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Introduction story: Lexi Bell

Lexi Bell
Lexi Bell was more then excited for her first day of high school, she couldn’t wait as her car pulled into the school parking lot. She glanced up at the huge building and smiled, this was defiantly going to be fun, she opened the door and said goodbye to her mom then jumped out. She stopped to look at the crowd of people entering into the High school and smiled at the thought that she was one of them.
She remembered when her and her cousin used to sit outside of the high school at the end of the school day and pretend they were one of them. Now she wasn’t pretending. She waved one more time to her mom as she pulled away from the school, then walked up to the steps.
“Hey, I know you.” She heard a girl say. She turned around and saw a group of girls coming her way.
“You were on the cheer squad last year.” The one in the front said, she recognised them. It was Harriette Brown and her friends, DaeRi Baek and Tamarai Brown, the popular girls.
“Yeah.” Lexi said. “I was, I hope I’ll be on it again this year.
“Me too.” Harriette said, smiling at her. “See you at lunch.”
Lexi waved as the three girls walked away. She smiled, already at a good start, talking to popular girls.
She walked up the stairs into the school hallways, and suddenly got nervous. There were so many lockers and so many people, how was she going to find hers? She opened her bag and got out the sheet of paper with her locker number and combination on it.
“203.” She said to herself, trying to remember it as she passed through the hallways, glancing at the numbers on the lockers.
After a while of trying to find her locker she finally found it and saw another girl standing next to it. My locker buddy, she thought.
“Hello.” She said to the girl. “I’m Lexi.”
“Oh, hi.” The girl said looking up from her locker, she was a pretty Asian girl with her black hair pulled into a side ponytail.
“This is your locker?” Lexi asked, pointing to the locker she was standing in front of.
“Yeah.” She said, looking sort of confused.
“What’s your name?” Lexi asked, opening her locker and putting her books in it.
“Purity.” The girl said.
“Cute.” Lexi said.
“Thank you.” Purity said smiling up at her.
“I guess I’ll see you later.“ Lexi said, as the bell rung.
“Yeah.” the girl said, shutting her locker.
Lexi waved as they parted ways. She felt pretty lucky, it was her first day of high school and so far she had talked to the popular girls and she had a nice locker buddy.
She already couldn’t wait for the rest of the year.

Style Profile: Tracy Knight

Favorite Store: Forever 21


Character Style

I thought that it would be fun to create Style Profiles for each one of my character, it would include their favorite store and two outfits, casual and dressy. It won't be daily or anything, I'll just post them when I make them, so hope you like the idea and I'll be back with the first one soon.

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Ice Cream; “You’re so weird.”

Becky set her books down on the library table and sat down. She was here to study with Terrence and Barry, but they hadn’t arrived yet. She checked her watch, she wasn’t early so they were late. She sighed and opened her history book and started the chapter they were on.
“So sorry.” Terrence said, running up to the table.
Becky looked up, “you have to be quiet, this is a library.”
“Sorry.” Terrence said again. “Anyway, lets get ice cream.”
“What?” Becky asked, confused. Weren’t they supposed to be studying?
“Ice cream.” Terrence repeated.
“Where is Barry?” Becky said, noticing he wasn’t there.
“Waiting for us outside.” Terrence said.
“Aren’t we supposed to be studying?” She asked.
“Yeah.” Terrence said, shrugging. “After ice cream, come on.”
“You’re so weird.” Becky said, laughing as she gathered her stuff.
“Thanks.” Terrence said. “You too.”
They went outside and Becky waved to Barry who was sitting on a bench.
“Hey.” Barry said. “So, are you guys ready? I’m so hungry.”
“Yep.” Terrence said. “So where do you want to go?”
“Let’s just go the classic.” Barry said. “It’s just around the corner, so we’ll have more time to study.”
“Okay.” Terrence said.
They started down the street to the Ice cream store. It was a small store with no tables, just a counter with stools. A bell rung as they entered and took a seat at the counter, they recognised some kids from school there.
“What would you three like?” Asked the girl behind the counter, she looked familiar.
“Hey, I know you.” Terrence said. “You go to our school, don’t you? The girl with the pink streaks.”
“You recognise me?” She said, sounding shocked.
“Yeah, you’re pretty recognisable.” Terrence said. “Sakura, right?”
“Yep, you are?” She said, looking embarrassed for not recognising him.
“Terrence Williams.” Terrence said. “And this is Barry and Becky.”
“Hi, so what would you guys like?” She asked.
“Vanilla.” Becky said.
“Chocolate.” Terrence said.
“Mint Chip.” Barry said.
“Okay, I’ll be back.” Sakura said, heading into the back.
It was not Long till she came back handing each one of them a ice cream cone. Terrence payed then they left and headed back for the library. The ate the ice cream silently on the way there and were all done when they arrived at the library.
“I don’t want to study.” Barry said suddenly as they stood in front of the library.
“Do you want to fail?” Terrence said.
“Maybe.” Barry said, shrugging.
Becky laughed, “Is that why we went to get ice cream, procrastinating?”
“Sort of.” Barry said.
“You’re so evil.“ Becky said. “It’s sort of late anyway, let’s meet up tomorrow?”
“Sure.” Barry said, smiling at her. “See you tomorrow.”
“You too.” Becky called as she started back on the way home.


