Friday, May 25, 2012

The Slumber Party pt 1

Chris was having a slumber party, it was sort of a like a graduation slumber party, but her official graduation party wasn’t until after graduation, this was just for her girl friends. She was inviting Sacia, Fedora and Sonrisa, who was visiting for a little bit of the summer and to see them graduate.
This was going to be a classic girly slumber party, with scary movies, popcorn and braiding each others hair. It was going to be great. Hopefully.
But Chris couldn’t stop thinking about one slumber party they had, just  a year ago. It was Harriette’s attempt at making the populars and the losers mesh. It was terrible! At one point Fedora left the room crying because Sonrisa wouldn’t stop making fat jokes. The party ended up splitting into two different slumber parties, the Populars and the Losers.
Chris hoped this time nobody would leave the room crying, sure it’s been a year and they were all sort of losers now, but Sonrisa was always going to be Sonrisa.
And well Fedora thought the same, after hearing that Sonrisa was going to be there she refused to go.
“Come on,” Sacia said, “she’s not that bad.”
“But she is,” Fedora said, “and don’t say she changed, because we both know she hasn’t.”
“But she has,” Sacia said, “she’s really grown up to be so much more mature.”
Fedora just laughed bitterly, “I doubt that.”
“Okay,” Sacia said, “can’t you go for Chris? She really wants you to come.”
“Why?” Fedora asked.
“Because she likes you,” Sacia said, “she thinks you’re funny.”
“I’m sure she does,” Fedora said sarcastically, she wasn’t buying any of it. Chris was just like Sonrisa, a bitter ex-Popular.
“Okay what about for me?” Sacia asked.
“Why do I have to be there?” Fedora asked, “It’s just going to be some big ex-Popular reunion. I don’t really fit with that image.”
“Fedora,” Sacia said, “we’re one of you now. You’re like the representative for Unpopulars.”
Fedora laughed at that, “fine I’ll go, but if Sonrisa says one thing about me being fat, I’m leaving.”
Sacia clapped, “thank you!”
Fedora hoped she wouldn’t regret this.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fedora's Graduation Outfit

fedora graduation
Fedora's Graduation Outfit
“You’re not really going to wear that are you?” Sacia said, hoping that Fedora was joking around when she showed her her graduation outfit.
“Why not?” Fedora asked.
“Because you’re supposed to wear formal wear,” Sacia said, “not a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.”
“It’s not any t-shirt,” Fedora said, “It’s a graduation t-shirt, I have to wear it, what other time will I be able to wear it?”
“I don’t know,” Sacia said, “not graduation day.”
“Look, I’m wearing tights and a new pair of shoes,” Fedora said, “that’s pretty formal for me.”
Sacia rolled her eyes, “your new shoes are leopard print sneakers.”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, “classy right?”
Sacia just glared at her, she knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere with this, Fedora was a rule breaker, if she liked this stupid outfit she didn’t even care if it went against the dress code. Sacia just hoped she wouldn’t get kicked out or something.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fedora the Valedictorian

Note: For the next seven days I'll be posting a story everyday that has to do with Graduation, leading up to the longer story about graduation day. So I hope you enjoy it.
Graduation day was only a week away, and well let’s just say Fedora was procrastinating on writing her speech.
It was no surprise that Fedora was Valedictorian, everyone knew she was the smartest person in school.
So after school Fedora went straight to her room  and attempted to write a graduation speech. Fedora though she was prepared, she had been writing graduation speeches ever since the fourth grade when one of her teachers called her the smartest student in her class. Since then Fedora always had a feeling she would be valedictorian of her senior year.
But she had to admit, writing the real speech was a lot harder than writing a fake one and reading it to her mom. This time she had to really think about what she wanted to say, it was her only chance, and she had to say it in front of her whole school. Fedora didn’t get nervous that often but this was one of those really nerve racking situations.
“Mom wants to know if you want to go shopping with her tomorrow,” Bentley said. Fedora turned to look at him, he must have came into her room without her hearing. She rolled her eyes, annoyed that her step brother couldn’t care less about her privacy.
“Tell her that I’m busy,” Fedora said, she wasn’t really busy but she would rather sit at home bored all day then go shopping with her mom, “and why didn’t she ask me herself?”
Bentley shrugged and then left the room. Fedora turned back to her speech, all she had written so far was the introduction and she wasn’t even sure if she liked it.
She sighed, this was going to take a lot longer then she thought.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I am a very wishy washy person and I am sorry for that.
But I have some new news, this blog is going back to being dedicated to A.L. High. Yep. I just didn't like it, so I am sorry that I keep changing it. But This blog is going back to the way it was, but not entirely. Such as, even though it wasn't obviously pointed out I was planning to have the seniors graduate and to introduce new characters next fall, but while the seniors are still going to graduate and go of to college next year I'll still be writing about them, but there will not be any new characters, at least not a lot.
This probably sounds really confusing and I doubt anybody really cares but I thought I should keep my readers in the loop.
Also if you care, I am going to open a new blog dedicated to a new story I am working on, I'll post the link here when I am done, it's going to be very similar to A.L. High, so if you like A.L. high you will like it. 
So thanks for reading.