Monday, December 30, 2013


Every year Heather and Tracy hope and hope to get invited to someone glamorous New Year’s Eve party, preferably by a certain queen bee whom’s name rhymed with warriette. Spoiler: it’s Harriette.
But her party was exclusive, and only her closest friends get invited. Apparently it’s not really glamorous and her whole family is there too, but just imagine the boost in popularity they would get if they were invited to that party.
But this year was the same as every year, the day before New Years eve and Tracy and Heather had no plans other than to stay at home and watch the ball drop on TV while drinking Heather’s parent’s champagne, which they were allowed to do since every year Heather’s parents left to their own adult party and left the girls with some champagne and well wishes.
“You girls will be fine, right?” Heather’s dad asked as they sat in the living room channel surfing. Heather’s parent’s were having a little vacation at a hotel the day before New Years Eve, which meant two days to themselves.
“Of course, dad,” Heather said, “I’m eighteen now, I can handle being home alone for one night.”
“And she’s not alone, I’m here,” Tracy reasoned.
Her dad nodded and left the room to tell her mom that they were good to go.
“This is gonna be fun,” Heather said, trying to gather some excitement.
“Yeah, fun. All alone on New Year’s Eve,” Tracy sighed, “I can’t believe we’re alone again!”
“Maybe we should invite people over,” Heather offered.
“Who?” Tracy asked, “do you have any numbers in your phone other than your parents, me, and the vegan delivery place?”
Heather frowned, but didn’t contradict her. She was right. Tracy got out her own phone and scrolled through her contacts, but hers was the same. Lonely.
“We’re off, girls,” Heather’s moms aid as they passed through the living room, “have fun, and save the champagne for tomorrow! And you can invite people over, just clean up after yourselves.”
They were literally living the dream, if only they had people to invite over.
“Okay mom,” Heather said.
“I love you,” her mom said quickly before they finally left the house and a few seconds later Tracy and Heather heard the car go on and leave the driveway. And they were alone.
“This sucks,” Tracy said.
“Let’s get some food,” Heather said, getting out her phone.
“Vegan?” Tracy asked, a small smile on her face.
“Do I eat anywhere else?” Heather asked.
“No, you don’t” Tracy laughed.
And, with the mood lightened, Heather ordered them some food and they watched a marathon of America’s next top model as they ate. They critiqued the girls on their modeling, called out there makeovers, and yelled at the judges when they disagreed. They didn’t even bring up the New Year Eve predicament the whole time, but they silently vowed that next year they would find something to do.

At that time the next day they were on the same couch, counting down the seconds, a little loopy from the champagne, and just as the ball dropped they exaggeratedly kissed each other on the cheeks.