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Introduction Story: Becky Hall

Becky Hall
Becky Hall stared up at the big building in front of her, high school, all she could do was stare at it. She felt as if she couldn’t move, like she was paralysed and maybe she was, paralysed with fear. She was way too afraid to enter, so all she could do was watch as other people entered, they all looked so happy. Hopefully Becky would be too. She sighed, trying to prepare herself. Suddenly someone tapped on her shoulder.
“Excuse me?” She heard a guy say. She turned around quickly.
“I’m sorry.” She said, starting to move over, so she wouldn’t be in his way, but the guy grabbed her arm.
“Wait.” He said.
She stood still and looked down at her feet, had she done something wrong?
“I’m Terrence Williams.” The guy said, letting go of Becky’s arm. Becky looked up at him, confused. Why was he talking to her, why her?
“I’m Becky Hall.” She said, still sort of confused.
“Cool, so me and my friend,” Her pointed to a guy standing outside of the crowd, “Barry, saw you and you looked, well, afraid. So, since he was too shy to do anything about it I decided, since he is just as scared, we should go in together.”
Becky stared at him he had slightly long brown hair and seemed to be the same height as her. She didn’t know if she should go in with them, they thought she looked afraid? Well she was, and maybe going in with other people would be better then going in alone.
“Sure.” She said.
“Great,” Terrence said, leading the way to Barry. “Hey, Barry she said yes!”
Becky waved to Barry shyly and Barry waved back. They stood there waving for a while till Terrence broke the silence.
“So are you guys ready, or are you just going to sit here waving for the rest of the school year?” Terrence said.
“Oh yeah.” Barry said, shaking his head. “Sorry.”
“Come on!” Terrence called, leading the way into the big building. Becky smiled it didn’t look as big when she was with other people. Maybe High school wont be that bad.


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Sonrisa pt 3; "I missed you so much.”

