Thursday, November 29, 2012

25 Days of A.L. High Christmas!!

So to celebrate Christmas, I will be posting a new Christmas related post everyday, including a part by part Christmas story. Woohoo!! I hope you enjoy this 25 day party and thank you for reading A.L. High!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Holidays are here and it time to Celebrate.

The weekend after Thanksgiving passed faster than anyone expected it. They decorated the house on Friday. On Saturday they had a Christmas movie marathon with their friends who were in town, Sacia and Bryan, who had to miss Thanksgiving due to his mom wanting to spend it with her family. And their friends who never left town, AeGuk and DaeRi. And Bentley too after he convinced Collin to convince Fedora that he could come.
And then on Sunday, the day Fedora left, they had a big breakfast of pancakes and bacon before she had to catch her flight. Harriette was sad to see her go, she missed her already.
She almost didn't let go when she hugged Fedora goodbye at the airport, but Fedora laughed and pulled away promising to be back for Christmas.
And then she was walking away towards the gates and Harriette was feeling sad. Fedora turned around at the last minute and called back, “Don’t be sad, it’s the holidays!”
And how could Harriette be upset when Fedora made so much sense, plus she looked so funny with a goofy smile on her face and her arms up in the air. Harriette smiled back at her and Fedora turned back and walked through the gates leading to the plane.
Then Harriette skipped back to the car and they drove back home. Harriette hardly felt sad anymore, Fedora was good at cheering people up.
The Holidays were here and it was time to celebrate.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving part 3

Thanksgiving dinner was always the same at the Brown family household. People starting pouring in around two o’clock, first Fedora’s mom arrived, earlier than the rest. She asked fedora about school and Fedora answered the basic stuff, school was school, a bit harder than high school but nothing she can’t handle.
Then Bentley and his dad came, later than Fedora’s mom because they didn’t have any interest in coming earlier than they had to. Fedora just glared at Bentley, but not at his dad because truth be told she was a bit afraid of him.
Bentley, as always, made a joke out of Fedora’s glaring and walked right up to her and gave her a hug. Fedora pushed him away and glared some more, not even offering a hello. He just laughed and turned to talk to Collin and give him a hug.
Then Bobby, Chelle and Fisher came. For once Fisher wasn’t late, because he was with Chelle and Bobby, well Bobby didn’t have anything to do with it either. But Chelle was never late to anything. Shortly after, Chris, their aunt, and her daughter Summer came. Sometimes Fedora forgot about them because they moved to Los Angeles and she only ever sees them on holidays.
Summer and Fisher were once close friends but after Fisher dropped out of school Summer got annoyed with how much he didn’t care and they slowly drifted apart, now they only talked at family get togethers.
Harriette loved having their extended family at their house, you could really feel how big their family was, and that’s one of the things Harriette liked about her family. She liked having seven brothers and sisters, even though she only lived with four of them. But at family parties you could see how big their family really was.
Chris and summer came with a big announcement.
“We’re staying for the holidays,” Chris said, “We’re renting a small house to stay in until the new year, I really wanted to stay in town for the holidays, L.A. is nice but it’s not home.”
“That’s wonderful,” Mrs. Brown said. “You guys can come over anytime.”
“Thank you,” Chris said.
“I have to go check on the turkey,” Mrs. Brown said, “It’s about time for it to be done.”
She left the room and everyone started mingling. Harriette sat with Fedora and Tamarai on the couch watched all of their family moving about the room, starting conversations.
“Who do you think’s gonna throw Thanksgiving when your mom dies?” Fedora asked.
“What?” Harriette asked, this was so Fedora, asking such morbid questions.
“Hey, I’m just curious,” Fedora said. “Do you think my mom will? Nah, she’ll probably die first.”
“Do you think Bentley and his dad will still come?” Harriette asked.
“Hopefully not,” Fedora said.
“I don’t know,” Harriette said, watching Collin and Bentley talk across the room, “Bentley looks like he enjoys it, and mom considers him a part of the family. I don’t know about his dad though.”
They both looked around to see if they could find him, finally finding him sitting with Fedora’s mom looking bored.
“I hate him.” Fedora said, “Look at him, sitting with my mom looking sleezy.”
Harriette laughed, “Sleezy?”
