Friday, March 30, 2012

Family: Laurie Hills

Laurie Hills
Fedora's mom and Bentley's step mom

Spring Break Plans

Note: Posting this today because I might be busy all day tomorrow. Enjoy.

“What are you up to for spring break?” Sacia asked Fedora one day after school. They were hanging out in Sacia’s back yard and spring break was only a week away.
Fedora shrugged, “probably just going to laze around.”
“My sister invited me to her house,” Sacia said.
“Which sister?” Fedora asked though it was obvious, Serena would never ask Sacia to come over.
“Simone, duh,” Sacia said.
“So cool,” Fedora said. “But, isn’t it, like, cold in New Jersey at this time of year? People usually go to warm places.”
Sacia shrugged, “I guess, but when you live in California you want to go somewhere cold, also a week away from my parents hanging out with Simone and her friend, sounds good enough for me.”
“You’re right,” Fedora said. “I’ll probably get invited to go somewhere with Harriette’s fam. We always do.”
“True,” Sacia said.
“Or I could spend it in your backyard,” Fedora said.
Sacia laughed, “prime vacation spot, my backyard.”
“Hey, you have a pool,” Fedora said, “That makes it pretty great.”
The next day Sacia appeared at Fedora door jumping with excitement.
“What’s up?” Fedora asked.
“Me, Simone, and her friend are going to stay in a super cool hotel in NYC for spring break,” Sacia said.
“Wow,” Fedora said, “now I’m jealous.”
“But wait,” Sacia said, “she said I could bring a friend.”
Fedora grinned, “really?”
“Totally,” Sacia said, “ and that friend is you.”
“That’s awesome,” Fedora said.
“What’s awesome?” Fedora’s mom asked.
“Oh,” Fedora said, she hadn’t noticed her mom.
“My sister invited her to join us in NYC for spring break,” Sacia said.
“That’s funny, because my sister invited us to spend spring break with them at their vacation house.”
“Oh,” Sacia said.
Fedora rolled her eyes, “we can stay in the vacation house another time, I want to go with Sacia. Her sister is super cool, and it won’t just be her it’s one of her friends too.”
“Who’s her friend?” her mom asked,
“Her name is Lauren Barlow,” Sacia said, “she went to the same school as Simone, my sister.”
“That name sounds familiar,” Fedora’s mom said.
“Lightbulb,” Fedora said, “she used to date Harriette’s brother.”
“Oh, yeah,” her mom said. “She’s very respectable.”
“So I can go?” Fedora said.
“Sure,” her mom said, “just don’t do anything stupid.”
“Thanks Mrs. Bannister,” sacia said.
“It’s Mrs. Hills.” Fedora’s mom said.
Fedora rolled her eyes and turned to Sacia, “yay.”
“This is going to be the best spring break ever.”

Monday, March 26, 2012

Family: Lacy Brown

Lacy Brown
Harriette and Collin's mom


From now on I am going to post a new story every week on Saturday, unless I am busy all day. It might be multiple tiny stories or one longer one, but there will be a story. Through out the week though I might post more random things like Polyvore outfits or picture or something else, but no stories till Saturday. On Saturday I will post all the stories I wrote that week, unless I wrote multiple long ones.
So yeah, every Saturday a new story.
Hopefully this works and I'll stick to it and update this blog more.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Diary of DaeRi; three entries

Dear Diary
Today we our grandmother was in town so we went out to eat, it was great. We don’t get to eat out very often, so it was very special. Then we went home and had some tea, then mom told me and AeGuk to get to sleep since we had school the next day, that what I’m doing now. “Going to sleep,” more like writing in my diary. Well I’d better get to sleep before my mom comes in to check on us.
Good night.

Dear Diary
School was fun today, I had a newspaper committee meeting. I told them Tamarai wanted to join, and they all thought it was a good idea since our photographer was graduating. Tamarai was super excited, she likes to take photos so that’s good.
After the meeting I went over to Harriette and Tamarai’s house and we painted our nails and I stayed for dinner, it was delicious.
Now I should sleep, good night.

Dear Diary
Sometimes AeGuk is really annoying, today I was practicing Korean since we might stay with Grandma over the summer and my Korean sucks. So anyway, he was helping me and but he kept laughing at me when I said things wrong. Ugh. After a while I just gave up.
Sometimes I think AeGuk thinks he’s so much better then me because he’s older and smart. I’m smart. If I told this to anyone they’d probably think I was lying, because when he’s with other people he’s all shy and stuttery, well he’s stuttery with everyone, but much less so when at home.
Oh, the phones ringing, Tamarai said she’d call so I bet it’s her.
It is, so that’s my entry for today.
WL (Write Later,ㅋㅋㅋ)
P.S. ㅋㅋㅋ means kekeke, which is basically laughing Korean. See I actually know something. ㅋㅋㅋ

Tamarai picture and update

Tamarai in a outfit I made for her on Polyvore

I know I haven't posted any stories in a while, but I have an excuse. I have been working on a longer story about prom, which I have finished and I am planning to post it in April. Now, hopefully, I willl psot more short stories, while I am also working on another longer story. 
Also if you liked the Polyvore sets I posted on here there is some more on my Polyvore account, you canf ind it at
Also look forward to pictures of all the prom outfits, I actually don't know when I'll post them btu probably soon, maybe right after this. I don't know.
So, that all. Look forward to more posts. Hopefully.