The Arrival.
Sonrisa Rivera passed the gates of the airport and looked around, hoping to see someone she knew waiting for her. She frowned when she couldn’t see anyone through the big crowd. She started walking through it anyway, realising she doesn’t even know who was coming to pick her up.
She found a place to sit so she could look through her bag for her phone, she found it and dialed her parents number.
“Hola.” She heard her mother answer.
“Mama, why do you always have to speak Spanish? We’re not in Spain anymore, remember.” Sonrisa answered, rolling her eyes.
“Don’t be so disrespectful.” Her mom said. “So, are you at the airport yet?”
“Mama, I’m already at the airport waiting for someone to pick me up.” Sonrisa said, not trying to hide her annoyance that no one was there yet.
“Okay, your aunt will be there soon.” Her mom said.
“Are you serious.” Sonrisa said, she couldn’t believe her mom was sending her aunt. “Why can’t you pick me up?”
“Because, I am busy preparing dinner for you.” Her mom said. “Now, I’ll see you when you get home, I missed you.”
“I missed you too, mama.” Sonrisa said. “Bye.”
Sonrisa hung up and put her phone back in her bag and sighed, looking around. She was hungry, she realised she hadn’t ate the whole plane ride and she thought she deserved some food now. She got up and went to go find her luggage so she could leave this place and get something to eat.
She didn’t know where anything was though and had to ask around to figure out where she got her luggage, though she had been on a plane so many times in her life you think she would know something like this. But everything single time she flew somewhere it felt like the first time.
When she finally had her luggage she pulled it all to the front of the airport and sat down, waiting for her aunt to come pick her up.
She looked at her watch and realised her aunt might not be there for a while, she was never the most reliable person. The last time her mom told her aunt to pick her up somewhere it took her almost an hour, she claimed she got lost, but Sonrisa knew better because she saw the shopping bags in the back seat.
Sonrisa decided she could get something small to eat first, she got up and then looked back at her bags. She defiantly could not bring those into a restaurant. She sat back down annoyed, she just wanted to be home now and eat something. She looked back into the airport and saw a sign that said Cafe on it. She smiled, a cafe in the middle of the airport. She got up, but realised she still didn’t know what to do with her bags.
“Ugh!” She said, frustrated, she felt so trapped.
“Are you okay?” She heard someone ask.
“Not really.” she said turning around to see a young woman, Sonrisa looked at her and raised an eyebrow, the woman was wearing leopard print tights under a black dress and a bright red leather jacket.
“What’s wrong?” The woman asked, Sonrisa realised the woman had a slight accent, she didn’t know what though.
“Everything.” Sonrisa said, she just wanted to vent to someone. “My stupid aunt sent me away to Spain for my freshman year of high school because she thought I needed help. And now all I want is to eat but I can’t leave my luggage just laying around.”
“I’ll watch your luggage for you.” The woman said, shrugging.
Sonrisa looked at her suspiciously, “and how do I know your not going to look through it and steal my valuables.”
The woman laughed, “Sonrisa, right?”
“How do you know my name, have you been watching me?” Sonrisa asked, crossing her arms.
“I’m Simonetta Bertinelli, Sacia’s older sister.” The woman said, holding out her hand.
“Wait, does that mean Sacia is here?” Sonrisa said hopefully, and just ignored the hand.
“Nope, It’s only me.” Simonetta said, putting her hand on her hip and shaking her head. “I’m here visiting my family, I just arrived.”
“And that’s what you wear while traveling.” Sonrisa said. “I don’t think I want to know what you wear wen going out.”
“What, you don’t like my outfit?” She asked.
“Not really.” Sonrisa said, she was known for always telling the truth.
“Whatever, I like it.” Simonetta said. “So you’re hungry? Go on and eat, I’ll watch your stuff. Is anyone coming here to pick you up?”
“Yeah, my aunt. But she wont be here for a while.” Sonrisa said, getting up and staring at her. “You better not steal anything.”
Simonetta laughed. Sonrisa just shrugged and went inside following the sign for the Cafe. When she got to it she was disappointed to see the store only sold coffee.
“What kind of cafe only sells coffee.” Sonrisa said to herself. She walked back outside and told Simonetta about the cafe.
“That’s a sucky cafe.” Simonetta said. She shrugged and started gathering her stuff. “Well, to bad. I gotta go now. See you later.”
Sonrisa said goodbye and watched her leave, leaving her completely alone again. She hated the feeling of being alone, so she decided to call Sacia. Maybe she could pick her up.
“Sonny?!” She heard Sacia say after only one ring.
“Yep.” Sonrisa said, feeling better already. “I’m stuck at the airport. My mom sent the aunt to pick me up.”
“Hey I ran into your sister, Simonetta.” She added.
“Yeah, she’s visiting for the weekend, but trust me that won’t ruin your first weekend back.” Sacia said, sounding excited. “Hey, do you want me to pick you up?”
“Could you? That would be awesome.” Sonrisa said. “I’m right in front of the airport.”
“Great, I’ll be right there. I missed you so much.” Sacia said.
“Me too.” Sonrisa said, hanging up. She smiled to herself, maybe things could go right back to the way things were before everything started.
“Hopefully.” she sighed.

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Sonrisa pt 3; “She loves cupcakes, who doesn’t?”

Surprise party?

