Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dreams and Tiffany chatting it up before bed.

Maybe it was being on the prom committee, or maybe it was because of Sakura, Tiffany, but for some reason Dreams had found herself in possession of a prom ticket and plans to actually go.
“This is gonna be great, “ Tiffany said when Dreams told her. “Me, you, at prom.”
Dream just shrugged.
“But wait, you need a dress!” Tiffany said.
“Uhm,” Dreams said, “no. I”m just gonna wear something I already have, okay?”
Tiffany sighed, “Fine. Just please don’t show up in jeans.”
Dreams laughed, “don’t worry, I’m not gonna embarrass you.”
“I’m gonna keep you to that,” Tiffany said.
Dreams laughed.
When Dreams first met Tiffany she hated her. Back then she was Sakura, who was obsessed with pink and anything Japanese. Dreams had to admit that she liked Tiffany a lot more.
“Hey,” Dreams said, “are you still gonna be Tiffany when we graduate?”
Tiffany shrugged, “maybe, maybe not. You know I don’t know what I’m gonna do after we graduate.”
“Don’t you think it’s a bit weird?” Dream said, “That you changed so suddenly?”
“Yeah, I guess,” Tiffany said, “But I was tired of being Sakura, so I wanted to change. I’ve changed a lot actually. Two years ago I was Isabel, a lover of theatre and France. The year before that I was ‘Princess’ yeah that was probably the worst.”
Dreams laughed, “I’m glad I didn’t know you then.”
“The only thing that has never changed is my favorite color,” Tiffany said, “I still love pink. Maybe I’ll just be Bella after graduation.”
“Bella.” Dreams repeated, “Your real name.”
“I hate that name,” Tiffany laughed, “That’s the reason I changed it in the first place. So maybe I’ll just stay Tiffany.”
“I like Tiffany,” Dreams said.
“Tiffany Chang,” Tiffany said, Chang being her real last name.
Dream laughed, “You’re really weird.”
“Are you gonna miss this place?” Tiffany asked, “When we go off to college?”
“Well since I haven't’ exactly chosen where to go to college yet, I don’t know,” Dreams said. “I could just end up staying here in Broad Meadows attending A.L.U.”
“That would be great,” Tiffany said, grinning, “Me and you going to the same college.”
“Oh god no,” Dreams teased.
“By the way?” Tiffany said, “what do you want to do when you grow up?”
Dreams paused, “Honestly, this might sound a little weird, but I want to be a doctor.”
“Because of dad?” Tiffany said.
Dreams shrugged, “Not really. Though he does have something to do with it. It’s mostly because it just feels right.”
“I always thought you had some secret passion for rock music or something,“ Tiffany said, “You look like you should.”
“You can’t read a book by it’s cover,”  Dreams said.
Tiffany laughed.
“You know you’re really not that bad, Tiffany,” Dreams said.
“Thank you,” Tiffany said.
“Lights out!” their dad called from down the hall where he was surely standing next to the light switch waiting for Dreams and Sakura to go to their respective rooms.
“Good night, sis,” Tiffany said.
“‘Night.” Dream said.
As she drifted off to sleep dreams realised that though she hated A.L. High and the majority of the students she would miss it a bit, but it would be more like missing being a teen.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dress shopping with DaeRi and Tamarai

Tamarai and DaeRi wandered through the mall talk in the search for a prom dress.
“I don’t want something too big because it’s not my senior prom, you know?” DaeRi was saying.
Tamarai nodded.
“Should I go light or dark?” DaeRi asked as they entered Clique, the most popular place to get dresses.
“I think bright,” Tamarai said.”It’s a candyland theme.”
“True,” Daeri said, “what about that theme, though?”
“What about it?” Tamarai asked, going through a rack of dresses.
“What do you think about it?” DaeRi explained.
“Oh, it’s cute,” Tamarai said. “Really different. I wish I was going.”
“You don’t think it’s a little too cute,” DaeRi offered.
“There’s no such thing as too cute,” Tamarai laughed. “Why? Do you not like it?”
“No,” DaeRi said slowly,” I just think that for a prom it’s a little... silly?”
Tamarai nodded, “But it’s cute, and it’s Harriette’s idea so of course it’s great.”
“Not everything she does is great,” DaeRi said.
Tamarai paused and looked at DaeRi, did she not like Harriette?
“What are you looking at?” DaeRi said. “Is it a sin to not think that Harriette is perfect?”
Tamarai shrugged and turned back to the dress, “No...”
“What about this?” DaeRi pulled out a royal blue short dress.
“Cute,” Tamarai said, pulling out a equally blue dress, but this time with poofy bubble skirt and a cute boy on the front.
“I like that,” DaeRi said.
Tamarai handed it to her and continued to look.
After a while they went to the changing room with four dress, including the first two they saw. The third dress was a light purple glittery dress, short like the rest of them, and with a full skirt.
The fourth dress was black with colorful rhinestone all over the top and a very full skirt.
As she tried them on DaeRi liked them all a lot, and making the decision would be almost impossible. Tamarai favored the the one she picked out, the one with the bow and DaeRi was leaning towards the black one.
Finally she made a decision and they left with what DaeRi was sure was the perfect dress.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

