Friday, October 28, 2011

The Battle of the Parties pt6; “What about your party?”

The day of the party came quicker then Fedora expected and she was not prepared. All through the school day Fedora tried to ignore that she had to throw a party that was supposed to be way better then Harriette’s, which was not going to happen.
“Hey, Fedora.” Harriette said, catching up to Fedora in the hallway after school.
“What do you want?” Fedora asked, not stopping for Harriette.
“Your mom called, she said she couldn’t get a hold of you and to tell you that she doesn’t want you coming home right after school.”
“What!” Fedora said, annoyed. She had to get home, she had to set of up for her party. “I have to.”
“Well, sorry.” Harriette said, looking apologetic. “Maybe you can hang out with Sacia or something.”
“Whatever.” Fedora said, walking away. She knew her mom did this on purpose, she wasn’t a fan of the whole party thing. She caught up to Bryan in the parking lot just as he was about to get in his car.
“Can I hang out with you for a while?” Fedora asked. “My mom banned me from the house.”
“What about your party?” Bryan asked.
“Yeah, I know.” Fedora said. “This is just confirmation that she hates me.”
“Well, sorry,” Bryan said. “I can’t, you know my parents. They want me home early.”
“Oh, well.”” Fedora said, like it didn’t matter. “Bye.”
“Yeah.” Bryan said getting into his car. Fedora watched as he drove away.
Fedora sighed and turned to her own car. The party was already going terrible, and it hadn’t even started.
“Are you sure?” Tamarai asked Harriette. They were over at Harriette’s house, Tamarai and DaeRi thought they were going to set up the party, and they were right but it’s not exactly the party they planned.
“Yep.” Harriette said brightly. “She hates me and I have to fix that.”
“Okay, whatever you want.” DaeRi said, but honestly DaeRi thought it was a terrible plan, it was practically destroying the tradition, tradition was something DaeRi was very fond of.
“Well, come on!” Harriette said.
After stopping by a small restaurant and getting two slices of cake, one chocolate and the other red velvet, and a pumpkin spice flavored hot chocolate while watching a couple fight across the room, Fedora decided to just go home, she had she wasted enough time and it was getting dark.
As she pulled up to her house the first thing she noticed was that her mom wasn’t even home. Finally Fedora could get to setting up. The second thing she noticed was that the lights were on inside, which meant Bentley must be home. Third thing she noticed was that Bentley’s room lights were not on, which meant someone else was home. Could be his dad.
She went in and was shocked to see the place completely transformed into classic halloween party, she paused at the doorway and thought about it. Could this be her moms doing? did her mom actually care enough to do this, nah. It was defiantly someone else. And as she turned the corner to the living room she found out who.
Harriette and her friends were hanging bats from the ceiling and didn’t even notice Fedora’s arrival.
“What are you doing?” Fedora asked, slightly confused and angry.
“Helping!” Harriette said, jumping down from the step stool she was standing on. “I felt bad about your party so I decided to help you. We’re joining parties!”
“More like giving our party to you.” DaeRi said.
“I don’t need your help.” Fedora said, crossing her arms. “And I don’t need your party either.”
DaeRi glanced at Tamarai and Tamarai shrugged, they knew this would happen.
“Well, I wanted to.” Harriette said, “you’re right, you could have done it yourself, but I wanted to help. Because I over reacted about the parties, so now I am apologising.”
Fedora sighed not really feeling up for a fight she said, “okay. Apology accepted.”
“Really?” Harriette said, smiling.
“Sure, whatever.” Fedora said, shrugging.  She was actually sort of relieved that her mom didn’t actually kick her out of the house and that she didn’t have to actually have to do anything about this party.
“Yay!” Harriette said, jumping up and down. She ran up and hugged Fedora. Fedora wriggled out of the hug.
“Okay, none of that.” Fedora said.
“Okay.” Harriette said, pouting. “So, we already set up everything, so all you have to do is enjoy!”
“I hate you.” Fedora said, laughing.
“You know you love me.” Harriette said.
Sacia was shocked to see such a put together party when she arrived early to help set up.
“What is this?” Sacia asked. “You didn’t do this yourself, did you?”
“You caught me.” Fedora said. “This is all Hariette’s work.”
“Harriette?!” Sacia asked, confused. “Why would she do that.”
“To apologise I guess.” Fedora shrugged.
“Oh well, don’t tell anyone else that.” Sacia said.
“Well, of course not. Harriette would kill me, so instead I get all the credit.” Fedora said.
“That’s good, you deserve it for how mean she is all the time.” Sacia said.
“Yep.” Fedora said.
Soon the party started to fill up, Harriette had sent emails to everyone telling them to go to Fedora’s house instead. Of course everyone was hesitant but because Harriette said so, they came.
Of course Harriette won the costume contest as a princess and DaeRi got second place as a school girl, which really was not that different from what she wears all the time. Fedora dressed up as a vampire and Sacia went as a devils angel.
The party went great and afterward Fedora and Harriette went over to Harriette’s house to steal some candy and hang out with Collin, just like the old days.
So even though it started out as a terrible Halloween party, it ended great.
Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Battle of the Parties pt5; ““You’re here for the cookies aren’t you?”.”