Fedora was right, Sacia got over it the next day, she even apologized. Fedora was secretly happy to have everyone at the table again, she would never admit it though. She pretended as if it was no big deal, like she would of been fine if they never came back.
“She’s coming back this weekend.” Sacia said, she was explaining the details of Sonrisa’s arrival, Fedora was trying to be optimistic about it, even though she dreaded Sonrisa’s arrival.
She didn’t want things to go back to the way thing were years ago, back when she could still say Harriette was her best friend, at least back then she had a best friend to help her through it.
She hated to think that now the same girl who used to help her through all the teasing, was now the one doing all the teasing.
“Please, be nice to her Fedora.” Sacia said, sensing Fedora’s dread. “She already going to have a hard time because she missed her first year of high school, she thinks that ruined all her chances of popularity.”
Fedora held back a comment about Harriette, knowing that Sacia would just roll her eyes at her. But it was true, unless Harriette liked her, she was never going to get popular. Things have changed, now only preppy cheer leaders are popular, not the real cool people.
“I know what you want to say.” Sacia said, rolling her eyes. “But, you cannot tell Sonrisa that. Okay?”
“Sure, but why?” Fedora said, Sacia was acting as if Sonrisa was a baby or something.
“Because, she’s...sensitive.” Sacia said.
“Okay.” Fedora said. “But you dealt with the truth, so why can’t? You can’t let her have false beliefs.”
“Ugh, Fedora.” Sacia said, shaking her head. “Just don’t say anything about it.”
“I said okay.” Fedora said.
“Good.” Sacia said.
“We should throw her a party.” Bryan said. “A welcome home party.”
“Umm.” Sacia said slowly. “I don’t know, she might just want to spend the weekend at home with her family. She hasn’t seen her little sister since last year.”
“Or her parents.” Fedora said, she was against the party idea too. She remembered the last party they tried to throw with her included. They ended up splitting the party up because Sonrisa was being mean.
“Oh, come on.” Bryan said. “It could be fun, we could make her a cake.”
“A cake?” Sacia said.
“Yeah.” Bryan said. “It could be awesome. It will be awesome. Come on.”
“Who would we invite?” Fedora said. “She probably wouldn’t like it if it was just us.”
“Yeah.” Sacia said “She wouldn’t.”
“We’ll invite the popular people too.” Bryan said. “Fedora could probably get Harriette and her friends to come.”
“No.” Fedora said quickly. She couldn’t even imagine Harriette would say yes to comeing to a dweeb party, she cared too much about her popularity. “They wouldn’t come, Harriette values her popularity too much.”
“Yeah.” Sacia said, agreeing, Fedora smiled at her..
“You guys are no fun.” Bryan said, shaking his head.
They all ate in silence for a while, then Fedora notice Harriette and her friends, DaeRi Baek, AeGuk’s little sister, and Tamarai “Claire” Brown, Harriette’s adopted sister, walking up to them. Fedora bit her lip, anticipating the worst.
“Hey guys.” Harriette said, in the snobby voice she always put on at school.
“Hey Harriette.” Fedora said, rolling her eyes.
“What do you want?” Bryan asked.