Friday, December 27, 2013


The week after Christmas was officially vacation time, families all over Broad meadows were packing their cars and driving up to the mountains for a week or so in a lodge spending their days skiing and drinking absurd amounts of hot cocoa.
Except a few families, like Barry’s and Tracy’s, both of whom families were going on a cruise. Barry had tried and tried to get his parents to let him go with Terrence up to the ski lodge they were staying in but they said no and he was stuck in the middle of the ocean soaking up some sun.
Tracy didn’t care, she didn’t care for sun and she didn’t care for snow but she did care that she was stuck on a boat with her dad and Patty, right after all that marriage proposal stuff. But at least she had a reason to go out and spend a ton of money on bathing suits.
The Brown family were going up to their cabin for some skiing and hot chocolate drinking, and along with them were Fedora’s family and Bryan’s family. Bryan’s family had their own lodge, it was next to the Browns’, but Fedora and her family were staying with the Browns.
Heather’s family was also going to the ski lodge, the same place where the other families owned them, but her family didn't own one they just stayed at the lodge. The whole place was full of A.L. High students, it kind of felt like school but in a vacation setting. Heather just wished that Tracy could come like she usually did.
And just about everyone else was going to that lodge, Lexi and Honey’s, Layla’s family, Ella and Mariah’s Family, etc etc.....
Arrival day to the lodge was busy busy, everyone of those A.L. High families were trying to get checked in at the same time, except, of course, the one’s who owned cabins. They didn’t have to check in, they could just go in.
“I love this place,” Fedora said, spinning around in the snow. Harriette, Collin and Tamarai were staring at her with disbelief as they stood shivering in their heavy jackets and scarves and gloves while Fedora were a jean jacket and a pair of fingerless gloves with a light scarf.
“Remember when I used to love this place too?” Harriette laughed, leaning into Collin for some warmth. “I’m freezing.”
“Let’s get inside,” Collin said, putting his arm around Harriette’s shoulder and guiding her into the cabin. Tamarai stayed behind watching Fedora.
“Hey, wait up,” Fedora said, stopping her spinning abruptly and causing herself to lose balance and almost fall face first into the snow.
“Does it snow a lot in New york?” Tamarai asked, kneeling down and running her hands through the snow. Tamaria was still amazed with snow, even after almost ten years of going to the ski lodge.
Fedora laughed, “You bet it does!”
Tamarai smiled, “Maybe I’ll move there too, after I graduate.”
“Everyone should,” Fedora said, “Now come on, I don’t want to be left out.”
“Okay,” Tamarai said, following Fedora into the wonderfully warm cabin. Collin and Harriette were sitting by the fireplace, out of their jackets now and under a blanket.
“Hey, babes,” Fedora said, “you disappeared. Where’s the hot chocolate?”
“Water’s on the stove,” Harriette said, opening up her side of the blanket and gesturing for Fedora to join them.
“Great, I need some,” Fedora said, taking a seat next to Harriette, “Hey, Tamarai, over here.”
Tamarai smiled and joined them next to Fedora.
The whistle on the kettle blew and Tamarai jumped a little, shocked, making the rest of them laugh.
“I got it,” Mrs. Brown said, heading into the kitchen.
“This is ridiculously cozy,” Fedora laughed, “Can you believe we’re sitting here under a blanket in front of a fireplace, and your mom is about to get us some hot chocolate?”
“Actually, yes, because we do it every year,” Collin said.
“Oh, shut up,” Fedora said, pushing Harriette so Harriette would push Collin for her.”Hey,” Harriette said, “I don’t want to push Collin!.”
“You baby him,” Fedora playfully scoffed.
Harriette just stuck out her tongue at Fedora.
“Hot chocolate is coming!” Mrs. Brown sang as came from the kitchen carrying a tray of mugs.
“Yums,” Fedora said, grabbing her mug quickly as soon as Mrs. Brown set down the tray in front of them.
“And I put some cinnabuns in the oven,” Mrs. brown said.
Fedora grinned, “this day cannot get better. It just cannot.”
Mrs. brown smiled at all of them, then slipped back into the kitchen.
“Are you guys actually gonna help us unpack?” Bentley asked, setting down someone’s bags right beside them.
Fedora glared at him, “can’t you see we’re having a moment?”
Bentley laughed and shook his head before saying sarcastically, “I’m soo sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
“Shut up,” Fedora said.
“I’m sorry,” Collin said, standing up, “I’ll help.”
Bentley grinned, “And that was the right answer.”
Fedora just shook her head and looked at Harriette, who was looking at Collin.
“Do you want me to help?” harriette asked.
“No, you stay and be warm,” Collin said.
Harriette smiled and looked at Fedora as if to say “isn’t he perfect?”
“I’ll save you a cinnabun,” Harriette said.
“I’m sure it won’t take that long,” Collins aid, “but thanks.”
“I’ll help too,” Tamarai said, standing just as Bryan came through the door carrying two bags.
“That’s all,” he said, setting the bags on floor.
“Oh,” Tamarai said, “Guess we weren’t needed after all.”
“Cinnabuns are done!” Mrs. brown announced as she stepped into the living room with a tray of food.
“Ah, is everything inside?” she asked as she took in the scene.
“Yep,” Bryan said, “I gotta go help my mom unpack, see you guys later!”
“Want a cinnabun for the road?” Mrs. brown asked, holding out the platter.
“Oh, sure, thanks!” Bryan said, quickly taking one before heading out the door.
“Alright, kids,” Mrs. brown said, “take your bags into your rooms and then you can come back and have some food.”
Fedora frowned, she wanted a Cinnabun now, but you didn’t say no to Mrs. Brown so she found her bags and brought it to the room that she, Collin and Harriette were sharing. They always had the same room, year after year. It’s gotten a little harder for them to all stay in one room as the year passed, when they were little kids it felt huge but now it was kind of cramped. But there was room for three beds, so they stuck to it. It was one of the charms of staying at the lodge.
But now that the family has grown, so they all had to share rooms. Bobby, Fisher, and Bentley shared a room, Tamarai and the Twins shared a room, Fedora’s parent’s shared a room, of course, and Mrs. Brown and Grayson shared a room.
After they loosely unpacked they gathered back into the living room and ate Cinnabuns and finished their hot chocolate as Mrs. brown made dinner.  Dinner was a quick beef stir fry and buns that were made beforehands and just need to be heated up. After dinner Bryan’s family came over to the Browns’ cabin and they played charades in the now incredibly crowded living room.
After that they split up and went into their room and “went to sleep”. Fedora, Collin, and Harriette stayed up talking, Fisher and Bobby stayed up chatting on their phones, Bentley stayed up because he just couldn’t sleep, but everyone else, they went to sleep.
And the day one of the ski trip was over and done with.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