AeGuk's Spring break

It was spring break and AeGuk was sitting on his front steps all alone. Every single person he knew was off on exciting trips. Even his sister, who was invited to go to Harriette’s beach house with the rest of that family.
He wasn’t really jealous. He didn’t want to spend spring break with them anyway. A whole week with people who didn’t really want to hang out with him, other than Collin. Fedora said that he should come up to Massachusetts and spend it with her, but he didn’t have to money for that and neither did she.
So instead he was alone.
He couldn’t help but remember last spring break, he went camping on the beach with Bryan. It was fun, they almost lit their tent on fire.
AeGuk wondered where Bryan was now, on his trip across the world. AeGuk admired Bryan for doing something so crazy instead of going off to college like everyone else. AeGuk would never do that, because A: he already had a scholarship and B: he did want to go to college.
Though he had to admit that the idea of college was sort of nerve wracking. Being away from his family, away from everyone really. Except Fedora, he was going closer to her. And even though he had decided not to go to Harvard, because it wasn’t really what he wanted, he would still be in New York which is right next Massachusetts.
AeGuk stood up from the steps. He was tired of thinking about the future, which is what happened every time he had a moment to think.
He decided to walk to the library. He left a note on the fridge just in case his mom got back before he did and went off.
At the library he picked up a random sci fi book and sat down to read it. It didn’t last long, he got distracted easily by three people sitting at the table next to him. They were doing that loud whispering thing, and AeGuk hates loud whispering.
“Let’s get ice cream,” one of them kept saying.
“Can’t you sit down for more than a minute without complaining,” the girl said.
“You know how I feel about studying,” the guy complained.
AeGuk hated complaining too.
“Uhm,” he started, he was going to ask them to quiet down. But they didn’t hear him, because the guy started up about the ice cream again.
“Uhm,” he tried again. This time the third guy looked at him.
“Yeah?” he asked.
“Oh,” the first guy said turning to look at him, the girl following after him. Them staring at him made him nervous.
“C-c-c-c-” AeGuk started telling them to quiet down but got caught on the C.
“You okay?” the girl asked.
AeGuk nodded, then he got up put his book back and hurried out. He didn’t want to read anyway.
He was halfway down the street when he heard someone calling for him, at least he thought they were calling for him. They kept saying “stop!”
He stopped and looked back, seeing the three people from earlier. He sighed, he didn’t want to talk to them after that embarrassing scene.
“You okay?” the girl asked, again.
AeGuk nodded, deciding he wouldn’t say anything. That would make this easier.
“Hey, are you that mute guy?” the complainer said.
AeGuk shook his head, figuring they meant Payton.
“Then say something,” he said.
AeGuk didn’t like this guy.
“Shut up,” the girl said to the guy then turned back to AeGuk , “I’m sorry about earlier.”
Why would she be sorry about earlier?
“Were we being loud?” she asked.
AeGuk nodded.
“Oh, man, sorry,” the third guy said.
AeGuk shrugged.
“Why aren’t you talking?” the complainer asked.
Suddenly AeGuk recognised them. They were the group of kids who ate lunch in the corner of the cafeteria, well away from everyone. People called them nerds, mostly because they got good grades and didn’t care for anyone else. AeGuk was just like them before Fedora befriended him.
AeGuk turned around, ready to get back to his too quiet where he at least can listen to music really loud and drown out his thoughts.
“Wait,” the girl said. “You’re AeGuk, right?”
AeGuk turned back and nodded.
The girl grinned, “I’m Becky, and this is terrence and Barry.”
She pointed to each of the guys, Terrence was the annoying one and Barry was the other guy.
“Do you want to go get ice cream with us?” she asked.
AeGuk could think of a thousand things he would rather do at that point, one of them going back to his house and listening to music. So he shook his head.
Becky frowned, “alright.”
Terrence shrugged, “Can’t you at least says something before you leave?”
AeGuk just shrugged, no way was he gonna say something for this annoying guy. So he turned around and started back to his house again. This time with no interruptions.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Flashback #1: Lauren's first day.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.”