Fedora knocked on Collin and Harriette’s shared bedroom door, knowing Harriette wasn’t home, she was out shopping with her friends for the party.
“Come in.” Collin called.
“Hey.” Fedora said, going into the room. Collin was sitting on his bed drawing, what he is always doing.
“What are you drawing?” Fedora asked, jumping onto the bed next to him.
“Um, nothing.” Collin said, hiding his picture.
“Ooo, what is it?” Fedora said, trying to grab for the drawing pad.
“It’s nothing really.” Collin said, throwing it onto Harriette’s bed. “What do you want?”
“Oh, I can’t just come over to hang out, like back in the days?” Fedora asked, leaning back.
“You can, but I just think you want something.” Collin said, shrugging. “Probably about Harriette’s party.”
“Okay, you got me.” Fedora said, sitting up straight. “She was being nice yesterday, what was that about?”
“Are you serious?” Collin asked. “You’re worried because she was nice to you?”
“Um, yeah. Why would she be nice, she’s mad at me. Remember?” Fedora said.
“Fedora, she was just being nice. She told me about it.” Collin said. “If you think she has an evil plan, she doesn’t”
“Really?” Fedora asked.
“Yeah.” Collin said.
“Well, I guess I’ll go now so you can finished you’re super secret drawing.” Fedora said, getting off the bed.
“Bye.” Collin said.
“See you later, alligator.” Fedora said leaving the room and going down stairs. She paused at the kitchen, something smelled good. She peeked into the kitchen and saw Harriette’s mom pull out a batch of Halloween cookies. Fedora licked her lips and walked into the kitchen.
“Hello, Mrs. Brown.” She said sitting at the kitchen table.
“You’re here for the cookies aren’t you?” Mrs. Brown said, laughing.
“You caught me.” Fedora said.
“Well, they have to cool first.” Mrs. Brown said.
“How long?” Fedora asked.
“Ten minutes.” Mrs. Brown said.
“So long, I might starve before then.” Fedora said dramatically. “You don’t want me to die, do you?.”
“Fedora Honey, you won’t die.” Mrs. Brown said, setting the cookies on the table. Fedora stared at them longingly, why would she even put them so close to her?
“Well, I think I can wait, just a little longer. “ Fedora said, sighing dramactically.
“Yes, you can.” Mrs. Brown said.
“So, what are your Halloween plans, auntie.” Fedora said.
“Well, I’m going to take Willow and Finn trick-or-treating and then i am going to come home and help Harriette with her party.” Mrs. Brown said.
“Sounds like your life revolves around your kids.” Fedora said.
“Well, that is what happens when you have kids.” Mrs. Brown said.
“Really?” Fedora said. “No kids for me then.”
Mrs. brown laughed, “that’s what everyone says when they’re young.”
“I’m serious!” Fedora said. “If kids take my life away, then no children for me.”
“Whatever you say, Fedora.” Mrs. Brown said. Fedora watched as she started to make more cookies.
“Wow, you’re going to be all set for Halloween Cookies.” Fedora said.
“Well, the kids love them, so I just know they’re going to eat them all at once.” Mrs. Brown said.
“Hey, who’s going to pass out the candy here?” Fedora asked. “My mom is doing at our house. I feel bad for anyone who stops by there.”
“I haven’t thought of that...” Mrs. Brown said.
“Oops.” Fedora said. “I guess you’ll just have to turn your porch light.”
“Oh, well.” Mrs. brown said. “I guess I could get Fisher to help.”
“You trust Fisher with this job?” Fedora asked. “I wouldn’t.”
“Fisher is a perfectly fine boy.” Mrs. Brown said.
“Whatever you say.” Fedora said.
“The cookies should be done, help yourself.” Mrs. Brown said. Fedora grabbed three and got up.
“Well, See you later, Mrs. B.” Fedora said.
As Fedora was Leaving she bumped into Harriette and Tamarai.
“Oh, didn’t see you there.” Fedora said, taking a bite of one of her cookies. “Yumm, your mom makes the best cookies, I should come over more often.”
“Um, hi.” Harriette said. “We just came back from shopping for the party.”
“I know, you told me.” Fedora said. “Well, Gotta go. See you later, alligators.”
She left the house thinking about her mission, was it a success? Duh, she got cookies of course it was a success. She believed Collin too, nothing to worry about. To be honest, it’s hard to be worried about anything while you’re eating cookies.

