Monday, January 16, 2012

The letter

There it was in her hands, the letter she had been waiting for since she applied. The letter from Harvard.
Fedora looked around, she did not want anyone around when she opened this letter, especially not Bentley. Or her mom, or really anyone. But luckily her mom was at work, Bentley was with his friends and his dad somewhere, she did not know where.
She took a deep breath and and started to slowly open the envelope, but paused. She thought she heard a familiar car and she was right, there her mom was driving up the street. Fedora quickly hid the letter behind her back and waved to her mom.
“Hello,” She said when her mom pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.
“What’s behind you’re back?” Her mom asked.
“What?” Fedora asked, feigning confusion.
“What’s behind your back?” Her mom repeated.
Fedora laughed and took the letter from behind her back, “Oh this? Just some junk mail, I know how much you hate me opening up the junk mail. So I hid it.”
Her mom looked suspicious but shrugged and went inside. Fedora sighed, relieved she had gotten away with that absurd lie.
She followed her mom inside, gave her the rest of the mail and then ran up to her room and closed the door, now she would finally open the letter. Hopefully with no more interruptions.
She looked at the envelope and took another deep breath then took the letter out quickly, a bunch of other papers fell out too but none of them mattered just then.
And she started to read the letter.
“Yes!” She exclaimed after reading the letter, she had been excepted into Harvard. She could not believe it, she gathered up the papers that fell and then ran down to the kitchen where she knew her mom probably still be looking at the mail.
“Mom!” Fedora said, running into the kitchen.
“Don’t run in the kitchen,” her mom said, not even looking up form the mail, “it’s dangerous.”
“Guess who’s going to Harvard!” Fedora exclaimed.
“Who?” Her mom answered.
“Guess,” Fedora said rolling her eyes.
Her mom stared at her then smiled, “Was that the ‘junk mail’ you were opening?”
“Ding ding ding,” Fedora said, “we have a winner!”
“That’s great,” her mom said.
“It’s better then great!” Fedora said.
“I guess we better celebrate,” her mom said, looking annoyed.
“Can I have my friends over?” Fedora asked, ignoring her mom not so enthusiastic reaction, “I can’t wait to tell them.”
“Okay,” her mom said, shrugging.
“Thanks,” Fedora said running out of the kitchen and up to her bedroom where she collapsed on her bed. All this excitement was tiring her out.
She was going to Harvard, really going to Harvard. She was already on the right track to become the best lawyer ever!