The days after Christmas are always filled with a sort of excitement, everyone is walking around with their new gadgets or going shopping with all the money they got. It was almost as good as the days before Christmas.
During these days Shafan always watched with a sort of envy of those people, sure she got gifts and money for Hanukkah but no one went around asking her what she got then. Plus this whole break thing, everyone else got a break after their holiday but Shafan had to go back to school during and after Hanukkah.
It wasn’t fair to say everyone, surely there had to be some of Jewish people, but it didn’t look like there was any at A.L. High. During Hanukkah not one person wished her a happy Hanukkah, not one. Though to be honest, nobody really said much to her at all ever.
Which brought up the fact that maybe no one knew that Shafan was Jewish, so even the other Jewish people wouldn’t know to wish her a happy Hanukkah.
But one thing that Shafan did like about this time of year was all the Christmas Carols, her one guilty pleasure was singing Christmas Carols. Sure she was Jewish, but those Christmas carols were just so joyful and fun, she even liked the slower more serious one’s like ‘Do You Hear What I hear’, or ‘Silent Night’.
So even though the twenty fifth was just any other day for her, while her dad was at work she turned on the radio and listened to Christmas song after Christmas song, singing and dancing along. It was like her own little Christmas celebration.
But after Christmas when everyone else was still flying on their little Christmas clouds, Shafan was back on the ground watching as they floated past secretly wishing she could join them. Though to be honest, Shafan didn’t want to go around and boast about her new presents or go spend all her money on some new clothes or something. She just wanted to be floating like them.
This year she decided she would be, the day after Christmas she hopped on the bus and rode into the city where she was determined to feel a little bit of that after Christmas happiness, sure yesterday hadn’t been anything special to her but she was still gonna enjoy today.
She was not gonna go to the mall though, she learned her lesson the last time she thought that was a good idea. Instead she walked down the streets and did some window shopping, mostly. She did go into into a candy store and get some chocolate though, she couldn’t resist.
She was feeling a bit of the floaty feeling as she walked through the crowd, it was definitely a busy day as the street were full of people and their conversation flowed by Shafan. Up ahead she saw a group of girls she recognised from school, they were walking with their arms linked and laughing about something. She felt a little stab of loneliness and wished she had a group of friends to be with right then, but as she passed the laughing girl she let that feeling go.
It didn’t matter she was still having a good day.
After that she stopped into a Jewish restaurant and got some lunch. Looking around the room as she waited for her matzoh ball soup she wonder how many people in this room were actually Jewish or just liked Jewish food.
Then she saw another person she recognized from school, he was sitting with what looked like his family. He had longish curly hair and green eyes, she didn’t remember his name just remembered seeing him in the hallways.
Maybe he was Jewish, maybe she found another Jewish person who went to her school. She got a little excited and almost got up to ask him if he was really Jewish, but remember that she didn’t do stuff like that.
But as she was eating her soup a little later and he got up from his table and walked towards hers, probably in the direction of the bathroom, she decided to just take this chance and go for it.
“Hey,” the word shot out of her mouth before she had much control of it.
“Uh, heY?” he asked cautiously, and she knew that her didn’t recognise her.
“Hi, I’m Shafan,” Shafan started, “I recognise you from school.”
“Oh,” he nodded, “Hey, I’m Thom. Are you Jewish too?”
Shafan grinned and nodded.
“No way, finally another Jewish person!” Thom said, laughing. “Nice to meet you Shafan. I have to go, but I hope you enjoy your soup.”
Shafan nodded, “bye.”
And then he walked away and Shafan finished her soup in a little bit of that after Christmas joy.