“We just wanted to tell you guys, that we are going to throw Sonrisa a surprise party.” Harriette said.
“And we wanted to invite you guys.” DaeRi said.
“Since Sacia is her friend.” Tamarai said, gesturing to Sacia.
Fedora looked at Sacia and raised her eyebrows at her, Sacia just shrugged.
“We don’t think we could do it without you.” Harriette explained. “Since I’m sure you’ll be hanging out with her, Sacia, you could just bring her over to my house on Saturday night.”
Fedora looked at Sacia and frowned when she saw the look on her face, it looked  like hope. Fedora bit her lip, she knew Sacia was probably thinking about how this is the perfect opportunity to become popular again. But Fedora knew better then that, it was going to take more then that to get popular.
“Um, sure.” Sacia said.
“Wait, but you just said-” Bryan said, getting cut off my Harriette.
“Great, do you know what her favorite kind of cake is?” Harriette said, completely ignoring Bryan. Fedora wanted to punch her. “We want to order cupcakes.”
“Red velvet, she always liked the expensive stuff.” Sacia said.
“Who doesn’t?” Harriette said, laughing. “Anyway, we’ll see you later. So excited to see Sonny again.”
Fedora watched at they walked away, Harriette had called her Sonrisa Sonny. Only Sacia called Sonrisa Sonny.
“This is going to be the best welcome home present ever!” Sacia said. “Just imagine Sonny’s face when she walks into the room, full of popular people and red velvet cupcakes. Cupcakes.”
Fedora noticed her Sacia’s voice falter on the word cupcakes. “What’s wrong with cupcakes?” She asked.
“Nothing.” Sacia said, putting on a fake smile. “She loves cupcakes, who doesn’t?”
Bryan glanced at Fedora, she knew he must of noticed it too.
“I have to go.” Sacia said, picking up her bag. “So excited about the party, see you guys tomorrow.”
Everyone at the table watched her walk away then Fedora turned back to them.
“Am I the only one who thinks something fishy is going on with Sonrisa?” Fedora asked.
“Nope.” AeGuk said, shrugging.
“Where do you think she went?” Bryan said.
“I don’t know.” Fedora said.
“Let’s not jump to any conclusions.” AeGuk said. “It’s could be something completely normal, maybe Sacia is just nervous about Sonrisa coming back because she doesn’t want to stop hanging out with us?”
“I guess you could be right.” Fedora said, nnt really believe that.
“I don’t know.” Bryan said slowly. “Did you hear the way she said cupcakes. That was weird.”
“Yeah.” Fedora said. “But AeGuk is right, we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions.”
Even as Fedora said that, she knew she had already jumped to a conclusion in her head, and by the look on Bryan’s face it looked as if he had too.
“I have to go.” AeGuk said. “I have a extra credit assignment I have to hand in before class. So you guys later.”
“Bye.” Fedora said, waving as AeGuk walked away.
“Alright, I think we both know that we already jumped to a conclusion, right?” She said, turning to Bryan.
“We can’t be sure about anything.” Bryan said.
“Oh, come on. She faltered at the word cupcakes, everyone loves cupcakes.” Fedora said. “So obviously, there has to be a reason Sacia would be afraid of having cupcakes at a party for Sonrisa.”
“Yeah, but there could be multiple reasons.” Bryan said. “She could be afraid of cupcakes.”