Monday, October 17, 2011

2 Drabbles

Chriselle Date
Chris and Gregg were sitting on the front step of Gregg’s house talking about whatever. This is how they usually spent their time, this or, you know, making out.
That day had been just another boring day and to be honest Chris was tired of boring days. It was like her and Gregg lived in this little bubble, disconnected from the rest of the world.
Chris had to admit, it was her fault. Ever since Harriette cut them out of the Populars she slipped into a abyss of boring and yeah, she did it on purpose. She just wanted to ignore the point that she was boring and normal again.
“Well, my mom wants me home before dad gets home, so see you later.” Gregg said getting up.
“Bye.” Chris said. She watched Gregg get into his car and drive away, when he was gone she got up and went inside. And there goes the only excitement in her life.
Her mom and dad were gone for the weekend so she had to whole house to herself, which was a lot. She thought about eating but decided not too. So she went up to her room and decided to do her favorite thing, shop.
She quickly changed out of her at home clothes and into something more suitable for shopping then left the house. She got on a bus up to the big mall in the city. She lived in a smaller town outside of the city.
She listened to her iPod on the way to the mall, humming quietly till the person next to her told her to stop.
She got out of the bus at the mall, already feeling better, more alive. Inside the mall she got a lemonade and began to walk through the mall. Stopping by all the stores she liked.
After about three hours of non stop shopping she went to the food court to eat, she got a salad and an iced tea and sat down. As she ate she listened to her iPod again and looked around, she loved looking around and judging people’s fashion sense, it was shallow but tons of fun.
After finishing her food she got another lemonade and went outside to wait for the bus, she was surprised to see it already there, she smiled to herself, she was pretty lucky. She got onto the bus and sat next to a woman with a baby. The baby looked at her and smiled, Chris smiled back, the baby was so cute.
“He likes you.“ The woman said.
“He’s adorable, what is his name?” Chris asked.
“Caleb,” the woman said, “he’s four months old.”
“Aw, such a cute name.” Chris said, holding out her finger for the baby to grab. The baby giggled.
“Oh, this is our stop.” The woman said getting up.
“Bye.” Chris said, putting on her head phones for her iPod. Before she knew it the bus pulled up to her stop. She got out and walked home.
When she got home she dumbed all her bags on her bed and got on her laptop, she updated her Facebook status about shopping and then checked her email. At around 10:30 she decided to go to sleep, right before she drifted off to sleep she realised she hadn’t ate dinner, oh well.