A.L. High, (about) 10 years earlier.

Lauren Barlow
Lauren Barlow was the new girl, she just moved from NYC to the small victorian town, Broad Meadows, California.
Her parents just got divorced and this was her mom’s idea of moving on from that part of her life. Lauren, of course, was devastated that she had to move all the way across the country and away from her friends. Away from her top notch private school, and their gorgeous penthouse apartment where she had her own balcony with a gorgeous view of the city. Away from her life.
Her first day at A.L. High, her new school that was totally public and totally not her, was better than she expected. The building looked like it had probably been there since Victorian times. It was gorgeous, Lauren had to admit.
There to greet her at the front door was a preppy looking girl with long dirty blond hair pulled up into a ponytail, showcasing her bigger than average forehead and her kind of hazel eyes. Lauren mentally noted that some bangs would greatly improve her look.
“Hi!” the girl said, “I’m Summer and I’m here to greet you. See here at A.L. High we want everyone to be welcome, especially the people who just drop in in the middle of the semester.”
Lauren wondered if she should feel offended about the last remark, since she had just dropped in in the middle of the semester.
“Well, hi,” was all she said.
“Would you like some assistance finding your locker, or the main office?” Summer asked.
“No, I think I’ll survive,” Lauren said, “But thanks.”
“No problem,” Summer said, “Just look for me if you ever need my help.”
“Okay,” Lauren said, taking a step inside, “See you later.”
“Bye,” Summer said, staying by the door as Lauren entered the school.
Lauren didn’t see how she would have any trouble finding anything here, there were signs everywhere.
The day went by mostly the same, she found her locker easily and quickly set it up and then was off to her first class.
She couldn't quite believe it when the teacher asked her to introduce herself to the class, just like in all those TV shows.
“Hi, I’m Lauren Barlow,” she said, “I just moved from NYC city where I went to the best private school there and lived in a gorgeous penthouse apartment. I have to admit I’m not totally stoked to be here, but I’m going to make the best of it.”
And then back to her seat. Everyone stared at her like she was some kind of goddess or something, and Lauren had to admit, she loved it.

Fisher Brown
Fisher Brown liked to spend his time at the arcade, not at school. So whenever he was at school he did whatever he could to get out of school. Which never worked because he always seemed to get detention, which meant more time in school.
Yeah, he wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, he actually might have been the dullest. He didn’t care for school, or really anything other than video games and Snoop Dogg. He had an unhealthy obsession with both.
His senior year had been going on as usual until Lauren came, and Summer, his cousin, had decided to make her her friend. Summer can be pretty determined sometimes, though most people think she’s just a wallflower.
The first day time Fisher met Lauren was on her first day. It was lunch and Fisher was listening to Summer tell him all about this new girl. Mostly he was ignoring her though, what was so special about this new girl anyway?
But then he saw her. It was like in all those movies, it felt like time slowed down and she glowing or something.
“What are you looking at?” Summer said looking behind her. “Oh.”
“Who is she?” Fisher asked.
“That’s Lauren,” Summer said, “The girl I was just talking about?”
“Yo, you never said she was hot,” Fisher said.
Summer rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to Lauren, “Hey, Lauren, over here!”
Lauren looked at her, shrugged and started over to them. Fisher wondered if she noticed the looks she was getting from all over the cafeteria.
“Lauren, this is Fisher,” Summer said as Lauren sat down.
“Hey,” Lauren said flatly, as if she would rather sit elsewhere.
“Yo,” Fisher said.
“How was your day so far?” Summer asked.
“Fine,” Lauren said, “The teacher made me introduce myself in homeroom, how lame is that?”
“Everyone has to introduce themselves if they start in the middle of the school year,” Summer explained.
Lauren groaned, “OMG, that is so lame. Why couldn’t my mom just let me stay in New York.”
“You’re from New York?” Summer asked, “What part?”
“The city,” Lauren said, with a faraway look on her face.
“That’s cool,” Summer said, “What’s it like?”
“It’s wonderful,” Lauren said, smiling, “It’s heaven on earth, for sure. You’re really missing out if you’ve never been there.”
“I haven’t,” Summer said. “But my dad’s there right now. He been there for a while actually.”
“He’s been gone forever,” Fisher said, “How long has it been now? Like a year.”
Summer nodded solemnly.
“Oh?” Lauren said, “Why is he there?”
“He’s helping out a friend get ready to move,” Summer said.
“For that long,” Lauren laughed, “I’m sorry, but that’s suspicious.”
Summer frowned, “what do you mean?”
Lauren smiled sympathetically, “What I mean is that I think he’s there for other reasons.”
“Or maybe it’s just taking a while?” Summer said.
Lauren patted her on the back, “Hey, don’t worry. I'm sure he'll be back someday.”
“Of course he will,” Summer said.
Then Lauren started talking about the cafeteria food at her old school, how it was so “posh”. But Fisher was hardly listening, just staring. Lauren was probably the most gorgeous girl he’d ever seens. Which her perfectly curly Brown hair, and deep brown eyes. Most people think those features are boring, but not on her.
It was love at first sight.