“Yeah, like a major sleazeball,” Fedora said. “But back to the main question. I don’t expect you mom to die until she’s at least one hundred. So really anyone could do it, even you.”
She laughed and nudged Harriette, “Imagine you throwing Thanksgiving. Ha, you’d burn the turkey.”
“There would be a fire,” Harriette said, “I’m not the best choice.
“But maybe you’ll become housewife extraordinaire like your mom,” Fedora said.
“I could,” Harriette laughed, “Maybe in another lifetime.”
Fedora laughed, “Maybe Collin could do it.”
“Collin?” Harriette asked, trying to imagine that. “Maybe.”
“Would he have a high class Thanksgiving or a homey one,” Fedora asked.
“I don’t know,” Harriette said, looking back over to Collin and Bentley. Bentley now had his arm over Collin’s shoulder and Collin was laughing about something.
“They sure do look cozy,” Fedora said. “Do you think something is going on between them.”
“Uhm, they’re technically cousins,” Harriette said.
“But not really,” Fedora said, “Bentley isn’t even really related to his dad, plus I don’t think he’s legally his guardian.”
“Hm?” Harriette asked.
“Yeah, Bentley’s mom just left him with this guy,” Fedora said, “Bentley told me all about it, about how she just up and disappeared one day. One day she was there and the next she was not. She had only been dating this guy for a month before she dumped her child with him.”
“Wow,” Harriette said, “That’s sad.”
“Eh, Bentley said he was only sad about it for about one week,” Fedora said, “he hardly remembers her now.”
“How old was he when this happened?” Harriette asked.
“About fourteen,” Fedora said.
“Wow,” Harriette said.
They both looked back over to Collin and Bentley.
“So it would be okay for something to be going on between them,” Harriette asked.
“I guess,” Fedora said. “Since they’re really not related. But then of course there is the point that Bentley doesn’t like guys.”
“Oh, yeah,” Harriette said, she could’ve have forgotten that by the way he was acting with Collin. But then she got a little angry, he was sure acting like he liked him and what if Collin thought he did? What if he was leading Collin on? That’s sort of rude.
“You okay?” Fedora asked, “You look a little... red.”
“You don’t think he’s leading him on, do you?” Harriette said.
“Oh, no, he probably is,” Fedora said, “What have I told you about Bentley this whole time, he’s a total jerk.”
“Oh,” Harriette said. “What should I do?”
“Nothing,” Fedora shrugged, “Collin’s a big boy, he can take care of himself.”
Just then Harriette’s mom came out from the kitchen and announced dinner done so everyone filtered into the dining room where the feast was already set on the table.
Everyone sat and down at and Harriette's mom led them through a prayer. Most of their family wasn't that religious but Harriette’s mom was and since she was hosting Thanksgiving they were gonna pray before eating.
Afterwards they passed the food around the table, everyone getting a little bit of everything, except grayson who passed anything that had animals products in it.
For a moment Harriette and Fedora had forgotten about what they were previously talking about. The seating went like this, Tamara next to Harriette, Harriette next to Fedora, Fedora next to Collin, Collin next to Bentley. And then everyone else.
Fedora ate like five plates of stuffing, among all her other food. Collin and Harriette warned her more than once that she should save room for dessert.
“I am,” Fedora said, getting herself some more cranberry sauce. “Or else I would have more stuffing.”
Harriette laughed.
Finally everyone was done and they sort of dispersed, some of them stayed at the table, but the teens moved to the living room. Harriette sat on the couch with the rest of them, already full from the food she ate though she tried to take small portions. Was it even possible to not get full on Thanksgiving?
“This is great,” Fedora said, not looking a bit full though she practically ate three servings of everything except the tofu turkey Grayson insisted on having. The only people who ate that was Grayson and Summer, Summer wasn’t necessarily a vegetarian but she enjoyed eating vegetarian stuff and considered it sometimes.
“I can’t wait for the pie,” Fedora said.
Collin and Harriette stared at her incredulous.
“You ate all that food and you still want more?” Collin laughed.
“You obviously haven’t seen how I eat dinner,” Fedora said. “I can eat a whole pizza by myself, my roommate always expects me to share when I order a pizza but she should know by now I eat it all by myself.”
“Wow,” Harriette said, wrinkling her nose, ”That can’t be good for you.”
“Well I hardly eat all day,” Fedora said, “I don’t have time for it because I have classes and studying and all that so I eat at night.”