When DaeRi and AeGuk first came to A.L. High everyone knew them as Rachel and Adam. DaeRi and AeGuk were their given names but when they moved to America their mom thought it would be best if they had American names.
When Fedora befriended “Adam” she asked if Adam was his real name, curious because she thought Asian were supposed to have Asian names, she was only 10 at the time.When she heard AeGuk’s real name she told him she liked it better and continued to call him that, soon everyone got used to that name and eventually forgot about Adam.
With “Rachel” it was different, when figured out that Rachel was not her real name she changed it back, wanting to have a more unique name.

The Battle of the Parties pt4; “Looks what you did Fedora.”

One week before the parties Harriette passed out invitations, pointedly ignoring Fedora and her friends.
“Looks what you did Fedora.” Sacia said as she sat down across the table, next to Bryan.
“What?” Fedora asked.
“We are the only ones not invited to the Popular party.” Sacia said. “Everyone is always invited!”
“Well, it’s not like we were going to go.” Fedora said, shrugging.
“That doesn’t matter. “Sacia said, annoyed. “Everyone can see we weren’t invited, which makes us even more of losers then before.”
“I didn’t think that was possible.” Fedora said, rolling her eyes and opening her lunch bag.
“Fedora!” Sacia exclaimed, exasperated.
“What.” Fedora said, pulling out a salad and a healthy muffin, frowning when she saw there was nothing else. “My mom is trying to starve me.”
“You don’t get it,” Sacia said, ignoring her last comment, “not being invited to a party where everyone is invited is terrible, we’re super losers now. Because of you.”
“Correction, “ Fedora said, pulled off the lid to her salad and pouring on the salad dressing; Italian, her least favorite, “not everyone is invited, ‘cause we’re not.”
Sacia glared at her, “that is not the point”
“Calm down, our party is going to be better anyway.” Fedora said, stirring her salad.
“We don’t even have a venue.” Sacia said.
“Well, we can just have it at my house.” Fedora said, taking a bite of her salad and pushing it away. “This is disgusting.”
“It’s not like that many people will come anyway, Bryan’s not even coming.” Sacia said, taking the Fedora’s salad. “Maybe that’s your mom’s plan, serving you disgusting food so that you wont eat it.”
“My mom’s an evil genius.” Fedora said, nodding as she took a bite out her her health muffin. “Just shut up about the party, okay? I have everything under control, all you have to do is be there.”
“Okay.” Sacia said, eating Fedora’s salad. “This salad is fine.”
“Hi.” Harriette walked up to there table.
“What do you want.” Fedora said, crossing her arms.
“Nothing.” Harriette said. “Can’t I pay a visit to this table.”
“No, you can’t.” Fedora said. “So if you have anything to say, say it and leave.”
“Jeez, Fedora.” Harriette said, looking upset. “I wanted to apologize about the invitations, I thought you guys wouldn’t care since you are throwing your own party.”
“Well, you’re right we don’t care.” Fedora said.
“Oh, that’s a relief.” Harriette said, smiling. “I was really worried. Well, my friends are waiting for me. Bye!”
“I hate how cute she is.” Sacia said, grimacing.
“That didn’t make any sense.” Fedora said, finishing off her muffin.
“What do you mean?” Sacia asked.
“She was serious, she was apologizing.” Fedora said. “Like seriously.”
“How do you know.” Sacia asked.
“I know her, we’ve been friends since preschool.” Fedora said. “And she was not lying.”
“Well, that’s nice.” Sacia said, sarcastically. “She has a heart.”
“This is so annoying.” Fedora said, shaking her head. “She really didn’t give us invitation because she didn’t think we wanted to go.”
“You think to much.” Sacia said. “None of this matters, we still aren’t invited and that’s still how everyone is going to see it.”
“Yeah, whatever.” fedora said, still thinking. She didn’t know why she thought this was weird but she did, she was pretty sure Harriette still had another, more evil, plan. And Fedora was going to figure that out before she could do it. And Fedora knew just the way to figure it out, Collin.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Battle of the Parties pt3; “Let’s just go classic,”

