What is A.L. High?

Welcome to A.L. High and the life of it's students (and graduates).
This blog takes you into the life of the students of A.L. High through a collection of short stories that show little clips of their lives at important times or not so important time.
Overall Summary:
All Harriette ever wanted to be popular, and that is what she is given. But it comes with a few sacrifices, like having to ignore her BFF during school hours. 
All Fedora wanted was to have a good time, but that doesn't seem possible after a plan to get Harriette popular doesn't go as she planned.
After that follows fours years of ups and downs with each other, news friends, a new enemies.
Follow them through it all, and their fellow classmates, in A.L. High, a series of very short stories chronicling everything from Harriette's freshman year to her last in real time.