Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Prom Dress Shopping

After a meeting with Jessica’s Mom’s Stylist, Jessica, Purity, and Amanda were at the store “Stick with Pearls,” which, though the name might be misleading, sold evening wear. Most importantly Prom dresses.
“My mom’s stylist said that this was the place to go for unique dresses,” Jessica said, leading the way into the store.
Purity liked what she saw, no bright shocking colors or animal prints. Just classy dresses. And an exceptional amount of lace. Purity loved lace.
“Nice,” Amanda said, “I don’t see a single spot of bright pink.”
“Yeah, it’s great,” Jessica said, though the look on her face said different, but she could never disagree with her mom’s stylist.
Purity started looking around as Jessica asked the lady up front if they had anything pink. Purity almost immediately found what she thought was the perfect dress. It was floor length, a sort of pearly color, and it had black lace covering the back, so it was sort of open but not really. She pulled it off the rack and asked the saleslady if they had it in her size.
The sales lady looked her up and down and then went into the back, not even asking what her size was. She came out a moment later with the same dress, but a little smaller. Purity figured she probably knew her stuff so she took the dress and went over to where Jessica and Amanda were looking through some dresses. Amanda was empty handed, but Jessica was trailed by a sales lady holding about five dresses, all of them pink and glittery.
“Are you ready?” Amanda asked Purity.
“Yep,” Purity said.
“You only have one dress?” Jessica said.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” Purity said, “I didn’t think I needed another one.”
Jessica shrugged, “Whatever. Let’s go.”
The sales lady led them to the back where the changing rooms were. Purity changed rather quickly, the dress felt beautiful but she refused to look in a mirror until the others were ready.
Finally Jessica announced she was ready and they both left their changing rooms.
Jessica was wearing a light pink dress that was short and really fluffy, but otherwise kind of plain.
Purity stepped in front of the mirror and liked what she saw, the dress wasn’t too extravagant and it made her look very elegant.
“Hey, that’s like exactly what you said you wanted,” Amanda said to Purity.
“I know,” Purity laughed, “It’s gorgeous. I’m getting it.”
“But what about the price?” Amanda asked.
“Oh, I forgot about that,” Purity shrugged, “I guess I should ask my dad’s.”
Purity took out her cell phone as Amanda continued to comment on Jessica’s dress, saying it looked ‘very pretty, but isn’t it kind of plain?”
“Yes, but maybe simpler is better?” Jessica said, turning in front of the mirror.
Purity texted her dad the price and a picture of her in it, to convince him that it was worth it. As she waited for a reply she watched Jessica model the last of her dresses, all of them pink and all of them looking like different variations of the first dress. Some a little bit more extravagant, but some of them even less.
Finally Purity’s phone bleeped.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Guys talk about Prom.

Preston Bass and Darian Bran were some of the more popular guys at A.L. High, but their jock status did not make them the most popular guys. Sadly that award went to Collin. Which Darian just could not stand. Collin was practically the opposite of them. They were tall, Collin was short. They were athletic, Collin was artsy. They had all the aspect of popularity and Collin did not.
Darian was just glad that Collin was not a senior, or else he would have no chance of prom king. Which in two years was most definitely going to Collin.
Preston on the other hand couldn’t care less about the Prom King thing, he just tried his best to make sure everyone was gonna vote for Darian, because Preston was Darian’s only competition.
The prom queen on the other hand was kind of hard to tell. Most of the seniors this year were weird. Like that Dreams girl who was part of Prom Committee but hated everything about Prom. That doesn’t even make any sense.
And that Tiffany girl, Dreams sister, who completely changed over summer break and half the people didn’t even know she was the same girl as last year.
“How do you have a relationship with a mute guy?” Preston asked one day at lunch.
Bachelor, their other friend, groaned.
“And that’s where I’m gonna stop you,” Darian said, “If I hear another word of you complaining about your ex I’m gonna punch you in the gut. Do I have to remind you that you broke up with her because she was controlling your every move?”
Preston shrugged, “I’m just curious. Do they have conversations?”
“He’s asking for it,” Darian said to Bachelor, who nodded in agreement.