Harriette didn’t say anything, though she wanted to point out that obviously she was eating a lot because she had obviously gained some weight. But Fedora might be offended by that so she kept quiet.
They talked a bit more, about random stuff until Harriette’s mom came out and announced that they were serving cake in the dining room.
Harriette’s mom always went above and beyond with the pies, she had one of every type and two pumpkin. There was peach pie, cherry pie, blueberry pie, pecan pie, apple pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, mixed berry pie and of course pumpkin pie.
Harriette got some peach pie, it was her favorite. Fedora got a slice of pumpkin, apple and cherry. And after some convincing from Bentley, Collin got strawberry rhubarb and Bentley got some pumpkin, they were gonna share.
They all went back to the living to eat their pie. Fedora finished hers first and got up to get some blueberry pie since she was still feeling up for more. Harriette ate hers slowly, savoring each bite, also because she was sort of full.
After they all finished their pie they just sort of talked about nothing, it was getting late by then and Harriette was tired. Fedora wasn’t she seemed to get more awake with every bite she ate. Which just didn't make since to Harriette.
People slowly started to leave, first Bobby, Chelle, and Fisher. Then Chris and summer. Fedora’s mom, and Bentley and his dad, didn’t leave till late. Fedora’s mom spent the time talking with Harriette’s mom. Times like this you could see that they were sister’s they grew up together, experienced life together. And they were actually pretty close.
They didn’t really know where Bentley’s dad went since he sort of disappeared after the pie and Bentley was hanging out with Collin, still.
Harriette was half asleep on the couch with Tamarai while Fedora was sort of sleepily dancing to the Christmas music that Harriette’s mom had put on. Grayson was also in the kitchen with his mom and Fedora’s mom, he was mostly just cleaning which is what he did whenever he came over. He basically took over his mom’s jobs.
Finally Fedora crashed, slumping on the couch with Harriette who was about almost asleep.
“I’m so tired,” she yawned.
“Me too,” Harriette said, “Can we go to sleep?”
“Well, duh,” Fedora said, getting back up, “I’m tired, you’re tired. Why wouldn’t we sleep?”
Harriette glanced over to Collin, who was now practically cuddling with Bentley.
Fedora rolled her eyes,”Leave them to their slightly incest love fest.”
Harriette was really too tired to care so she got up, nudged Tamarai who was completely asleep told her they were going to sleep and then followed Fedora up to her bedroom where they both sort of just crashed.
Shortly after grayson also went to sleep and Fedora’s mom and bentley and his dad all went home and Collin went to sleep. Leaving Lauren Brown downstairs on her way to her bedroom feeling very accomplished in throwing yet another great Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving part 2

AeGuk wasn’t expecting Fedora when he heard the knock on the door and rushed to answer it. It was too early for people to being coming over, his mom and DaeRi were still asleep. In fact he was expecting anyone but Fedora.
But it was and he was shocked. What was she doing here? AeGuk didn’t even know she was in town.
“H-h-h-h-,” he tried to say hi but it just wouldn’t come out.
“What’s up?” Fedora said, “You gonna invite me in?”
“Uh-uhm,” he said, he didn’t know what to say. “S-s-s-s-sure sure?”
“Okay, great,” Fedora said, walking past him into his house. It’s not like it was her first time in his house but he still felt a little nervous about it.
“We need to talk,” she said.
“O-o-o-oh,” he said, wishing for once that he would be able to say something without stuttering.
“Okay, why don’t I just talk?” she said, “You just sit down and I’ll tell you a story.”
“W-what?” he asked, confused now.
“Okay, you don’t have to,” Fedora shrugged, “But I have to be back home at about eleven, so I have to get this over with. So I think there were some misunderstandings between us. I’m thinking that you thought that I had wanted to break up with you. But I don’t”
“Uhm,” AeGuk said, really confused now.
“I told you that I wanted to fool around with other guys” Fedora said, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”
“But,” AeGuk said now, “Wh-why would you you want t-t-t-to if you w-were dating me?”
“Because I can't make out with you,” Fedora said, “I want to be free in college. Not tied up, but I like you and I don’t want to break up.”
“I-I’m s-s-ssorry,” AeGuk said, “B-b-but I don’t a-a-a-agree with that.”