“Then why would she not just tell that to Harriette.” Fedora said.
“Because, it’s pretty stupid.” Bryan said. “I mean, who’s afraid of cupcakes?”
“Exactly.” Fedora said. “No one.”
“Okay, but we don’t know anything for sure.” Bryan said. “So, let’s just listen to AeGuk and not jump to any conclusions.”
“Fine.” Fedora said.
But she wasn’t going to give it up. She didn’t know how, but she was going to figure out why Sacia had a problem with the cupcakes.


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Sonrisa pt 1; “She’s coming back!”

The Fight

Sonrisa Part 1
The announcement
Fedora Bannister knew something was up as soon as Sacia Moretti sat down at the lunch table, she looked unusually happy, she was smiling and looked like she was about to burst with happiness. Bryan Bannister eyed her suspiciously before asking what was up.
“She’s coming back!” Sacia exclaimed.
Fedora glanced at AeGuk Baek, who looked back at her. “Who?” They asked.
Sonrisa!” Sacia said.
Friend flinched, Sonrisa Rivera, she was Sacia’s best friend who was always mean to Friend, calling her fat all the time. She mysteriously disappeared last summer, Sacia said she went on a trip but she would never tell them were too. She didn’t know why but she always felt there was something weird about her leaving.
“Great.” Fedora said sarcastically.
“Does that mean you’re going to leave us?” Bryan said, looking sad.
“No, why?” Sacia said.
“Because, Sonrisa will want to sit with her friends, Gregg and Chrisselle.” Fedora said, Greggory Davis and Chrisselle Date were Sacia and Sonrisa’s old best friends. “Duh.”
“Oh, do you think she will?” Sacia said, biting her lip.
“Duh, why would she sit with us. The dweebs.” Fedora said, Sonrisa had been super obsessed with popularity.
“Oh, well...” Sacia said, playing with her food.
“Aw, come on. Gregg and Chris can sit with us too.” Bryan said, practically begging.
“Do you think that will work?” Sacia said, brightening up.
“Why not.” Bryan said.
“Yeah right, you do remember Sonrisa, right? She was obsessed with popularity. Like she’ll want to hang out with the dweeb squad.” Fedora said, grimacing. “Not gonna happen, and who said I want her sitting with us. Remember that time she said I was as big as two people?”
Sacia laughed, “that was so funny, you, like, freaked out!”
“Yeah, hilarious.” Fedora said, sarcastically.
“Sorry.” Sacia said, crossing her arms, suddenly getting defensive. Something she did when ever she thought a fight was about to happen. “Look, we don’t need to sit here. We’ll sit with our old friends, I never liked it here anyway. You know that I’m only sitting here because it’s better then sitting alone.”
“Yeah right, you could sit with Gregg and Chris.” Fedora said, crossing her arms too, getting ready for a fight. “And you looked pretty hopeful earlier when Bryan said that Chris and Gregg could sit here.”
“That wasn’t hope.” Sacia said.
“What was it, fear?” Fedora said, laughing sarcastically. “Fear that you’ll never ever become popular again, boo hoo, yeah right. You lost that chance when Harriette came here.”
Harriette Brown was Fedora’s cousin and old best friend, I guess you could say she was still her best friend but Fedora did not feel like she was.
“Why are you so obsessed with Harriette?” Sacia exclaimed suddenly. “Every thing you say always has something to do with Harriette and how popular she is. Well boo hoo, cry me a river. She used to be your best friend, now she’s not. Get over it.”
“I do not act like that!” Fedora said, standing up. Everyone in the cafeteria looked over at them.
“Oh, whatever.” Sacia said, rolling her eyes. “I just wanted to share good news with you and this is what happens.” She stood up. “I’m leaving, goodbye.”
“Wait, no.” Bryan called, as Sacia stormed off.
“Why do you care?” Fedora said, frustrated.
“Why do you always have to act like that, Fedora.” Bryan said, angrily.
Fedora slowly sat back down, it felt as if someone had just punched her in the gut. She looked down and stayed quiet, she didn’t know why she cared so much, everyone always yelled at her. Well except Bryan, he always seemed to be on her side. Until now.
“Whatever.” Bryan said, getting up to follow Sacia.
Fedora looked up and watched him leave, sadly. Then she remembered AeGuk sitting right next to her, She looked over at him. He was looking down at his food quietly.
“They’ll get over it, they always do.” Fedora said, patting him on the back..
Hopefully, she thought.

Tamarai Claire Brown; “It’s like the sun, it is that sparkly.”

Tamarai Claire Brown
“Claire!” Harriette suddenly said, breaking the silence that had fallen upon the room.
Harriette Brown, DaeRi Baek and Tamarai Brown were all hanging out in Harriette’s room, trying to think of a name for Tamarai.
Tamarai had announced that she thought she should have an American name. DaeRi had asked why, she did not change her name even though it seemed weird to most Americans. Tamarai insisted she wouldn’t use it always, just as a extra name, maybe a middle name, she said.
“Why would you even need a middle name.” DaeRi asked, still confused to why Tamarai wanted an American name, she had been adopted years ago by Harriette’s mother, and just now she wanted to get an American name?
“Because, it sounds cute to have two name. I could introduce myself as Tamarai blank.” Tamarai said, then she laughed a little. “Fill in the blank of course.”
So they got down to business thinking of a name. Harriette had already said no to five names; Katy, Gisselle, Heather, Kelly, and Jenny.
“It has to be special.” She had said. “Any friend of mine cannot go around with a un-special name.”
Tamarai had smiled at that, it was her living pride and joy to have Harriette as a friend and sister. Even though Harriette was younger then her her, she always looked up to her in every way. Harriette was prettier then her, more popular then her and even more talented, so Tamarai wanted to be just like her.
So when Harriette said Claire Tamarai immediately loved it.
“I love it.” She said.
“Of course you do, I thought of it.” Harriette said.
“I don’t know why the other names weren’t special enough.” DaeRi mumbled, she was always annoyed with Harriette for thinking she was better then everyone else.
“Because,” Harriette replied. DaeRi flinched, she hadn’t wanted Harriette to hear that. “They did not have any spark. Tamarai Claire Brown.” She paused for effect, “so much spark.”
“It’s like the sun, it is that sparkly.” Tamarai said, smiling. “Thanks so much, I love it. I really do.”
“You’re welcome, Tamarai Claire.” Harriette said.