Monday, December 23, 2013


So Tracy was right about her bad feeling about her dad asking Patty to move in, because here was Patty acting all excited on Christmas morning. Yes, her dad had asked her to move in and she had said yes of course. So here she was having Christmas with the rest of them, with the previously two person family that was Tracy and her dad.
Her feelings for Patty didn’t change, she was still a space geek who could talk forever about the stars, but Tracys topped fighting it. She didn’t have time for it, she had to focus on school and graduating and getting into a good school. Preferably Berkley.
And she was definitely not gonna let her ruin her Christmas, nope not at all. So she ignored her that morning and continued along with acting as if she didn't even exist.
But that didn’t last long as after all the gifts were unwrapped and Tracy had gotten everything she asked for, as usual, and her dad said that there was still one more gift for Patty and Tracy knew.
She knew exactly what was gonna happen.
She wasn’t surprised when her dad got out a little wrapped box and gave it to Patty, watching her face intently. She wasn’t surprised when the gift turned out to be a little black jewelry box. And she wasn’t surprised when her dad got down on one knee. She wasn’t surprised when he said those four dreaded words.She wasn’t surprised when Patty broke out into a big grin and said yes, giving her dad a big hug.
She wasn’t surprised, but she did feel a little sick.

Christmas at the Baek family house started when the last person dragged themselves from their bedroom. None of them were early risers, even on Christmas, so it always started around eleven o’clock.
The mom was the first person awake around 10:30, she started the coffee and breakfast. Next up was DaeRi about fifteen minutes later, she started getting ready for the day. And last up was AeGuk, who went to the Brown family’s Christmas Eve Extravaganza last night and stayed pretty late. Daeri had went to, but left a little early because she got tired of all the family fun after a while. DaeRi didn’t understand how Aeguk could just hang out with his ex girlfriend so casually.
At 11:00 they all gathered around the table and ate breakfast, all of them still a little asleep. They didn’t talk, but their mom asked them if they were excited. They just murmured some kind of excited nonsense in reply.
After breakfast they were all generally more awake and gathered around their small tree. They weren’t big Christmas people but celebrated it because everyone else did, so why not?
Presents were never very exciting, especially as they grew up and saw that other people got iPod and new computers for Christmas and they got socks. When they were younger they were excited for stuff like that, but it wasn’t the same really.
But they put on their excited faces and unwrapped  the gifts as their mom watched looking mildly proud. They got chocolate, socks, hats, and clothes. AeGuk loved DaeRi’s gift of the store bought mittens with little reindeer on them, saying he need them since the winters in New York were definitely something, and DaeRi admired the snowman shaped mug that AeGuk got her.
Their mom was ecstatic to get their gifts, a nice scarf from AeGuk and the maybe mittens that DaeRi had kind of finished. Thankfully they fit her.
After gifts they split up to get ready for the day and met up again before they split up to go out. They’re mom had a job to get to and AeGuk and DaeRi were going over to the Browns’ house to exchange gifts and just hang out.
And that was Christmas with the Baeks.

