Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The day before The Big Day

In the past three years Becky had changed a lot, she went from being a shy reserved freshmen to being a little shy still but overall a more experienced senior. Yes, a lot had happened to her since starting at A.L. High. She met Terry and Barry, became best friend with aforementioned people, dated Barry for a year, after dating some other guy in Sophomore year, broke up with Barry over the summer which led to her almost losing both him and Terry, but they patched it all up, and now they were starting their senior year.
That’s not to mention all the smaller stuff, her new interest in makeup and clothes, her joining the debate club which made her a ten times better speaker, and we couldn’t forget her foray into volley ball which was a trip for sure. She sucked but her team got into the finals and they almost won, but she kind of messed it up. But that’s a story for another day!
Now, the day before the start of the school year, Becky, Terry, and Barry were sitting in their favorite ice cream shop, the only ice cream shop in Broad Meadows but you could also get ice cream at the Deli but they just did not have as many options.
Becky was silently thinking about the next day and whether or not the outfit she planned back when she went back to school shopping was still good enough. She wanted to start out the year with a good impression.
Terry and Barry were bickering back and forth about who would win in a fight, Iron Man or the Hulk?
“He’s the Hulk,” Barry insisted, probably for the fifth time in this conversation.
“So?” Terry shrugged, “Iron man is practically invincible.”
Barry laughed, “the Hulk is invincible.”
Terry smiled and nodded, “You’re right. I guess he would win ultimately, huh?”
Barry grinning, licking up the last of his ice cream off his spoon, “I guess he would. Told you.”
Terry just shook his head and looked over at Becky, “What got you transfixed over there, Becky?”
Becky jumped a little, surprised to be pulled back to the conversation, “Oh, nothing. Just school. Tomorrow’s the day.”
Terry groaned, “I know! I’ve been dreading it since the start of the summer? Couldn’t summer last forever?”
Barry nodded, agreeing, “My parent’s are going crazy over making sure I’m prepared. They’ve told me a thousand times about the importance of my senior year, with colleges and all that. I don’t even want to go to college, but I’ll never tell them that.  Not until it’s too late.”
Terry laughed and high fived Barry, “good strategy!”
Becky scoffed, “You guys are gonna be poor, living on the side of the road.”
“The dream,” Barry grinned mischieviously.
Becky just shook her head and finished off her ice cream, “so what are we doing now?”
“For our last day of freedom?” Terry asked.
Becky laughed, “whatever you want to call it.”
“We could...” Barry paused to think. “How about we go down to the lake?”
Terry sighed, “we did that yesterday.”
Becky nodded.
Barry shrugged, “I’m out of ideas, we spent this whole summer spending endless days doing nothing. We’ve already done everything.”
Becky nodded again while Terry sighed dramatically.
“Well, this sucks,” Terry said.
Barry nodded, agreeing.
“Well, hey, at least school start tomorrow?” Terry said.
Barry and Becky laughed, that came from the guy who ten minutes ago was whining about how much he didn't’ wanna go. But hey, at least it was something to do.


Harriette lay in her bed trying to sleep the day before the start of her Senior year. She was supposed to be excited, and she was but she also felt a little prickly of nerves. I mean senior year was The Year, the year she was supposed to make all those future decisions and stuff. Stuff she did not want to think about, instead she wanted to think about homecoming and prom and her friends and... the good stuff.
But her mind kept wandering to college and jobs and her future.
She sighed heavily before getting out of her bed and walking towards the bathroom, for no reason other than just for something to do. She noticed a sliver of light under Collin’s door and smiled, he was exactly what she needed.
She opened the door slowly, finding Collin sitting crosslegged on his bed sketching something by the light of his bedside lamp. He looked up and smiled at her.
“Hey,” Harriette whispered.
Collin set his drawing pad on his side table and made room for Harriette beside him. Harriette sat down next to him and laid her head on Collin’s shoulder.
“What’s up?” Collin asked.
“I’m weirdly nervous,” Harriette sighed. “It’s just the same old school.”
“Yeah,” Collin said slowly, “but it is our senior year.”
“So?” Harriette said, “It’s not that weird. Remember Fedora’s senior year? Nothing too crazy happened.”
Collin was silent for a moment.
“Hey, you’re awake too,” Harriette said suddenly, lifting her head off his shoulder to look at him, “What’s keeping you up?”
Collin laughed, “I guess the same thing.”
“You know why I’m nervous?” Harriette said, laying her head back on his shoulder, “I’m nervous about picking out a future. I mean that’s what you’re supposed to do your senior year.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Collin said, “maybe I am too.”
“But you know what you wanna do,” Harriette said, “you wanna be an artist.”
Collin sighed, “but what kind of artist?”
Harriette was silent, thinking that over. Maybe learning that he was just as confused as her should have made her feel sad, but instead she just felt relief. She wasn’t alone, Collin, who was perfect in her eyes, had the same problem as her.
“Well, we can figure it out together,” Harriette smiled.
“Yep,” Collin yawned.
“I guess we should sleep,” Harriette trailed off, lifting her head off his shoulder.
Collin nodded, he pulled the comforters up over them and lay down, patting the space next to him.
Harriette grinned, “I feel ten years old.”
Collin just laughed tiredly as she lay next to him, cuddling in close.
“Thanks,” she said sleepily.
Collin just nodded as they both slowly slipped into sleep.

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