Planning a party was harder then Fedora expected.
First of all her mom wasn’t very generous with the money, something she knew Harriette’s mom would be very generous with.
Second of all, she had no place to throw it, her house was too small and Sacia’a parents already said no, Bryan’s parents were not even letting him come to the party, they wanted to have “family time” and AeGuk’s house was not even an option.
Third of all, and the worst of all, Harriette kept checking up on her. And every single time she stopped by Fedora still had nothing done, witch always left Harriette with a smile as she skipped out of her room.
Fedora could not take it anymore, this party thing was turning out to be a disaster.
Harriette on the other hand was having a blast planning this party, everything was coming together perfectly.
“So what else are we having for food?”  DaeRi asked, Harriette, Tamarai and her were sitting in the lounge room having a planning meeting.
“Cheese and crackers, maybe some cute themed crackers.” Harriette said. DaeRi quickly wrote that down as Harriette continued to think.
“Punch!” Tamarai said.
“Of course,” Harriette said, “we can get one of those bowls with the hands in it.”
“Got it.” DaeRi said, writing that down too. “For food we have, Cupcakes, candy crackers and cheese and punch. Anything else?”
“Nope.” Harriette said.
“Decorations?” DaeRi asked.
“Let’s just go classic,” Harriette said. “Fake cob webs, streamers, hanging bats, fake skeletons, you know all of that.”
“Got it.” DaeRi said, writing it down. “When do we go shopping?”
“The day before the party.” Harriette said, she waited as DaeRi wrote it down. “So anything else?”
“I don’t think so.” Tamarai said.
“Great!” Harriette said.
“Well, I better get going.” DaeRi said, getting up and putting her notebook back in her purse. “My mom wants me to be home for dinner, see you tomorrow.”
“Bye.” Harriette said.
“See you tomorrow, too.” Tamarai said as DaeRi left the room.
“This is going to be the best Halloween party anyone has been to.” Harriette said.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Battle of the Parties pt2; “It’s not like her party is going to be better then yours.”

It was after school on the same day and Fedora was just chilling in her room listening to her MP3 player when Bentley, her step brother, knocked on her door and told her someone was here for her. She got up reluctantly and went downstairs to see who it was.
Harriette was standing by the doorway looking annoyed. Fedora sighed, she knew Harriette was here to yell at her for planning to throw a Halloween party.
“You don’t own the right too throw a party, you know that, right?” Fedora said, crossing her arms.
“But why are you throwing one when everyone knows that the Populars always plan one!” Harriette exclaimed.
Fedora rolled her eyes, this was so typically Harriette. “Just because you guys always plan a party doesn’t mean that I can’t. Me and my friends don’t want to go to another stupid Popular party, where everyone makes fun of us. My party is for me and my friends. Okay?”
“Whatever, just don’t expect anyone but losers to go to it.’ Harriette said, crossing her arms.
“It’s a good thing I only want losers to come.” Fedora said.
“Well, I have to go.” Harriette said. “My mom is doing a late shift at work so I need to baby sit the twins.”
“Bye.” Fedora said, annoyed how Harriette could go from yelling at her to pretending they were friends again.
After Harriette left Fedora went to the kitchen to get a snack, Bentley was already in there.
“Fighting with your friend again?” Bentley asked.
“She isn’t my friend.” Fedora said, opening the fridge, hoping to see something other then health food. She didn’t.
“That’s what you always say.” Bentley said.
“Whatever.” Fedora said, annoyed. She shut the fridge and turned to leave the kitchen and away from Bentley.
“Me and my friend are going out, do you want something to eat?” Bentley asked, getting off of the counter he was sitting on. “Something that isn’t health food?”
Fedora turned around, she always got annoyed when Bentley would try to play the cool brother role. But she did want something to eat, preferably a Cinnabun, her favorite food.
“A Cinnabun?” Bentley asked, reading her mind.
“Fine.” Fedora said, relunctantly.
“Hey, I wont get you anything if you don’t want it.” Bentley said.
“I want it!” Fedora said, fustrated.
He laughed, “got it, I’ll be home before Mom.” He said before leaving the kitchen and heading outside. Fedora sighed, she hated it when he called her mom, mom. She went upstairs and tried to relax again.
“I just cannot believe she would do this.” Harriette said to Collin, who she was venting to, while pacing back and forth.
“Well, she has a point...” Collin said slowly.
“A point!?” Harriette exclaimed, surprised that Collin would take Fedora’s side. ”And what is her point?”
“Why would she want to go to a party that the Populars, who always make fun of her, are throwing?” Collin asked.
“I know, but why couldn't she just do something smaller?” Harriette said. “Like a  get together of friends, not a party. Something only for her and her friends.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Collin said, nodding thoughtfully. “But, you know Fedora, she is probably just doing this to annoy you or something.”
“But why?” Harriette asked.
“Because you’re popular, and you left her.” Collin said, shrugging.
“But I didn’t leave her, she pushed me.” Harriette said.
“Yeah, but that just isn’t how Fedora thinks of it most of the time.” Collin said. “Why are you so worried anyway? It’s not like her party is going to be better then yours.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” Harriette said, smiling. “Thanks, Collin.”
She hugged Collin and then skipped out the room to check on the twins.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Battle of the Parties pt1; “Another terrible idea by Fedora Bannister.”

