tracks feeling the full force of how stupid she had been.
And when she told Mariah later all she did was laugh and say “so you finally figured it out?”
She was going to kill Mariah.
“You helped me pick out that gift for him,” Ella continued, Mariah just sitting on the couch painting her nails. “You must have known I was gonna embarrass myself! I am so embarrassed.”
“He probably didn’t even notice,” Mariah shrugged, “calm down, it’s not that bad.”
Ella glared at her sister, “you can talk when you find out the boy you’ve been crushing on is gay and totally in a relationship!”
Mariah gave her sister a overly sympathetic look, “I’m sorry, sis. But you have to calm down, it’s not a big deal. As I said, I don’t think he’s the type to pick up on people hitting on him.”
Ella stopped pacing and stared at Mariah, she had a point. He was kind of clueless. Ella smiled a little, “you really don’t think her noticed?”
Mariah nodded earnestly.
Ella collapsed dramatically onto the big comfy chair her dad always sat in. She wrinkled her nose, it always smelled really bad for some reason. She pushed herself off the chair and sat on the couch next to Mariah.
“What color is that?” Ella asked, watching her sister paint her nails a light creamy pink color.
“Blushing Poppies,” Mariah said, “I found it on my dresser this morning, must be from mom.”
Ella nodded, their mom was always leaving little gifts on their dressers or just around the house for them, probably to make up for the fact that she was always off somewhere exotic for “business meetings”.
“I like it,” Ella said, “it’s totally your color.”
Mariah nodded, “right?”
Ella watched Mariah blow lightly on her nails.
“So you’re done with you melt down?” Mariah asked.
Ella groaned and got up, “I’m gonna take a bath.”
Mariah shrugged, “have fun.”
Ella nodded and went up to her room to prepare for the said bath. Ella didn’t like showing emotions, well other than anger. So whenever she felt anything other than Anger she transferred the feelings into anger, which wasn’t exactly healthy she was aware but better than sobbing everywhere.
The thing is she actually really liked Collin, she had spent the last four months obsessing over him and now she had to move on and get over it and that wasn’t exactly easy. Honestly, she was kind of hurt, why didn’t anyone tell her. She had made it kind of obvious that she liked collin and not a single person filled her in on the fact that he would never like her back. She had to find out the hard way.

Yes, a bath was exactly what she needed.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tamarai's Bright Start

Tamarai felt on top of the world. After a wonderful winter break spent hanging out up in the mountains skiing and drinking large amounts of hot chocolate with her favorite people in the world she was back in school.
There were multiple things making Tamarai feel as if she wasn’t quite tethered to the ground anymore, one of them being that she managed to be both Harriette and DaeRi’s friend, plus she made a new friend out of Shae. And even though she broke up with that cute guy from the Newspaper Committee, that didn’t matter too much because she was just asked out to a movie with a cute, ridiculously tall and dark, basketball played named Kaine.
And to make things better, later that day after school she had the first prom committee meeting of the year and she was a shoo in for president.
Really her life could not get much better.
In the cafeteria she gave a friendly wave towards Harriette before heading over to the Newspaper committee’s table and sitting with them, including DaeRi and Shae. She didn’t always sit with them, sometimes she sat with Harriette and the other popular’s but today she couldn’t wait to tell DaeRi about the hottie who just asked her out on a date.
“Hey guys!” she sang as she took her seat next to DaeRi.
“You look happy,” DaeRi noted, giving her a curious look.
“Well, guess who has a date this saturday with Kaine, the tall cutie form the basketball team?” Tamarai said.
DaeRi laughed, “really?”
“Yeah, what’s so funny?” Tamarai said, “you didn’t even guess.”
“You?” Shae offered.
“Yes!” Tamarai said.
“But you just broke up with that other guy,” DaeRi said.
“So? that wasn’t serious,” Tamarai said, “Do I look torn up inside?”
DaeRi shook her head, “I guess not. Good for you.”
Tamarai frowned for a second, “you don’t sound very excited for me. It’s just a date.”
DaeRi smiled, “yeah, I’m sorry.”
“She’s just jealous,” Shae said, grinned slyly.
DaeRi shot her a glare, ”I am not.”
Shae shrugged, “you look it.”
“Well it’s not like you’re dating anyone either.” DaeRi said.
Shae shrugged again, “I don’t want to, you on the other hand, obviously do.”
DaeRi just shook her head and took a bite of her food, obviously deciding not to let this conversation carry on much longer.
“So, prom committee today,” Tamarai said, changing the topic.
Daeri smiled, “yes, our prom committee.”
Tamarai nodded.
Shae frowned, “I can't believe I made friends with a bunch of seniors. This is so sad. I’m gonna have to start completely fresh next year.”
She let out a big sigh and look down at her food dramatically.
“Stop that,” Tamarai said, “I don’t want to think about graduating. Or any of that future stuff, just prom. Innocent enough.”
“Prom signals graduation,” DaeRi said, “Me on the other hand cannot wait to get out of this hell hole called high school.”
Tamarai frowned, “I can’t even picture college and all of that, it’s crazy.”
Daeri shrugged, “But you have to admit you’re not gonna miss all this petty high school drama.”
“But I am,” Tamarai laughed, “I’m gonna miss everything.”
Daeri sighed, “well, I’m not and I can’t wait. First prom, then graduations, then I’m gone.”
Shae shook her head, “this sucks.”
Tamarai smiled sympathetically, “you’ll make it through, I bet next year you’ll make tons of friends.”
Shae laughed cynically, “I doubt it.”
Tamarai reached over and patted her on the shoulder, “just you wait.”