“Shut up,” Preston said.
“So guys,” Darian said, changing the subject, “I think it’s about time we consider our date options.”
“Options? You mean the whole school?” Bachelor said, “Who wouldn’t want to go with one us.”
“People with boyfriends,” Preston pointed out.
“Do you always have to be so....” Bachelor said.
“Truthful? Practical? Right?” Preston offered.
“Shut up,” Bachelor said.
“Both of you shut up,” Darian said.
“Sorry man,” Bachelor said.
“Anyway, Preston, got anyone on your mind?” Darian asked.
Preston shrugged, “I was just gonna go alone.”
Dariana laughed, “Does this have anything to do with DaeRi? Again, you broke up with her.”
Preston shrugged, “Whatever.”
Darian turned to Bachelor, “we really need to help this dude. He’s going crazy.”
Bachelor nodded, before casting a very fake sympathetic look over to Preston.
“You can have any girl in this school,” Darian said, “Just take the prettiest.”
Preston shrugged, again, and mumbled, “Maybe.”
“You’re pathetic,” Darian said.
“Well, who are you going with?” Preston asked.
“I don’t know,” Darian said. “Lots of choices, it’s tough to choose.”
“You know who you should ask?” Bachelor said.
“Who?” Darian asked, preparing himself for something ridiculous.
“Harriette,” Bachelor said, “Imagine it, you at the Prom with the most popular girl here. YOu want to go out as the most popular guy here right?”
Bachelor had a point but... “Harriette is only a sophomore.”
“So?” Bachelor said, “A popular sophomore, the most popular sophomore ever.”
Darian nodded, “you’re right, again.”
“So, ask her,” Bachelor said.
“Right now?” Darian asked.
“Yeah!’” Bachelor said, “why not?”
“Because...” Darian trailed off, he didn’t have a reason. Other than the sudden fear that she would say no. Darian didn’t get nervous, but Harriette, she was crazy. As in she rejected everyone who asks her out. You can ask just about any guy here, no matter how popular, she probably rejected them at least once.
Preston got a stupid grin on his face, “you’re afraid she’ll reject you, like she did to everyone else here.”
“I remember when I asked her if she wanted to go to your party with me,” Bachelor said, “she said ‘oh, I have other plans’ Who wants to bet she had no other  plans?”
“Yeah,” Preston said, “Or when the time that one guy asked if she would go to homecoming with him, she flat out refused, said she was going with her friends. Which is no excuse”
“She’s undateable,” Bachelor said. “But you’ve never tried before, so maybe she’s just been waiting around for you.”
“I’m not nervous,” Darian lied, covering it with a laugh, “Of course she’ll say yes.”
“Then go,” Bachelor said, pushing Darian, almost causing him to fall out of his chair.
Darian sighed, well it’s now or later so he better go. He got up and walked over to the table where Harriette, Collin, DaeRi, and Tamarai were sitting.
“Hey,” Harriette said as he approached.
“What’s up?” DaeRi asked.
“I came to ask Harriette something.” He said.
“Oh,” Harriette said, “Go ahead.”
Darian paused, no way was he gonna ask her in front of an audience. So he asked if they could go somewhere else.
Harriette glanced at Collin who just shrugged, so she got up and followed Darian to a tree just outside of the main cafeteria space.
“What’s up?” Harriette asked. She was so short, Darian noted, he practically had to bend down to look at her.
“Uhm, I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom with me,” Darian said.
“Oh,” Harriette said.
Oh god, Darian though, here it goes.
“I’m sorry, I don’t want to go to prom this year,” Harriette said, “I’m waiting for my senior prom. I’ve always liked the thought of that one prom, the best day of my life. You know that whole thing.”
“Yeah, I got it,” Darian said, shrugging it off. “I guess I’ll see you later.”
Back at his table Preston and Bachelor looked at him expectantly.
“Nope,” Darian said, “I got rejected like everyone else.”
“Wow,” Bachelor said. “I guess you can’t have anyone. That’s crazy, why wouldn’t she want to go to prom with you.”
“She said she only wanted to go to her Senior prom,” Darian said.
