Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot Summer; “See, don’t I look fabulous?”

Fedora collapsed onto Sacia’s bed fanning herself, “this heat is going to be the end of me.”
“Ugh, I know.” Sacia said, she was sitting at her desk staring at the fan, her dark brown hair was blowing everywhere. She turned towards Fedora, shaking her hair out of her eyes. “You wanna go to the beach?”
“Work.” Was all Fedora said.
“Lazy.” Sacia said.
“Heat.” Fedora said, still fanning herself. She sat up and looked at Sacia, “ou know fanning yourself doesn’t really work.”
“Yeah, but staring at the fan does, so does swimming.” Sacia said, her voice sounding weird from speaking into the fan.
“Okay, I’ll go.” Fedora said reluctantly. “I’ll meet you there in ten.”
“Nah, come pick me up.” Sacia said. “Easier that way.”
“Fine.” Fedora said, rolling her eyes. “Lazy.”
“I regret nothing.” Sacia laughed.
“You will.” Fedora threatened while walking out the door.
About Ten minutes later they were on the way to the beach.
“I love driving to the beach on a hot summer day.” Sacia said.
“Okay. That was cheesy.” Fedora said.
“Seriously, it always seems so surreal. Like a movie.” Sacia said, looking out the window. “You know, friends driving to the beach to cool down. Music playing, if it was a movie we’d probably meet up with some friends by chance and end up having, like, a barbecue or something.”
“You’re insane.” Fedora said laughing.
“The windows open, with our hair blowing around us, we look like models.” Sacia said. She shook her hair around. “See, don’t I look fabulous?”
“You look stupid, so do I, my hairs going to be an afro by the time we get there.” Fedora said, tyring to push down her crazy curly hair.
“Why didn’t you ponytail it then?” Sacia asked.
“Because, it would take an abnormally large ponytail to tame this.” She said, shaking her head.
“You’re going to get us into a car crash.” Sacia said, laughing. “It’s not that bad.”
“Yeah, and it isn’t super hot.” Fedora said, sarcastically.
“Oh shut up, and stop with the pity party.” Sacia said. “Not everyone can look as fabulous as me.”
“And here we are.” Fedora said, ignoring her as they pulled into a parking space in front of the beach.
“Finally.” Sacia said.
They got out and ran down to the beach. Fedora spread out her towel and took off her swimsuit cover. Sacia quickly did the same, then they raced down to the water.
“Cold!” Sacia exclaimed as soon as they got in the water. She jumped and ran out. But Fedora didn’t stop, she ran till she could get all the way in then dived under. She swam under water then surfaced and waved to Sacia who was tentatively trying to get in.
“Hey loser.” Fedora called, “come on in, the water is perfect.”
“Cold.” Sacia called back.
“Baby.” Fedora taunted. She swam up to Sacia and splashed her.
“Hey!” Sacia exclaimed, blindly splashing Fedora back, while trying to run away. They kept splashing each other until finally Sacia swam away.
“Are you happy.” She said, shaking her hair out of her face.
“Super, race me.” Fedora said.
“You always win.” Sacia said.
“I know.” Fedora said. “That’s the point, it wouldn't be fun if you won.”
“I hate you.” Sacia said.
“Love ya too.” Fedora said, swimming away.
“Hey, wait up!” Sacia called, trying to catch up to her. Of course Fedora was way faster then her so she stopped half way. “I give up!”
“A quitter never wins.” Fedora said, after she stopped swimming.
“Who cares.” Sacia said.
They swam around for a while more till finally they were both tired and hungry. Fedora laid down on her towel and closed her eyes.
“So tired.” She said.
“Same here.” Sacia said
“So hungry, I want ice cream.” Fedora said, she opened on eye and looked at Sacia. “Have any money?”
“You’re such a gold digger.” Sacia said.
“Only way to play.” Fedora said, laughing.
“More like only way to pay.” Sacia said, “come on lets get something to eat, you’ll have to pay for gas anyway.”
“Or my mom, either way I get ice cream, so I’m happy.” Fedora said. They gathered they’re stuff then drove down to an ice cream parlor that was close to the beach. Fedora ordered a double chocolate cone and Sacia ordered vanilla with nuts. They sat at a picnic table eating quietly.
“This is the perfect end to the movie.” Sacia said, then she thought for a bit, “except we never met our friends and we didn’t have a barbecue, it’s all good in the end.”
“Except, by tomorrow, I’m going to be melting again, just like this ice cream.” Fedora said, shrugging.
Sacia shrugged, “maybe we’ll come back again tomorrow.”
“If I feel like it.” Fedora said.
“I hope you do.”Sacia said.

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I finished all of the profiles. They were shortened because I thought they were too long for just basic profiles, so hope you like.
Also, sorry about not posting stories in awhile, I've been working on the profiles and other stories not related to this so yeah. I'll try to Post something today though.

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Added more Profiles to the Sophomore Profile page and also shortened the profiles.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sonrisa pt 4; “Is this a party?”