Tamarai wasn’t gonna let her cynical friend ruin her great good, she just hoped the good mood would spread and they could share the best rest of the school year ever.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Payton's Finally Talking.

Payton was talking again, but only to one person. Purity. He didn’t say a single word to anyone, not even his therapist who he spent an hour with each week fielding question after question or his speech therapist who was surely getting fed up with him. But when Purity came home for Winter break and she and Payton were sitting in his room he just spoke. And the wonderful part was that she only paused for a second, then smiled a little before carrying on the conversation. And nobody told anyone.
But it wasn’t long until their dads figured out.
One day Phillip was just walking by his room and heard that voice he hadn’t heard in a really long time. Phillip stopped in his tracks and stood there, hearing even a laugh. Payton hadn’t laughed in the last five months.
David passed by and Phillip reached out to stop him,  putting a finger to his lips telling him to be quiet.
“Listen,” Phillip mouthed.
David stopped and furrowed his brows in concentration, then there it was; Payton’s voice replying to something Purity said. David’s eyebrows shot up.
“Oh my god,” he mouthed.
Phillip nodded furiously.
“What do we do?” David whispered.
Phillip shrugged.
“I’m gonna go get something to drink, be right back,” Purity was heard saying, now obviously close to the door. Their dads didn’t have much time to run before Purity was standing there staring at them.
“Hey,” she said slowly,” what are you guys doing?”
“Passing by,” David said.
Purity gave them both suspicious looks then walked past them, “alright, dads.”
Their dads waved to Payton who was sitting on his bed. Payton just stared at them, his eyes open wide, then stood up and shut the door. Not saying a word.
Phillip and David quickly followed Purity to the kitchen where she was filling up to glasses with pineapple juice.
“How long has Payton been talking?” Phillip asked.
“He’s not talking,” Purity lied.
“We heard him,” David said.
“Maybe that was just me imitated him,” Purity said, looking smug.
Her dads shared a glance, she could do a pretty good imitation of Payton’s voice. But that didn’t make sense.
“But why?” Phillip asked.
Purity shrugged, “he doesn’t want to talk to you guys anyway.”
They frowned, “why?”
Purity shrugged, “I don’t know, none of my business. Or yours, or, frankly, the therapists either.”
They watched as Purity picked up the two glasses and left the room without another word leaving them wondering where exactly did they go wrong.


Purity loved the sound of Payton’s voice. It’s lightness and the way it was so similar to her own. She even liked how he now talked a bit like a baby, because he wasn’t used to it. He messed up his words and had a slight lisp. She wondered if he would ever talk the same.
He told her straight up that he just didn’t want to talk to anyone, especially not his therapist who thought there was something wrong with him.
“What’s wrong with not talking?” Payton said, “It’s my choice.”
Purity wondered if it had always been his choice, if he had just decided not to talk after the accident. She didn’t think it was, as he had acted pretty distraught over it.
“I know what you’re thinking,” Payton laughed a little, “and no, it wasn’t my choice before. but I like being quiet now. I don’t want to talk anymore.”
“Except to me, of course” Purity said.
“Yeah, I guess,” Payton said.
And that made Purity pretty darn happy.