Tuesday, June 10, 2014

we were the kings and queens; a A.L. High mix.

we were the kings and queens; a A.L. High mix.
Songs for the trials of high school, friendships, and growing up in Broad Meadows.

1. Long Live - Taylor Swift
I said remember this feeling I pass the pictures around 
Of all the years that we stood there
On the side-lines wishing for right now 
We are the Kings and the Queens
2. Love Club - Lorde
I joined the club and it's all on 
There are fights for being my best friend 
And the girls get their claws out
3. Raise Your Glass - P!nk
So if you're too school for cool
And you're treated like a fool 
You can choose to let it go
4. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Grew up in a small town 
And when the rain would fall down 
I'd just stare out my window 
Dreaming of what could be
5. Oath - Cher Lloyd ft Becky G
Wherever you go, just always remember 
That you got a home for now and forever 
And if you get low, just call me whenever 
This is my oath to you
6. Lifetime - Emeli Sandé
Beauty fades, the kiss will end 
And fame will love and leave you just as fast 
You’ll have it all Until it’s gone
7. Sweet Sixteen - Hilary Duff
'Cuz I've got friends who love me 
Blue skies are above me 
My blonde hair is everywhere
8. Heres to Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne
This is who we are, 
I don't think we'll ever change 
They say just grow up, 
but they don't know us

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