“You think that was a lie?” Bachelor asked.
Darian shrugged, “I don’t know. All I know is that, there must be something wrong with her to not want to go to prom with me.”
Bachelor nodded while Preston just laughed. All Darian kept telling himself is that it didn’t matter anyway, he hadn’t really wanted to go to prom with her anyway.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fedora's Spring Break

This is not how Fedora planned to spend her first college Spring break.
Here she was sitting in Sacia’s surprisingly less cluttered apartment with Sacia, and Bentley. Even though Sacia promised her that she would not let Bentley anywhere near her, he was here.
“God, can’t you just leave,” Fedora said after about five minutes of awkward silence.
Bentley frowned, “Sacia invited me over, I didn’t know you’d be here. I promise.”
“But she did,” Fedora said, glaring at Sacia.
Sacia shrugged, “He had nothing to do, I couldn’t let him be bored in NYC. That’s just impossible.”
Fedora sighed, “Then I’m leaving.”
“Do you really hate him that much?” Sacia asked.
“Yep,” Fedora said, getting up from her seat and grabbing her jacket. “I’m gonna go visit my dad, you guys can do whatever by yourselves. Call me when he’s gone.”
And with that Fedora grumpily left Sacia’s apartment and stomped her way outside. It was cold. Too cold for Spring Break. Fedora couldn’t believe Sacia invited Bentley, though she knew how much Fedora disliked him.
But she wouldn’t let Bentley ruin her Spring break, so she did what she said she would do, visit her dad.
Walking towards his apartment Fedora already started to feel better. New York city was her place. She couldn’t wait to graduate law school. Then she could finally move back to New York after eleven years of being gone.
Fedora was bummed to find her dad was not home at the moment, leaving her with nothing to do.
She walked randomly until she arrived at a small pizza place, there were about only two customers. Fedora figured their pizza must suck, but she went inside anyway.
She ordered two slices of the meat lovers pizza and then took a seat by the window. The anticipation of food made her feel a little better, but mostly she was depressed about how terrible her spring break was starting out to be.
After two slices of incredibly greasy pizza and a root beer shake Fedora called her dad and asked when he’d be home.
“Actually I’m on my way now,” he said. “You can let yourself in, the key’s in the light.”
“Thanks,” Fedora said, leaving the pizza shop and heading back to her dad’s house still on the phone with him.
“Do you want to order in, or eat out?” he asked.
“Order in,” Fedora said, “I just want to chill.”
“Got in, I’ll pick up some chinese food on the way there,” he said, “See you then.”
“Ditto,” Fedora said hanging up. At her dad’s apartment she fetched the key from the light outside the door and let herself in. Once in she felt immediately better. Her dad’s place, and her old place, was her favorite place in the world. Nothing compared to the beat up couch that had never been replaced since they bought it, the small kitchen that was directly connecting to the livingroom and of course her room that her dad still hadn’t changed into an office like some parents do.
Fedora collapsed on the couch and turned on the TV. She channel surfed for a while until she stopped on the Food channel, her favorite, and watched two chefs fighting the time to make something extraordinary out of some salmon. Fedora hated salmon.
She turned off the TV.
She got up and dug through her dad’s fridge. Fedora didn’t expect to find much, her dad worked all day everyday so he never ate at home.
After failing to find anything edible in the house Fedora went down the hall to her old bedroom. Throughout the years she stayed in this room over summer breaks, spring breaks, winter breaks, any breaks she could get. She had always favored her dad over her mom, which is why it ripped her apart when she learned her dad wouldn’t be moving with them, and then again when she learned they were getting divorced.
When she first heard of the divorce she immediately asked if she could move back to NYC with her dad. It hadn’t mattered to her that she had made friends in California, they were nothing compared to her dad.
But when it seemed as if she would actually move to NYC to live with her dad everything changed. And that isn’t being dramatic, everything did change. First she made the mistake that ruined her life, helping Harriette become popular, only to find out that she wasn’t moving after all, because apparently her dad wasn’t so fit to be a father as she thought.