Summer was the good girl, she liked following the rules, getting good grades, and being friendly to everyone. Some people thought she was too good, but there is nothing wrong with being too good.
The first thing Summer noticed about Lauren was that she seemed to be sad. She looked up at the school with a look of wonder and melancholy.
But when Summer talked to her she brushed her off, so Summer told herself not to care about this random girl because she didn’t have time for the negative energy in her life.
But it wasn’t that easy. It was like as soon as she saw her they had a connection and Summer couldn’t stop thinking about her.
So by lunch time she decided that she would make this girl her friend, and hopefully cheer her up in the process.
Lunch couldn’t have gone any better, as soon as Lauren got started talking about her life she brightened up.
After lunch Summer walked Lauren to her next class, she insisted even though Lauren had said no multiple times.
“You know,” Lauren said as they arrived to her classroom, “You would look ten times better with bangs.”
Summer didn’t know if she should be offended or not, “Thanks?”
“No, you totally should get bangs,” Lauren said. “And some new clothes.”
Summer frowned, looking down at her outfit, a pair of plain jeans and a purple tank top. What was wrong with it?
Lauren smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m your friend now. We’ll get you fixed up in no time”
Summer decided to forget the insult and focus on that first line “I’m your friend now”, Summer had succeeded.

April Flashbacks!

“A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.”

Have ever wondered what A.L. High was like, let's say, about ten years ago? Back when people like Harriette and Collin's older siblings wandered the halls. Well, if you have, than you'll bee excited to hear that for the month of April I'll be doing a flashback series! 
And don't worry, for those people who don't care and would much rather just read about the current students, I'll still be writing and posting about them too.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April fools!

Fedora didn’t think she loved any holiday as much as she loved April Fools Day. Sure it wasn’t that big of a holiday, but a day dedicated to pranking people? Yes please.
And this was her first April Fools Day in college. Sadly the people of Harvard didn’t seem too fond of April fools day, other than a few passing remarks and a bunch of people saying “if you prank me I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you,” Fedora didn’t see a single person celebrating.
But of course she stuck to the holiday, and went around pranking people. The first thing she did was to her roommate, Brandy, who will surely ask to switch roommates soon.
Fedora woke up early and took all the extra blankets in the room and proceed to layer them over Brandy carefully, then Fedora slipped back in bed and waited for Brandy’s alarm to go off. When it finally did, Brandy couldn’t hear it because of the layers of blankets so Fedora not so gently shook her screaming “It’s noon already, wake up!”
So of course Brandy, who was obsessed with being on time, attempted to jump from her bed but she couldn’t really due to the blankets so she promptly started screaming. Fedora laughed, this was better than she expected.
After videotaping a bit on her phone Fedora peeled of the blankets, grinning.
”What the hell!!” Brandy yelled, “I am so late!”
Fedora shrugged innocently, ”no you’re not, it’s just about time for you to wake up.”
Brandy looked at the clock, then back to Fedora, then at the Calendar.
“Are you serious?” Brandy said.
“April fools day is very serious,” Fedora said with a completely straight face.
“Ugh,” Brandy said, getting out of her bed, “I can't stand you.”
“Have a good day!” Fedora said, grinning. One prank down, a whole lot more to go.