Christmas was Becky’s favorite holiday for many reasons; everyone was always happy during the holidays, you got to eat a lot of cookies, giving gifts, getting gifts, and best of all her whole family got together. And when she says her whole family she means her whole family. Her mom’s side and her dad’s side.
Everyone goes to her aunt on her dad’s side’s house and they give gifts and eat great food. There was nothing better in Becky’s mind.
And this year was no different, Christmas morning they all got up and got ready for the day. They ate a quick breakfast, nothing too big because there was always a lot of food on Christmas, then get into the car for the drive to the city where the aunt lives.
They spend the drive singing loudly to Christmas songs, Becky’s sister showing everyone up because she was a professionally trained singer and sounded amazing. The christmas spirit was thick enough to cut in the car.
Then they arrived. Their aunt had a big house which was why her house was the chosen place of gathering for Christmas. The second they walk through the door the crowd covers them and soon the parents split from the children naturally and all of the teens are sitting in the sunroom and all of the adults are sitting in the livingroom where the kids were playing around and surreptitiously trying to peek at the gifts. Everyone opens their gifts there, there is no opening them back at their house in the morning. The gift opening process takes hours with lunch in between.
Becky goes to sit with all of her cousin and other teens in the family, her sister was now considered an adult and went with them. It was weird to have an adult sister, time seems to fly so fast.
Once everyone is there they crowd into the livingroom and the gifts are opened. It was a free for all, everyone opened their gifts at the same time and it was a mad house. Wrapping paper was everywhere, the kids were screaming about their gifts and trying to get their parents attention. Becky got the usual stuff of a teenage girl, clothes, gift cards, makeup, phone cases, a purse, some games for her 3DS, and the big gift of the night a new phone. She didn’t know how they were gonna fit everyone’s gifts in the car, plus them.
They eat a big lunch of roast ham and the usual fixings then get back to the gifts, Becky’s sister got her a personalised phone case which becky was obsessed with. She got more gift cards, more clothes, and more makeup. More than she even needed, and she knew she’d have to go home and decided which ones she actually wanted to keep and get rid of some old stuff.
Then after all of the gifts have been opened and all of the wrapping paper have been put into a big trash bag they all split up again and hang out, playing with their new stuff or just talking about what they’re gonna buy with all the gift cards they got.
And then they eat a dinner of leftovers from lunch before everyone slowly plt up and headed back home. It’s a bit of a trouble getting the stuff in the car, but they do and Becky falls asleep on the ride home. She was awoken by her sister gently nudging her and telling her she need to help get the stuff inside.
After all of their stuff is piled into their respective rooms Becky is too exhausted to stay awake much longer so she wished her family and goodnight and then tucks herself into bed, falling asleep in less than ten minutes.