“Okay, it was worth the try,” Fedora said, “See you later, or not.”
And thens he left, leaving AeGuk feeling slightly disappointed. He had to admit when she appeared at the door a spark of hope lit up inside him, hoping that she changed her mind.
He should have known, Fedora was too stubborn. But maybe he was too. No, he wasn’t he was just thinking logically and this didn’t make sense to him.
“It didn’t work out,” Fedora announced when she got back to the house. Harriette was sitting in the kitchen helping her mom with the potatoes.
“Oh?” Harriette asked as Fedora sat next to her and grabbed a potato and potato peeler and got to work.
“Yep, he said he didn’t agree with me,” Fedora said, “Whatever.”
Harriette gave her a look.
“What?” Fedora said.
“You really like him don’t you?” Harriette smiled.
“I think I’ve said that before,” Fedora shrugged, “But if he isn’t willing to make some sacrifices to make me happy then whatever.”
“But you’re not making sacrifices either,” Harriette pointed out.
“Because, I don’t think I need to,” Fedora said, “It’s not like I'm asking to date other people. And I’m respecting his decision, I’m not forcing him to do anything and at least I asked and didn’t go behind his back making out with other guys.”
“Why do you think it’s so important that you get to make out with people?” Harriette asked.
“What?” Fedora said, “I never said it was important. I don’t want to be tied down, it’s that simple.”
“So instead of dating someone you really like you’d rather make out with a couple of random guys,” Harriette
“Gosh, you make me sound like such a slut,” Fedora said.
Harriette shrugged, “That’s what it sounds like. I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t understand. If I really liked someone I would just date them and be happy.”
“But you’re not me,” Fedora said, “I’m not happy dating someone long distance and then being tied down. When he goes to college, if it somewhere near me, then I’ll stop. I’ll dedicate myself to him.”
“So you think that you’ll still like him in a year?” Harriette said.
“Why not?” Fedora said, “He’s nice, kind of hot, and he’s never done anything to hurt me. He’s the kind of guy I would spend my life with. Which sounds mighty serious and it’s kind of freaking me out that I just said that.”
Harriette laughed, “you like him a lot, maybe even love.”
Fedora shrugged, “I don’t know.”
Harriette liked that Fedora was always very straight forwards, instead of brushing that off and saying “no of course not” she just told the truth. She says it like it is.
“So tell me, do you like anyone?” Fedora said, changing the topic to Harriette’s love life instead of hers.
Harriette frowned, “no.”
“Cool,” fedora said.
“It’s not really cool,” Harriette said, “Tamarai crushing on some new guy and DaeRi just started going out with Payton. Which is pretty weird since he doesn't talk so I wonder how that works out.
“Ooo, she’s dating a mute guy?” Fedora said, “That’s sort of cool.”
“They spend a lot of their time making out,” Harriette said.
“Hot,” Fedora said.
“That’s not the point,” Harriette frowned. “The point is that everyone I know either has a boyfriend or is crushing on someone. Even Collin.”
Speaking of Collin he came into the room right then.
“‘Even Collin’ what?” he said.
“You like someone,” Fedora said.
He raised his eyebrows, “I do?”
“Apparently,” Fedora shrugged.
“Well then,” Collin said, sitting down with them, “Tell me, who is it?”
“Nothing,” harriette said, “You don’t like anyone, it’s just you do like people.”
“Oh, not this again,” Collin said, looking sympathetic. “You’re perfectly fine, it’s okay to not like anyone.”
“People are probably going to start thinking I’m a lesbian,” Harriette said.
“So?” Fedora said, “Like Collin said stop caring so much. Move on, it’s stupid to think so much about how you don’t like someone. Maybe you just haven’t met the right guy yet?”
“Whatever,” Harriette said, “Can we talk about someone elses problem.”
“We talked about mine already,” Fedora said, “It’s Collin’s turn.”
“Collin’s perfect, he has no problems,” Harriette said.
Collin shrugged, “nothing right now.”
“See?” Harriette said.
“Why again am I friends you guys,” Fedora said, “You guys are annoying.”
“Hey,” Harriette said.
“Are you guys done with the potatoes?’ Harriette’s mom asked.
“Yeah,” Fedora said, finishing her last potato.