But anyway, back to the present. Fedora sat on her bed, which she never replaced even though she had grown quite a lot since she was seven. She liked her room staying exactly the same. Only minor changes, like the TV that her dad had bought her for Christmas the year after the divorce. Her first Christmas as a shared child.
Fedora laughed, that Christmas was great. Her mom was trying so hard to make her like her better, she even bought her the electric scooter that she had been asking for all summer.
Fedora heard the familiar sound of keys in the lock and jumped up from her bed. She didn’t know if she was more excited for the food or her dad.
“Hey!” she said running into the living room.
“Hey, Pumpkin,” he said. Fedora grinned, her dad had called her Pumpkin ever since she was only five when she asked if she could get her hair orange. This happened after meeting her aunt for the first time, who had orange hair.
Her mom had said, “Oh god no, you’d look like a pumpkin.”
Yet another jab at her growing weight.
But her dad, of course, switched it around to be a good thing and never stopped calling her that. and at five she didn't quite know yet that her mom was being mean.
“I got your favorite, sesame chicken,” he said setting the take out bag on the counter.
“Thanks,” she said, taking the boxes out of the bag, checking each one for the chicken.
“You look hungry,” he said.
“I am,” she said, not mentioning that she had just previously had two slices of pizza and a root beer float. Finally finding the chicken, she got herself a fork and dug in.
“Not gonna wait for me?” her dad asked.
Fedora shrugged.
Her dad laughed, getting himself a plate to put his food on, instead of eating out of the box like Fedora was doing.
“So what brings you to my place on the first day of your crazy Spring break,” her dad asked, piling some Lo Mein onto his plate.
Fedora groaned, she had almost forgotten about Bentley invading her spring break plans. “Bentley showed up.”
“Ohh,” her dad said, giving her a sympathetic look.
“He left college to come here,” Fedora said. “I don’t know why though. Couldn’t he find himself in California, all the way across the country from me?”
“Well, you don’t really have to see him, do you?” her dad asked.
“Well, Sacia invited him into our plans,” Fedora said.
“Why would she do that?” he asked.
“Because she’s evil,” Fedora sighed. “But she’s also my best friend, who I was hoping I could spend my break with. And it is so cold.”
She was complaining now but she didn’t really care.
Just then her phone rang. For a moment Fedora forgot where it was, but remembered it was in her coat pocket. She got up and checked the caller ID. Sacia.
“She better be calling to say that Bentley’s gone,” she said before answering.
“He’s gone,” Sacia said as soon as she answered. “And I’m terribly sorry about that. When I offered I didn’t think he would say yes, because I thought he hated you too.”
“Yeah and what better way to annoy someone you hate than showing up when they don’t expect you to,” Fedora said.
“I’m sorry,” Sacia apologized, again. “You want to come back and go out to eat? I know an awesome place just down the street from me.”
Fedora glanced down at the now empty box of sesame chicken, “Okay I’ll be there.”
“Great, see you” Sacia said.
“Be there in like fifteen minutes,” Fedora said before hanging up.
She turned to her dad, “I’m going back to Sacia’s, Bentley’s gone. But thanks for the food and the talk. I’ll see you later.”
She gave her dad a hug and then grabbed her jacket and left. It was even colder than before so she half ran half walked to Sacia’s house. Resulting in a very exhausted Fedora.
“God, did you run here?” Sacia said after letting her in.
Fedora collapsed onto the couch, “kind of. It was more like limping. It’s cold out there.”
Sacia frowned, “Spring break is supposed to be warm.”
“Not in New York,” Fedora laughed.
Sacia laughed, “Come on, let’s go. I’m starving.”
“And I’m tired,” Fedora said, but she got up anyway. She wanted more food.
“So what kind of food does this place serve?” she asked when they were out on the cold street.
“A little bit of everything,’ sacia said, “It’s kind of Italian, but you can get some asian inspired dishes. Plus they have this weird pasta dish that kind of reminds me of when Bryan tried to make dinner for me once. He thought I would like pasta, because I’m Italian, but he put this weird sauce on it. Like he tried to make his own tomato sauce.”
Fedora laughed, “sounds like Bryan.”