I’m sure you know by now all about the Brown Family’s Christmas Eve Extravaganza, and this year wasn’t much different. Everyone came over to the Browns’ house and I mean everyone, even Fisher, who disappeared, managed to get back for this party.
They ate good food, exchanged the Christmas Eve present, pajamas for everyone staying the night and slipper for the ones who were going back home, drank a lot of hot chocolate, and just had a good jolly ol time. Then they all went to bed. Collin, Fedora and Harriette all slept in Collin’s room together, they couldn’t fit on the bed so they slept on the floor in sleeping bags.
They talked excitedly about the next day until late, when Fedora was still talking and hadn’t realised that both Collin and Harriette had stopped replying. When she realised they were both fast asleep she laughed at herself and shut up, trying to get some sleep herself.
One thing on her mind was how unbelievably easy it was to hang out with AeGuk again, they just slipped back into the way they were before they started dating. Fedora had to admit though that she had been hoping it wouldn’t be that easy, that hanging out again would remind AeGuk that he did like Fedora much more than that Allie girl, but that didn’t happen. Fedora really needed to just move on.
All that floated out of her mind as she slipped into sleep and it felt like only seconds later when there were the sounds of high pitched little kid voices waking her up. Finn and Willow were running around them and yelling excitedly about how it was Christmas.
Fedora laughed, “gosh, remember when we were like that?”
Harriette and Collin sleepily laughed then they all sat up and stretched.
“Come on!” the twins cried.
“Alright, alright,” Fedora said, then turned to Collin and Harriette with a wild grin, “come on guys, it’s Christmas!”
She jumped up, acting all excited and pulling Collin and Harriette up while yelling “come on come on!”
Harriette and Collin laughed and followed Fedora down to the living, Fedora skipped the way there, almost falling down the stairs, making the twins, who were right behind them, laugh hysterically and copy her as they went down the stairs.
“Be careful,“ Collin warned.
The twins just laughed harder.
In the living room sat the rest of the adults and Tamarai waiting for them, apparently they had been sleeping late. On the coffee table was a spread of various breakfast good and Fedora over to it and picked up to cinnabuns, eating them quickly.
“Don’t eat too much,” Fedora’s mom warned her, but Fedora just shot her a glare and picked up another cinnabun before sitting down on the floor right in front of the tree.
Harriette and Collin got some food and their mom handing each of them a mug of hot chocolate.
“Alright kids, go get your stockings!” she said after they all settled down.
The twins jumped up and ran over to the fireplaces, grabbing the stockings and handing them out to everyone. It was the usual bounty waiting for them in their stockings, lots of yummy treats, chocolate, the lollipops that Harriette bought, and other little stuff that they might enjoy. Fedora acted super about everything she got and started singing a song about a chocolate bar she got, making everyone laugh.
After the stockings it was time for the gifts and the twins went crazy, jumping up and down in excitement and Fedora jumped up and joined them which the twins found amusing. Fedora was actually kind of good with kids, even though if you ask her she’ll say she hates them.
Everyone got fives gifts from Mrs. Brown, that was her rule. One expensive gift and then four smaller ones. And then there were the gifts from everyone else, who didn’t have any rules so they could be anything.
Fedora’s big gift from Mrs. Brown was a keurig coffee maker and her smaller ones were hot chocolate and coffee for it, plus two cute mugs. From her mom she got a healthy eating recipe book for college student, which earned her a glare from Fedora,  and some money. and along with those she got a bunch of small fun gifts from everyone else, Harriette got her an assortment of chocolates and the Bean boozled Jelly Belly games, which Fedora specifically asked for.
Harriette’s big gift from her mom was a BJD doll that looked like her and her smaller gifts were a mug, a gift card to the Candy Store, some tights, and some clothes for the dolls. Harriette was over the moon about the doll, as she had been wanting one since she found out about them. Fedora gave her a little cloth doll she found in a vintage store, and Harriette loved it.
Collin got a Pen tablet for his expensive gift,since he’s been wanting to try out digital art, and his smaller gifts were a gift card to his favorite art store, some new drawing pads, a set of watercolors, and an art book. Fedora gave him a picture she painted of her roommate, she wasn’t sure if would like it that much since it was kind of a silly picture since she didn’t really have any artistic abilities but he loved it.
After all the gifts were unwrapped everyone was just sitting around casually talking about their presents, Harriette was posing her new doll, Fedora was setting up the Bean Boozled games, Collin was watching Fedora set up the game, and the twins were running around shooting everyone with their new Nerf guns.
Then the guests came with more presents, all the people who didn’t stay the night last night. It was like a continuation of the party, everyone opened up more gifts and more wrapping paper was flung everywhere by an overexcited Fedora. Then everyone gathered for some lunch/dinner and they ate and had good conversation. After lunch/dinner everyone kind of split up into little groups.
It didn’t feel like long until the sky started to darken and people started heading home and the twins were getting tired and had stopped shooting people. It was time for bed already. christmas was basically over.
“Aw,” Fedora said, looking out the dark window, “I don’t want Christmas to be over.”
“Well it’s gotta end someday,” Harriette said, looking tired already.
Collin nodded, “sadly, that’s true.:
“Merry Christmas guys!” Fedora said, jumping up suddenly, “let’s stretch this day to the limit! It’s not over yet, let’s go caroling.”
“Caroling?” Collin said, “are you serious?”
If anyone else had said that they were awesome they were joking, but not Fedora. Fedora was just that weird, weird enough to actually want to go caroling at nine o’clock at night on christmas day.
Fedora grinned and nodded. “Let’s go, babes!”
Harriette laughed, “now way, it’s too late.”
”It’s never too late for Christmas Carols!” Fedora said, “come on!”
Collin and Harriette looked at each other, wondering if they were really gonna go along with this. Harriette laughed and shrugged, as if to say “why not”. Collin nodded and they got up and Followed Fedora to the door.
“Bundle up, kids,” Fedora said in a faux motherly voice, “don’t wanna catch a cold!”
Collin and Harriette laughed, but put on their jackets and shoes then followed Fedora out the door. Once they reached the street Fedora stopped and broke out into Joy to the World. Collin and Harriette shared another glance then shrugged and sung along.
Fedora started walking down the street still singing and Collin and Harriette followed her. They went down until they passed the first house, by then they had sang Joy to the World, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, All I want for Christmas is You, I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus, and White Christmas and they hadn’t stopped at a single house. Fedora stopped, and Harriette and Collin wondered if she was really gonna go caroling at this house.
Fedora laughed, “you should see your faces, you look so worried!”
Harriette and Collin laughed nervously.
“Lighten up, kiddles,” Fedora said, “We’re not going caroling at any houses, let’s head home, babes!”
Somewhere in the time since she’s been gone she had started getting into the habit of calling people the weirdest stuff, like “kiddles”, “babes”, and just “kids”.
On the way home they continued to sing a variety of Christmas songs, some of them they didn’t even know the lyrics and just sang some random beats. Once they got home they were exhausted and slowly went up to Collin’s room and climbed into their sleeping bags, after saying goodnight to everyone of course and explaining where they disappeared to.
“Goodnight, kiddles,” Fedora yawned, “Merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas,” Collin and Harriette said at the same time.
And they slipped off to sleep with dreams sugarplums dancing in their heads...