“Good. Now you guys can go and have some fun, I’ll finish everything here and Fedora, you mom’s gonna come early since you were asleep yesterday when she came.” their mom said, taking the bowl of potatoes from them.
“Oh joy,” Fedora said sarcastically.
“Harriette,” Tamarai said, walking into the kitchen, “I’m going over to DaeRi’s, do you want to come?”
“Uhm, I’m hanging out with Fedora,” Harriette said.
“Oh, yeah,” Tamarai said.
“Sorry,” Harriette said, “You have fun though.”
“Okay,” Tamarai said.
“And don’t be late, or mom will be very upset,” Harriette said.
“Of course not,” Tamarai said, “I’m just gonna stop by, she’s bored and apparently AeGuk is being mopey and she hates it when he gets mopey so she needs some cheering up.”
“Oh,” Fedora said.
“Anyway, I gotta go,” Tamarai said, “See you later.”
And then she was gone, leaving the three in the kitchen, alone except for Harriette’s mom.
“Ah, so he’s mopey huh?” Fedora said. “Does he really have the right to be mopey when he’s the one pushing me away.”
Harriette gave her a look, “Fedora I have something to tell you. You need to make a choice, you can’t go on pretending that he’s the wrong one here, because while he could compromise his moral and deal with something that would basically make him upset forever or you could deal with not making out with random guys and random parties and instead be with the guy you like.”
“While being separated for a year,” Fedora said, “Or more, we never know what his college of choice is.”
“What she’s trying to say is that you have to choose if he’s actually important to you or not,” Collin said.
Fedora sighed, they were ganging up on her now. But she also knew they were sort of right, but she was just too stubborn to listen.
“Okay, I’m going back to his house,” Fedora said. “We’ll see what happens.”
“Be back before twelve.” Harriette said.
“Okay,” Fedora said.
Fedora went back outside, shocked for a second when it wasn’t really cold. She was getting used to the cold weather of Massachusetts.
The town was so small you could really walk anywhere, no need for a car. But AeGuk’s house was on the other side of town and Fedora wasn’t very athletic at all and after walking there this morning she didn’t want to do that again so she stopped by her  house and borrowed her mom’s car. She wouldn’t mind.
In a car the trip only took around fifteen minutes. When she arrived Tamarai and DaeRi were sitting on the steps laughing about something. They both looked up as she pulled into the driveway.
“Fedora?” DaeRi said. “What are you doing here? Gonna upset AeGuk a little more?”
“Ugh,” Fedora said, “I’m not here to upset anyone, I just want to talk to him.
“Whatever,” DaeRi said.
Fedora brushed past her and knocked on the door, she figured she shouldn't just walk into the house without asking.
“You can just go in,” DaeRi said, “he’s in his room listening to sad Korean songs.”
“Okay,” Fedora said going in, glad to be away from DaeRi. She had never liked her, she always seemed a little evil. Fedora knocked on AeGuk’s door.
AeGuk said something in Korean.
“What?” she said.
“F-fedora?” AeGuk said. She heard the sound of what she assumed was him standing up and walking to the door.
“Fedora it is,” Fedora said when he opened the door. Fedora could see into his room, neat as usual. “You’re even neat when you’re mopey.”
“I-I’m Mmmopey?” AeGuk said.
“That’s what DaeRi said,” Fedora said.
“O-o-oh,” he stuttered, “Well well I-I’m n-not.”
Fedora tried not to laugh, he was trying to look so tough but his eyes were red. “It’s okay. I’m here to talk again. I realise that I was a little brash last time. But you know me, I just say what’s on my mind and nothing else. And what’s on my mind right now is how I planned to come here for break and make up with you, fix everything. My plan had a lot of flaws though, like you giving up on your morals just because I asked.”
He looked confused now, Fedora found that a lot of people looked confused after she talked to them. She just had that effect on people.
“So I think we should try this dating thing again,” Fedora said, “I’ll try to keep my hands off other people and we’ll see how that works.”
“Uh-uhm,” AeGuk said. “You you w-w-wanna d-d-date.... Again.”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, “I did just say that. See the thing is I actually like you, enough to maybe be tied up in college.”
“Oh,” AeGuk said. “You you d-do?”
“That is what I just said,” Fedora laughed. “So you okay with that?”
“O-okay,” AeGuk said, but still looked a little unsure.