“Speaking of Bryan,” Sacia said, “where is he?”
“He told me he was going to Florida for Spring break.” Fedora said. “Camping on the beach or something like that.”
“He’s crazy.” Sacia said.
Finally Sacia stopped in front of a small restaurant called “Niente.”
“That means Anything,” Sacia said. “Which kind of describes this place.”
Fedora shrugged, following Sacia into the small restaurant. The atmosphere was cozy, with loud conversations ringing through the place.
Someone led them to a tiny table right next to the window, reminding Fedora of the pizza shop from earlier.
Fedora looked over the menu, they had an amazing selection of burgers. Including some thing call a “Hawaiian Burger” with pineapple and ham on it. Fedora was definitely not getting that.
“I’m getting an caesar salad, how about you?” Sacia asked after looking at the menu for only, like, two minutes.
Fedora laughed, “a salad?”
“Hey, if I’m gonna be a model I’m gonna need to watch my weight,” Sacia said.
“Well, I’m getting a burger,” Fedora said “I don’t know which one yet.”
That’s when she spied an Nacho burger, with lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, beans, nacho cheese, salsa, and of course a burger seasoned with taco seasoning.
“The nacho burger,” Fedora said.
“I should have guessed,” Sacia said
The waitress came and took their orders and their menus and ask if they would like any appetizers.
“Actually yes,” Fedora said, “Onion rings?”
“Which kind?’ the waitress asked.
“The marinara one,” Fedora said.
“Okay, that’ll be coming right up,” the waitress said.
And they meant it when they said “right up” because within minutes the onion rings were at their table.
Sacia watched as Fedora quickly ate about half of them.
“You can have some too,” Fedora said. “A little won’t hurt.”
Sacia shrugged, “I guess.”
Fedora shrugged and finished them off. Sacia had only ate one and didn’t seem too upset about that.
You would think that by then Fedora would finally be full, but no when her burger came she had no trouble eating it and the fries that came with it.
Sacia ate her food slowly, “savoring” each bite.
While Sacia ate Fedora was looking at the dessert menu. When the waitress came again she asked if they would like any desserts. Sacia watched, shocked, when Fedora nodded and asked for the “Death By Chocolate cake.”
“You must have an infinite stomach,” Sacia said.
Fedora shrugged, “I just like food,”
“That can’t be healthy,” Sacia said.
Fedora winced, “Now you sound like my mom.”
Sacia shrugged, “fine. I won’t try to control your life, or eating habits.”
“Thank you,” Fedora said as they waitress came back with her cake. It was gone pretty quickly. They split the bill and then left for Sacia’s house again.
“You know,” Fedora said as they approached Sacia’s apartment. “Even though this day didn’t start out that great, I think it was a pretty okay start to my first College spring break.”
Sacia grinned, “good. and tomorrow will be better. I promise.”
“It better be,” Fedora said, following Saica into her apartment.
“I guarantee it,” Sacia said. “Now let’s watch some movies!”
“Sounds like a party,” Fedora said, collapsing onto the couch. All that food made her tired, and after only five minutes of Twilight, Sacia’s choice not hers, she was fast asleep.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Prom Dress shopping pt 1

Somehow Dreams had found herself looking through racks of dresses with Tiffany. This was the last place she ever expected herself to be. Even if she went to the prom, she wasn’t gonna wear a dress, and if she did definitely not anything from this store “Clique!”
One of the employees was helping Sakura looking through a catalog of the dresses they have. They were laughing about something. What could be funny about dress shopping.
Oh, wait. Everything.
Dream sighed and continued leafing through the dresses, “you know you have a budget right?”
“Mom said to not worry, and to just find what was right,” Sakura said.
“You’re mom is right,” the saleslady said. “It’s your only prom, and you need to look gorgeous.”
Sakura, oh wait, Tiffany, shot a pointed look to dreams and then smiled at the sales lady.
“Now, I’m super petite as you can see,” Sakura went on. “What should I wear?”
“Something short,” the sales lady said, “And you said you wanted pink, am I right?”
“Of course,” Tiffany said, “I don’t want to be a walking cliche but I just love pink.”