Friday, December 20, 2013


“Home sweet home,” Fedora said, collapsing onto the couch.
“Uh, sorry to break it to you, but this is my house,” Harriette said.
Fedora shrugged, “It’ll always feel like mine too.”
Fedora was so glad to finally be back for the wonderfully long winter break, two whole weeks away from homework and classes. Two whole weeks with all of her friends. Sacia was due to arrived home soon, any second now, and Bryan was already over at his house. And AeGuk, who she still counted as one of her friends even though he dumped her, was probably home by now too.
The gang all back together again.
Plus she got a whole two weeks with her other equally wonderful gang, Harriette and Collin. Her gang through thick and thin. And their plans for the weekend were full up, dinner with the fam tonight and tomorrow Christmas shopping at the mall then lunch at Fedora’s favorite diner that sold the best fried chicken and then back home where they will drink hot chocolate and eat cinnabuns while wrapping presents before another dinner with the fam. Sunday was Fedora’s day with the other gang, Sacia, Bryan, AeGuk.
Fedora had to admit she wasn’t nervous about a lot of things, but she was a little unsure how hanging out with AeGuk would go now since they weren’t dating. Fedora still liked AeGuk, she wasn’t hiding that from anyone and she was still a little dazed about the breakup. How had that even happened? She still remembered when AeGuk worshipped her, when she was the one who didn’t care much. How could the tables flip to fast?
But worrying about that was for another day, for today she had dinner with the fam to look forward to. Fedora loved the Brown family, she had always wished that Mrs. Brown would have  been her mother instead of her real mother. Her real mother who she hadn’t even said hi to since arriving in Broad Meadows. Oops.
She had taken the bus right from the airport to Harriette’s house. fedora didn’t hate her mom, she had gotten over that years ago. But her mom was still not one of her favorite people, so she was just gonna wait to see her.
And now apparently the wait was over as Fedora heard her mom’s familiar raspy voice enter the house.
“Ugh, here she is,” Fedora groaned.
“Don’t tell me you didn’t stop by your own house yet?” Harriette said.
“Again?” Collin said.
“If you had her for a mom you wouldn’t either,” Fedora said, standing up, “well, it’s now or never I guess.”
“Fedora,” and there was her mom standing before her with her hands on her hips giving Fedora her best disappointed mom look.
“Mom,” Fedora said, grinning as if she was so happy to see her.
“What did I tell you about not even telling me when you get home?” her mom asked.
“Uhm, that I shouldn’t do it?” Fedora offered.
Her mom shook her head with a huff, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you.”
“Good thing you don’t have to worry about that,” Fedora said.
“Welcome back!”
And there was Bentley.
Fedora just casted him a disinterested glance before going up and giving her mom a quick hug.
“I missed you mom,” she said, “but we have some stuff to catch up on, so I’ll talk to you later.”
Fedora looked back at Harriette and Collin and tilted her head in the direction of the stairs. “Let’s go kids!”
“I am not a kid,” Harriette said.
Collin just laughed and took Harriette's hand to lead her up the stairs, behind the now retreating Fedora.
“Hey,” Bentley said to Collin as he passed, “we should catch up later too.”
Collin nodded, “sounds good. See you later.”
Bentley smiled and waved as Collin and Harriette followed Fedora up the stairs.
Fedora, Collin, and Harriette spent the rest of the time until dinner getting caught up. Fedora couldn’t quite believe that Collin finally got a boyfriend, but didn’t stress the fact because Harriette didn’t look to happy about it. Fedora told them about her new high school friends and they couldn’t believe that the friend she finally made weren’t even going to her college. Or any college for that matter.
And then they ate dinner, a nice pot roast for everyone but Grayson who ate some vegan thing that Fedora didn’t care enough to find out the name of.

Oh what a joy to be home for the holidays!