Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's up with Sacia and Fedora?

It had been weeks, weeks! And Sacia hadn’t heard from Fedora since she told her about her and Bentley.  Sacia was getting fed up, and she didn't understand why Fedora was mad at her.
Meanwhile Fedora was spending a lot of time venting to Harriette over the phone and studying. But she knew Summer was coming and soon she was gonna have to talk to Sacia. She was hardly mad anymore, she just wanted Sacia to sweat it out a little.
Okay. She wanted Sacia to sweat it out a lot.
But admittedly it was getting hard and after a month Fedora figured that since Summer was just around the corner it was time for her to forgive Sacia.
So after the school let out Fedora took a train down to NYC, with all her stuff, and showed up on Sacia’s doorstep. No warning.
“Fedora?” Sacia said, clearly confused when she opened the door.
“Hey,” Fedora said brightly.
“Oh, no,” Sacia said, shaking her head slowly, “you can not just show up on my doorstep after not talking to me for more than a month.”
Fedora shrugged and took a deep breath, like it took a lot of effort to say what she was gonna say, “I forgive you.” she said.
”But what if I don’t forgive you?” Sacia said, “You haven’t even said sorry yet.”
“It’s not like you talked to me,” Fedora said. “Look, I don’t want to fight, school let out and I want to have a great summer. Plus we have to go to AeGuk’s graduation.”
Sacia shrugged.
“Let me in,” Fedora said, “please.”
Sacia shrugged again and stepped aside. Fedora went in and set her bag on Sacia’s bed, then turned to Sacia.
“You’re going to the Graduation, right?” Fedora asked.
“Yeah, I guess,” sacia said, “I hadn’t thought about it.”
“AeGuk’s our friend,” Fedora said, “We have to be there for him.”
“Are your really not gonna apologize?” Sacia asked after a pause.
“For what?” Fedora asked, “you dating my step brother, whom I hate? I’m pretty sure you’re the one who should be apologizing, but I forgive you so whatever.”
“I can’t believe you,” Sacia said, “Can’t you just accept that you did something wrong? You got mad at me for such a stupid reason.”
“I got mad at you for dating the one person you shouldn’t date,” Fedora said, “Bentley isn’t nice.”
“He is!” Sacia said, “Him liking me has nothing to do with you!”
Fedora sighed, “Maybe... But that doesn't take away from the fact that he’s bullied me since I met him.”
“He didn’t mean to hurt you,” Sacia said, “he was just taking the part as the annoying step-brother. And it was hardly bullying, he was just teasing. You don’t like him just because you’re not supposed to like him.”
Fedora was silent.
“Anyway it doesn’t matter,” Sacia said, “we broke up.”
“What?” Fedora said, “Than what was all this fighting for?”
“For you to say sorry,” Sacia said, “Anyway, aren’t you gonna ask why we broke up?”
Fedora shrugged, “okay, why’d you break up.”
“He’s moving,” Sacia said, “he’s gonna study abroad in London, he’s going back to LA, back to school, than to London.”
Fedora nodded slowly, ”so away from NYC? And me?”
“Yeah,” Sacia said.
“Well it’s kind of hard to hide my glee from hearing this news,” Fedora said, trying not to grin. “Are you okay, though?”
“Oh, look, you actually care,” Sacia said sarcastically , rolling her eyes, “I’m fine, we only dated for a month.”
“Well, that’s good I guess,” Fedora said, “Anyway, we gotta get to the airport. My flight’s in an hour.”
“I don’t have a flight,” Sacia said, “Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about going back there.”
“I’m sure there is room for last minute boarding,” Fedora said, “Come on.”
Sacia shrugged and turned to her closet, “but what should I pack?”
“I might as well reschedule my flight, because this is gonna take way more than an hour,” Fedora teased.
“Oh, shut up,” Sacia said, laughing.
And just like that they were friends again. Friends with a whole lot of catching up to do, with was good since they had a five hour flight ahead of them.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Hiatus

Alright it's time for a hiatus. Sorry for the lack of an official Graduation story. But on the bright side I am taking a hiatus for a very good reason, that reason begin that I am taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo, and I will be working on an A.L. Novel which will hopefully be finished and ready for some sort of publishing before next year.
So goodbye for now and I'll see you in September.