Party time Part 1
Sacia Moretti and Sonrisa Rivera pulled up to Harriette’s house. Sonrisa looked around as Sacia parked the car and saw that other people were here too, a lot of other people.
“OMG, is this a party?” Sonrisa said excitedly, turning to look at Sacia.
“Come on.” Sacia said, opening her door.
Sonrisa quickly opened her door and jumped out, she looked up at the huge house in front of them and looked back at Sacia. “Seriously?”
“Come on.” Sacia said again. Sonrisa followed her into the house, she looked around the small room they entered.
“Is this a party?” Sonrisa tried again, Sacia just laughed and lead her into another room and her question was answered. There was loud music playing and a bunch of people were there. Sonrisa looked around and saw a table full of snack and cupcakes.
“Sonny!” Harriette Brown said walking up to Sonrisa and hugging her. Harriette looked at her as they pulled apart, Sonrisa shifted nervously, hoping she wouldn't notice that she gained weight
“Harriette.” Was all she could say back.
“You look... Great.” Harriette said, “come on, let’s get some cupcakes. They’re your favorite, red velvet.”
“Oh, yumm.” Sonrisa said, she glanced at Sacia who was looking back at her nervously. They all walked through the crowd to the table full of snacks and cupcakes, where Tamarai Brown and DaeRi Baek were waiting.
“Hi, Sonrisa.” Tamarai said. “Welcome back.”
“Yeah, welcome back.” DaeRi said.
“Hi.” Sonrisa said.
Outside Fedora Bannister and Bryan Bannister had just arrived. Once inside Fedora walked up to the food display, and saw Sacia.
“Hey, Sacia.” Fedora said,She noticed Sonrisa was talking with Harriette and her friends.
“Oh, hey.” Was all Sacia said.
“What’s wrong?” Fedora asked, glancing at Sacia who looked worried.
“Nothing.” Sacia said, putting on a forced smile. “Everything is great actually, this party is awesome. Have you tried the cupcakes?”
Fedora eyed her suspiciously, “no, I just got here with Bryan.”
“Oh.” Sacia said, looking over at Bryan, who was eating.
“How is Sonrisa doing?” Fedora said, getting a cupcake off of the table and taking a bite.
“Good.” Sacia said. “She looked so happy to be here, this party was an awesome idea.”
Fedora laughed, “I wouldn’t trust Harriette if I was you, this is all too nice. There has to be something behind it.”
“Ugh, shut up.” Sacia said, rolling her eyes and walking away.
“Touchy.” Fedora said to herself. She took another cupcake and left the room, she wanted to find Collin Brown, Harriette’s twin brother and Fedora’s other old best friend. She thought he might know what Harriette was up to.
She went upstairs and knocked on his bedroom door.
“What?” He asked through the door.
“It’s me, Fedora.” Fedora said.
“Oh, come in.” Collin said.
She walked into his room and sat on his bed, where he was sitting. “Are you drawing?”
“Yeah.” Collin said.
“Oh, hope I didn’t interrupt you.” Fedora said, taking a bite of her cupcake.
“Oh, no. It’s fine.” Collin said
“Good then.” Fedora said. “So, do you know what Harriette is up to? I mean seriously, what is up with the random charity for Sonny.”
“She wanted to. She thought it would make people like her better if she was nicer to her.” Collin said, shrugging.
“She’s never nice to me.” Fedora said, finishing off her cupcake. “I don’t get her sometimes.”
“You don’t really get her all the time, who does?” Collin said.
“Yeah.” Fedora laughed. “Well, I’m going to get back to the party so I can get more cupcakes.”
“Bye.” Collin said.
“See you later.” Fedora said, walking out of his room. She knew Collin was right, Harriette was just trying to boost her popularity by being nice, but it still felt wrong.
“Now I need to figure out the problem with the cupcakes.” She said to herself as she walked back into the party room. She walked right up to the table and saw that everyone was gone. She took another cupcake and scanned the room for Sacia. She saw Sonrisa dancing with Harriette and her friend and suddenly noticed something different about her, she had defiantly gained some weight.
Fedora remembered how she looked before she left, she was probably the skinniest girl here. She knew that was a clue about where she went. One step closer. Finally she saw Sacia talking to Bryan in the corner.
“Hey.” She said walking up to them. “No worries, Harriette is just being Nice. To boost her popularity, but nice anyway.”
“I wasn’t worried.” Sacia said, rolling her eyes.
“Fine, these cupcakes are fabulous.” Fedora said, finishing off her cupcake. “Does Sonny like the cupcakes?”
“Well, duh.” Sacia said. “They are her favorite.”
“Fine.” Fedora said, shrugging. “You’re not really in a good mood today are you?”
“I’m fine.” Sacia said. “I’m gonna go see what Sonny is doing.”
“See you later.” Fedora said, then she turned to Bryan. “Hey.”
“Um, hi.” He said.
“Have you tried the cupcakes?” She asked.
“Yeah.” Bryan said. “They’re good.”
“Well, duh.” Fedora said. “Though I’ve always been a fan of plain chocolate cupcakes.”
“Yeah.” Bryan said.
“Have you seen Sonrisa yet?” Fedora said. “She gained weight, I can tell.”
“So?” Bryan said, confused.
“Just Saying.” Fedora said, shrugging. “I’m going to go get more cupcakes.”
To Be Continued

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