“Cool,” Fedora said, looking at her watch, “Oh I gotta go, gotta be back at home by twelve, my mom’s coming over.”
“You-you’re nnnot st-st-staying w-with you your mommmm?” AeGuk asked.
“Yeah” Fedora said, “Long story short, I don’t like Bentley and his dad.  I gotta go.”
She kissed him on the cheek and then ran out, almost knocking over DaeRi and not feeling very sorry about it.
“See you later,” Fedora said.
She could vaguely hear DaeRi say something about her but Fedora didn’t care. She never did, she sort of got used to people talking about her behind her back.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 1

The one thing Harriette was the most excited for about Thanksgiving was Fedora coming home. So instead of doing something with with her friends on Wednesday after school she went straight home. Fedora was scheduled to arrive that evening and Harriette needed to be there to to welcome her.
“I’m home!!!”
Harriette could hear Fedora yell from upstairs in her room. It didn’t sound weird to her, Fedora calling her house home, though it might sound weird to other people.
Harriette jumped up as soon as she heard her and raced down the stairs two at a time, almost falling twice, and flew into the kitchen where Fedora was standing with her bag, which showed that she hadn’t even stopped at home before coming over here.
Harriette hadn’t seen Fedora in almost three months now, she felt very best friend deprived. She ran up and gave her hug.
Fedora didn’t look much different, she might have gained a few pounds though. What was that called, the freshman fifteen? Her hair was a little shorter, but she was still wearing one of her signature hats and t-shirt. Today her shirt read “YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS? YOU’RE STUPID”
“Harriette,” she said after Harriette hugged her. “Hey.”
“Hi!” Harriette said, “Welcome back.”
“This place hasn’t changed a bit in the last three months,” Fedora said, gazing around the kitchen.
“It will soon,” Harriette said, “Our basement’s getting remodeled because Fisher’s coming to live with us.”
“Ew,” Fedora said, wrinkling her nose. “He’s not here now is he?”
“No,” Harriette said, “He’s staying with Bobby and Chelle.”
“Oh god,” Fedora laughed, “I feel bad for them. So why doesn’t he have a place to live?”
“He lost his job and couldn’t pay the rent,” Harriette explained, “Mom’s really upset with him, but she’s too nice to turn him away.”
“So is Grayson coming down for the holidays?” Fedora asked.
“Yeah,” Harriette said, “He’s coming tomorrow afternoon, he’s got some other charity stuff to do before then.”
“I hope he doesn't miss dinner,” Fedora said.
“Why?” Harriette said.
“For Aunt Lacy’s sake,” Fedora said, “she’s always depressed if someone doesn’t make it.”
“True,” Harriette said.
“So, I was wondering....” Fedora trilled, “can I stay here for Thanksgiving break?”
“Really?” Harriette said, excited at the prospect of her best friend staying the whole weekend.
“Yeah,” Fedora said, “I don’t want to spend my break in a house with Bentley and his dad. Breaks are supposed to be relaxing.”
“Let me find mom and ask her,” Harriette said, “You can bring your stuff up to my room, I doubt she’ll say no.”
Harriette went off to find her mom, who she assumed would be in her room if not in the kitchen where she usually spends her time.
She was right, Harriette’s mom was on her way to the kitchen when Harriette showed up in her bedroom.
“Fedora’s here?” she asked.
“Like you didn’t hear her big announcement,” Harriette said.
“Well then,” her mom said, “I better get in the kitchen and make her something to eat.”
“She was wondering if she could stay here for her break,” Harriette said as they headed towards the kitchen.
“Oh,” her mom said, looking thoughtful, “What’s wrong with her mom’s house?”
“She doesn’t want to be in the same house as Bentley and his dad,” Harriette explained.
“Oh dear,” her mom said, shaking her head, “I can’t turn her down can I? Of course she can stay.”
When they arrived in the kitchen they were shocked to see someone else sitting with Fedora. Grayson.
“Grayson?” their mom said, “What are you doing here.”
“Mom,” He said, getting up to give her a hug. “I made the last minute decision to come early.”
“But, what happened to your prior engagements,” their mom asked.
“Ah, I simply decided to do them another time,” Grayson said, “See, it doesn't really matter when you help people it only matters that you do. And Mom I’m here to help you too.”
Harriette glanced and Fedora and made a face, why did Grayson have to talk so weird all the time? Fedora stuck her tongue out at her.