The sales lady laughed and turned a few pages in the catalogue before handing it over to Tiffany, “Those are our most recent stock of pink dresses,” she said.
“Thanks,” Tiffany said.
After about thirty minutes of Dreams being extremely bored Tiffany had three dresses to try on. Dreams followed her and the saleslady into the dressing room area and sat down in one the chair lining the wall.
It took about fifteen minute for Tiffany to get the dress on and finally come out of the dressing room. The first dress wall all pink with a silver jeweled waist.
“This is actually kind of tasteful,” Dream said.
Tiffany ignored her and did a little twirl in front of the mirror.
“It’s a little plain,” Tiffany said, “Next one.”
It took a little less time for her to get the next dress on. This time it was black on top, with a dramatic jeweled waist and a hi-lo pink skirt.
“I like this one,” Tiffany said, twirling in front of the mirrored. “Idk about the hi-lo skirt but, I do like it.”
“I like it,” Dreams said, and she did. At least it had black on it, which would be Dreams favorite color if she didn’t think that it wasn’t actually a color.
“Next,” Tiffany said.
The dress was all bubblegum pink, with jewels covering the whole top, plus a bow, and a fluffy skirt.
“Oh, god no,” Dreams said, covering her eyes, “This is the worst.”
“Shut up,” Tiffany said, twirling once again in front of the mirror. But even though she wanted to disagree with her sister, even she could see it was a bit much.
“Okay, would like to see more dresses?” the sales lady asked, “or are one of these the one?”
Tiffany paused, looking thoughtful. “I don’t know.”
Dreams groaned, she didn’t want to be in this shop much longer so she said, “get the second one, it was the best.”
“But was it The One,” Tiffany asked.
Dreams sighed, it was gonna take awhile for Tiffany to make a decision. Tiffany was terribly indecisive, she always had to have their mom make her decisions.
“I have an idea,” dreams said, “We’ll take picture of all the dresses and ask mom.”
Tiffany grinned, “Yes! Great idea, sis.”
So the hung up all the dresses and took a picture of each of them, then sent them to their mom.
Her mom chose dress three. The bubblegum pink atrocity.
Dreams and Tiffany shared and uncertain look and then glanced back at the painfully pink dress.
“I thought mom had better taste than that,” Dreams said.
“Hey, it was your idea,” Tiffany said.
“Shut up,” Dreams said.
‘What does your heart tell you?” the saleslady asked.
Tiffany shrugged.
Dream sighed.
This was gonna take forever.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little bit of, little bit of that

The Prom Theme is Out!
Everyone crowded around the bulletin board. Today the Prom theme was announced and everyone wanted to see what kind of magical night it would be.
The reactions were different. Some people laughed. Some people rolled their eyes. And some people though it was the most brilliant idea yet.
Candy Land.
Yep, Harriette got her way as always. No one but a few stragglers dared to vote for anything but her idea.
For Dreams it just solidified her choice of not going to the prom. No way would she spend a night messing around in a ballroom full of obnoxious candy decor. It just was not her.
“I can’t believe you’re going to miss the biggest night of High School,” Sakura, oh wait, Tiffany said.
“Yeah, well maybe if anyone in this school had an original bone in their body I would go,” dreams said, “But nope, they all sided with Harriette.”
“Maybe they actually liked the idea,” Tiffany said.
Dream laughed cynically, “yeah, right.”
Sakura, Tiffany, shook her head. “You are acting like a ten year old,” she put on a high childish voice “No I won’t go to this dance because I don’t like the theme!”
“Shut up,” Dreams said.
“Just being honest,” Tiffany said, getting up from where she was sitting and casting a sad glance at Dreams, “But hey, think about going to prom? I don’t wanna go alone.”
Dream sighed, she didn’t exactly want to ruin Sakura’s night... But Dreams wouldn’t budge. Candyland? No way.

Sacia sees Bentley in NYC
“No way!” Sacia exclaimed in the middle of a bustling New York Cafe, catching the attention of quite a few of the other customers. But she didn’t notice, all she could see was the guy who looked incredibly like Bentley Hills.
