Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sneak Peak at Senior Year Troubles and A.L. High Novel

I am doing NaNoWriMo this year and I am writing a A.L. High novel following Fedora Bannister at the start of her senior year, here is a sneak peak:

Today Fedora was shopping with her mom for school clothes. She hated shopping and she hated spending time with her mom so it was going to be a long terrible day. She followed her mom as she pointed out all the stores Fedora would never be able to shop in if she didn’t lose weight, this was something her mom did every single time they went shopping together. She thought it gave her inspiration to lose weight. It did not, all it did was make her feel bad.
“Look at that pretty dress," Her mom said pausing outside a store window which was showing a pink puffy dress on a mannequin. Fedora shivered, the dress was terrible.
“If you lose weight maybe you could wear something like that to prom," Her said, shrugging then walking again.
“Mom, I would never wear that thing anyway," Fedora said, following her. “Not like I plan to go to prom anyway.”
Her mom stopped walking and turned around to face her, “What?”
Fedora shrugged, “It’s just a stupid dance I went to a million of those last year. And they all sucked.”
Her mom just shook her head and continued to walk. Fedora glanced glanced at the store as they passed them, ignoring her mom’s commentary. They both knew they weren’t going to buy anything, but Fedora followed her mom anyway.
Fedora was hungry, but she knew better then to tell her mom that so she kept quiet and continued to try to ignore her mom’s commentary on the stores. Fedora sighed whens he saw that they soon going to pass the worst part, the store made for “bigger girls”.
“Mom lets go," Fedora said, stopping.
“But we are almost to the store that might have clothes that fit you," Her mom said.
“I don’t need any clothes, I still fit everything from last year and I bought some shirts over Summer break, so lets go.”
“Honey, the clothes you have are terrible," Her mom said. “You bought them all from the boys section.”
“So, I like them," Fedora said, crossing her arms.
Her mom shook her head, “fine, let’s go,"
Fedora sighed, finally it was over, she turned around and saw the last people she wanted to see. It was Harriette and her two friends, Daeri Baek and Tamarai Brown. DaeRi baek was a petite Korean girl, and Tamarai was a short Indian girl who had her hair cut into a super short bob over the summer, she was also Harriette’s adopted sister.
Harriette noticed her and waved her over. Fedora decided to pretend she hadn’t seen them. But of course her mom had to say something.
“Hey, there’s Harriette and her friends," Her mom said.
“Mom, lets go," fedora said.
“But they’re coming right this way and it would be rude to ignore them," Her mom said.
“I don’t care," Fedora said, turning around. “I’d rather go shopping then talk to her.”
“Stop being so rude, Fedora," Her mom said. Fedora could tell her mom was mad at her now, something she tried not to do.
“Okay," Fedora said, turning back around and saw that Harriette was right there. “Hi.”
“Hi!” Harriette said, in her usually peppy voice. “Are you also shopping for school clothes?”
“We were just about to go home," Fedora said.
“But, you don’t have any bags," Harriette said.
“I didn’t buy anything," Fedora said, shrugging.
“I understand," Harriette said. “Tamarai is having the same problem, she gained a few pounds over the Summer.”
Fedora looked at Tamarai and wanted to laugh, Tamarai looked perfectly fine, way skinnier then Fedora.
“She looks fine to me," Fedora said.
“Well, you know me and DaeRi, we are petite sizes, so we need to shop in different stores then her," Harriette said, shrugging. “We were actually just going to go to a different store to get some clothes for Tamarai.”
“Well, have fun," Fedora said.
“Yeah, see you later," Harriette said, walking past them with her friend following behind her.
Fedora heard her mom mumbled something, but didn’t even want to know what it was. It probably had something to do with how Fedora should be more like Harriette, something her mom and step dad tells her all the time.