“Well, then, welcome home,” their mom said, “And thank you for coming down early. I really appreciate it. And you, Fedora, yes you can stay as long as you ask your mom and she’s okay and you’re okay with sleeping in Harriette’s room.”
“Of course, where else would I sleep?” Fedora said. “Thank you so much Auntie. I guess I should call my mom. Although she isn’t the boss of me, I’m nineteen years old.”
The last part she whispered so that only Harriette could hear.
“Well I’m sure you’re hungry so while you make that call I’ll make some food for you,” their mom said.
“Thanks,” Fedora said, “I’m always hungry.”
Fedora then took out her cell phone and stepped out of the room to call her mom, since her mom did kind of deserve to know. Fedora hadn’t even stopped at her house first, not wanting to chance running into Bentley her his dad. She felt that moving out was her final get away from them, no way would she just go back there and relive her high school terrors.
But she didn’t hate her mom so she should call her and let her know. Though she knew what she would say.
“Hello?” her mom answered the phone on the third ring. Fedora had called her cell instead of the home phone so Bentley or his dad wouldn’t pick it up.
“Hey, it’s your daughter,” Fedora said.
“Oh,” her mom said, “where are you?”
“At Aunt Lauren’s place,” Fedora said, “I’m gonna stay here for break. Thought I should let you know.”
“What?” She asked, sounding angry now. Oh well. “Why aren’t you staying here?”
“I don’t really want to spend my break in the same house and Bentley and Daniel,” Fedora said, Daniel was Bentley dad and her step dad. But she never thought of him as her dad. Because he wasn’t.
“Oh, Fedora, stop being such a brat,” her mom said. Yep exactly what she expected. “Bentley is your brother and Daniel is your dad and my husband so you’re going to have to get used to them.”
“But that’s the thing,” Fedora sighed, “I spent my whole senior year ‘getting used to them.’ I don’t want to anymore.”
“Hmph,” her mom said, or I guess not said since that’s not really a word, “fine. Do whatever you want but can’t you at least stop by to see me?”
“Why don’t you come over here?” Fedora asked, “Aunt Lauren is cooking up something to eat, it’s probably gonna be good. I’ll try to share if you come.”
“You’re a brat,” her mom said and then hung up. This wasn’t new, her mom hanging up on her. She’s done it about every time she called since she started college.
But Fedora knew she would be here because no matter how much her mom tried to pretend she didn’t care, she did.
Back in the kitchen there was a BLT waiting on the island for fedora, Harriette was sitting there rolling her eyes as Grayson and her mom talked.
“What did your mom say?” She asked when Fedora sat down.
“The usual,” Fedora said, taking a bit out of her sandwich, “She’s probably gonna be here in about thirty minutes.”
“Ah,” Harriette nodded, “So what do you want to do?”
“Sleep,” Fedora said, her mouth full of food.
“That’s disgusting Fedora,” Harriette said, wrinkling her nose, “please swallow before you talk.”
“What if I don’t want to,” Fedora said, again with a full mouth.
“Agh,” Harriette said, covering her eyes.
Fedora stuffed the rest of the sandwich in her mouth and laughed, “Okay, I have no more sandwich.”
“Eating that fast must be bad for you,” Harriette said, not taking her hands out of in front of her eyes. She didn’t trust Fedora.
“Does it look like I care?” Fedora asked.
“No,” Harriette said, finally uncovering her eyes.
“Ding, ding ding,” Fedora said clapping her hands, “you are correct.”
“Well what do you want to do?” Harriette asked again.
“I’m pretty sure I already said sleep,” Fedora yawned, “I just took a five hour plane ride and went three hours into the past. Jet lag. So can I sleep.”
“Fine, but what about your mom?” Harriette asked
“Just tell her I’m asleep,” Fedora said, getting up. “I’ll see her tomorrow anyway. Speaking of tomorrow, is AeGuk going anywhere for break?”
“I don’t think so,” Harriette said.
“Good,” Fedora said, “I have some business with him.”
And then she left to go take a nap, leaving Harriette in the kitchen with Grayson and her mom now talking about other food options on Thanksgiving for vegans, since Grayson just so happened to be one.
“Oh great, he’s probably gonna talk mom into making a tofu turkey,” Harriette mumbled to herself.