“what’s up?” Simone asked, looking towards whatever Sacia was gawking at.
“Bentley Hills!” Sacia said, striding across the crowded cafe and stopping right in front of him. Here she could tell that she was definitely not mistaken, it was Bentley.
“Oh, Sacia,” he said, looking her up and down. “I forgot you lived here.”
“What are you doing here?” Sacia asked.
“Taking a break from school,” Bentley said, “Figuring out what I want to do.”
“Hey, that’s what I’m doing!” Sacia said.
“I thought you were pursuing a modeling career?” Simone asked.
“Yeah, hardly,” Sacia said.
Bentley glanced at Simone, then back to Sacia, “who’s she?”
“I’m right here,” Simone said, “And I’m Simonetta, but you can just call me Simone because, really, that name is ridiculous.”
Bentley laughed, “nice to meet you, Simone.”
“She’s my sister,” Sacia said.
“I can see the resemblance.” Bentley said.
“She actually dropped out of college too,” Sacia said.
“I didn’t drop out,” Bentley said.
“Sure,” Sacia said, rolling her eyes. “Anyway I better get going, got a job to be getting to. We should hang out sometime.”
“Sure, see you later,” Bentley said.
“I’ll call you,” Sacia said.
“You have my phone number?” Bentley asked.
“Of course, I have everyone’s phone number,” Sacia said. “See you later.”
And with that Sacia and Simone left the cafe and started on their way to the Salon.
“He’s hot,” Simone said.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” Sacia said, “But he’s also Fedora’s step brother.”
“So?” Simone said. “Doesn’t stop him from being hot. Does he got a girlfriend.”
“Wow it sounds like you’re interested,” Sacia teased.
“Girl, I have a girlfriend,” Simone said, “I’m asking because of you.”
“I’m not gonna date my best friend’s brother,” Sacia said.
“Step brother,” Simone said. “And why not?”
“Because that’s weird,” Sacia said. “Fedora hates him.”
“Didn’t you date her cousin?” Simone said.
“That’s different,” Sacia said. “Plus I don’t even like Bentley. He’s way too conceited.”
Simone just laughed. They arrived at the salon, which meant back to work. Sacia took her usual seat at the front desk as her sister went into the back to get ready.
During a break Sacia called Fedora to let her know about Bentley being in New York.
“He dropped out?” Fedora said after laughing uncontrollably for at least ten minutes.
“Yeah,” Sacia said, “he said he’s taking a break. Funny, right?”
“Totally,” Fedora said, “I hate that he had to come to New York to do that. New York is my place.”
“Chill,” Sacia said, “It’s a big city, I bet you’ll never have to see him.”
“You really think he’s gonna allow that?” Fedora laughed, “No the second he hears that I’m in town he gonna seek me out. I think you’re forgetting that this is Bentley, he spent his whole senior year annoying me.”
“You’re probably right,” sacia said, “Oh god, Simone is staring at me. Better get back to work. TTYL.”
“Please don’t say that aloud ever again,” Fedora groaned, “Talk to you later.”
“I’ll call you once I’m out of work,” Sacia said, “Oh by the way, are you coming down for the weekend?”
“Probably,” Fedora said, “I need a break from all this studying.”
“Yay,” Sacia said. “Talk to you later.”
“There’s a customer at the desk,” Simone said once Sacia hung up.
Sacia sighed and stalked back over to the desk where a classy looking middle aged woman was standing looking thoroughly annoyed.
“I apologize for the wait,” Sacia said sweetly, “What can I help you with?”
“I have a appointment that I want rescheduled,” the woman said.
“Oh, I don’t know how to do that,” Sacia said, “I’ll go get my boss.”
The woman let out an annoyed sigh as Sacia got up and went into the back where Simone was mixing some dye. “I got somebody who wants to reschedule an appointment.”
“Okay, reschedule it.” Simone said.
“I don’t know how,” Sacia said.
“Fine,” Sacia said, taking off her gloves, “don’t touch anything.”
“I won’t,” Sacia said, watching Simone hurry out of the room.
“I hate my job,” Sacia sighed.