“I’m throwing a Halloween party.” Fedora announce as she sat down at the lunch table she and her friends always sat at. It was two weeks before Halloween and Fedora had been thinking about this idea all weekend.
“Another terrible idea by Fedora Bannister.” Sacia said.
“Hey!” Fedora Said, reaching across the table to hit Sacia lightly on the arm. “What is so bad about it?”
“Um, the Populars always throw a Halloween party and everyone always goes to it.” Sacia explained.
“Well, not this year.” Fedora said. “I’m throwing a party and you guys are coming, bottom line.”
“And why would I want to go to your loser party instead of the popular party?” Sacia asked.
“Because, we’d be showing them that not everyone has to follow the Popular’s rules.” Fedora said. “It would be a statement against the Populars. I bet I could get Chris and Gregg to come. They hate the Populars.”
Sacia thought for a minute, then nodded. “I see what you mean.” She said, grinning. “Perfect.”
“Like everything I think of.” Fedora bragged.
“I hate you.” Sacia said, laughing.
“Okay girls.” Harriette said as she sat down at the popular table with her two best friends, DaeRi and Tamarai. “Time to start planning the party.”
It was two weeks till Halloween and the Populars always threw a big Halloween party, and this was Harriette’s first year planning the big bash. Harriette already had some great ideas that she could not wait to share.
“Okay.” DaeRi said, pulling out her little note books he always wrote in. “Place?”
“My parents will be out taking Wendy and Finn trick-or-treating,” Harriette said, Wendy and Finn were little brother and sister, “but you know little kids they don’t stay out long, but I’m sure I can still have at my house as long as we stay in the barn.”
The barn behind Harriette and Tamarai’s house was the perfect place for parties, it was used of a plain barn where the family who lived there before them kept some farm animals, when they moved in they had it remodeled into a little guest house.
“Perfect.” DaeRi said, writing that down.
“And it has to be a costume party.” Tamarai said.
“Well, duh.” Harriette said, rolling her eyes. Tamarai looked down at her food, feeling dumb. “Costumes are a necessary, no costume no entrance.”
“Got it.” DaeRi said writing that down.
“This is going to be the best, so what about food?” Harriette asked.
“Halloween cupcakes?” Tamarai asked.
“Yes, and we’ll have to have candy,” Harriettes eyes lit up, “and lollipops, I know the perfect ones.”
“The Lollipop Store?” DaeRi asked.
“Duh, they have the perfect candy for this party.” Harriette said.
“Got it.” DaeRi said writing something down in her note book. “So we have; place, the barn, costumes are a necessity, Halloween cupcakes and candy, and lollipops from The Lollipop Store.”
“Great.” Harriette said, the party was already coming together smoothly, she knew this would have to be the best Halloween party ever.