Monday, April 30, 2012

More on Bentley

Bentley hadn’t meant to make such an horrible first impression when he first met Fedora, it just happened. It wasn’t like he didn’t give her chance, she was the one who stormed out of the room and didn’t eat dinner with them.
The day after the first meeting Bentley tried to be nice but she wasn’t having it.
“Hey,” he said the next morning.
Fedora just ignored him and poured herself a bowl of cereal.
“Sorry about yesterday,” Bentley said, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”
Now Fedora stared at him, “oh really? You didn’t think that calling someone fat would offend them, that’s nice.”
“I didn’t mean to call you fat,” he tried to explain, “I just meant that you didn’t look like your mom.”
Fedora continued to ignore him.
“Fine,” Bentley said, getting up from the table, “see you later.”
And that’s how it went for a while Bentley trying to apologize and Fedora ignoring him. Finally Bentley gave up, this was just how it was going to be.
Fedora was glad when he finally stopped ot trying to apologize, because ignoring him was starting to make her feel guilty.
Still Bentley wished she wouldn’t hate him so much. He had never had a sibling before and when his dad told him about Fedora he imagined all those TV shows with the happy families and stuff.
Bentley had never really had a normal family, his first dad died when he was only ten and then it was just him and his mom until he was thirteen that’s when his mom met Daniel, his dad now, and after about a month of them dating they got married in Vegas and moved there.
Unlike normal teenagers who parents remarry Bentley was okay with it, he thought Daniel was pretty cool. But after a year his mom disappeared and left him with Daniel. Sometime Bentley wondered if his mom would come back, but after awhile he began to doubt that she even remembered him. Though he still wondered where she went.
Then when Bentley was about to start his senior year in high school his dad met Fedora’s mom and that was that. They got married and moved.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fedora and Bentley

“Hey sis,” Bentley said  on morning as she entered the kitchen still in her pajamas.
Fedora glared at him and took a seat at the table, “I’m not your sister.”
“What are your plans for today.” Bentley asked, ignoring her bitterness and handing her the cereal.
“Nothing,” Fedora yawned, “I’m going to stay home and write that stupid report for history.”
“Wow,” Bentley said, sarcastically, “spending your saturday studying, how cool.”
“Shut up,” Fedora said.
“Well, I’m going out with my friends,” Bentley said. “We’re going to the mall.”
Fedora laughed, “you’re going to the mall?”
“Yeah,” Bentley said, “that’s what normal people do on saturday.”
“More like normal girls,” Fedora said, “guys do other stuff, like play football or something.”
“That is so sexist,” Bentley said. “I expected more from you.”
Fedora shrugged, “I’m sorry that you’re making it so obvious that you swing a certain way.”
Bentley rolled his eyes, “don’t start this again.”
“I just don’t get it,” Fedora said, “why keep it a secret?”
Bentley laughed, “I’m gonna go get ready, see you later.”
Fedora shrugged as he got up and dropped his bowl into the sink.
“Lates,” she said.
Bentley smiled at her, which caused her to glare back.
Bentley laughed, “okay, sis.”
She hated him, she hated when he acted all brother-y, like he actually cared, when she knew he didn’t like her. Nobody ever likes their step siblings
“It’s like he’s asking to be punched in the face or something, “ Fedora said to Harriette later that day, she called her right after breakfast and went over to her house instead of writing her report. Now they were sitting in Harriette’s bedroom talking about Bentley.
“Did you ever think that he actually likes you,” Harriette said, “like as a brother, of course.”
“No,” Fedora said, “no one likes their step siblings.”
“Come on Fedora,” Harriette said, “that’s just dumb.”
“But true,” Fedora said, “it’s just how the world works. If your mom got married again to a guy with a daughter or son, would you like this new sibling?”
“Matters,” Harriette said, “is the new sibling nice? Is she pretty, prettier then me? Does Collin like them, does he like them better then me? Does my mom treat them special? All of that matters, so why do you not like Bentley?”
“Because,” Fedora said, “The first thing he did was call me fat.”
“Well,” Harriette said, but there was really no way around that.
Fedora still remembers when she first heard about her mom’s new boyfriend, well husband since she hadn’t heard of him until they were already married and he was coming to live with them.
She was studying in the kitchen while eating some chips, relishing in the fact that her mom wasn’t there so she could eat as much junk food as she wanted.
Her mom was off on another one of her spontaneous trips to Las Vegas, where she would go and pretend she didn’t have a child back at home, at least that’s what Fedora imagined she did.
But anyway, the phone rang, it was her mom and the first words she said were:
“I’m coming home, oh and I’m married.”
Yeah, that was really what she said. Fedora was shocked, how could her mom just go off and marry some guy without telling her. Fedora was prepared to hang up and run away to her dad’s house before her mom came home with this weird guy that Fedora wanted nothing to do with.
But she didn’t, she knew her dad would just tell her to go home and she had no money, which meant no way to get all the way to NYC.
“And he has a son.”
Now this was too much, Fedora was just going to have to find some way to get money and force her dad to let her live with him. After telling him what her mom did to her, he’d have to feel some sympathy.
“He’s your age, so you guys should get along. I’ll be home home tomorrow night.”
And that was that. Fedora had a new step dad and a new step brother. She had to get out of there.
Of course she didn’t find a way to get out of there. And the next day she met them. Harriette had begged for Fedora to let her meet them too, since she had hoped this new guy would be hot.
And she was right, Bentley was hot. Not that Fedora actually noticed, she was too busy glaring at him and even if she had noticed it’s not like she would tell anyone.
“Oh,” Harriette said, looking a little shocked, “Hi! I’m Harriette, I’m Fedora’s cousin.”
“Well aren’t you adorable,” Bentley’s dad said.
Harriette giggled, “thanks.”
“Hey,” Bentley said.
Harriette blushed and hid behind Fedora, “yeah and this is Fedora. I’m sure you really want to meet her.”
Bentley gave Fedora once over and then smiled, “well, you’re nothing like I expected.”
“What does that mean?” Fedora asked, glaring at this stranger.
“I just imagine you a little bit, smaller?” Bentley said. “Like Harriette.”
“Did you just call me fat?” Fedora said, now that was not what she was expecting.
Bentley shrugged, “I guess I expected you to look a little bit more like your mom.”
“You called me fat,” Fedora said.
Okay,” Harriette said, “now that we’ve met, I guess I’ll go.”
“No, stay over for dinner,” Bentley said.
“Oh,” Harriette said, smiling. Fedora glared at her, which Harriette either didn’t notice her ignored.
“That’s okay right?” Bentley asked Fedora’s mom. Fedora resisted the urge to open the door and tell them to leave and never come back, who did he think he was anyway, he didn’t even ask her if that was okay.
“Of course,” she said.
“Great,” Bentley said, “I already feel so at home.”
Fedora sighed, gave him one last mean look and then then left for her room.
“See you later sis,” Bentley called after her. She ignored him and slammed her door. She was not his sister.
“See, it’s not completely unreasonable.” Fedora said.
Harriette shrugged, “maybe.”

Monday, April 23, 2012

“Am I the only one sad to be leaving this school,”

April was coming to a close and Fedora felt like graduation was so close, it was really unnerving.
“We have all of May left,” Sacia said.“there’s still a long time to go, unfortunately.”
“Am I the only one sad to be leaving this school,” Fedora asked.
“Probably,” Bryan said, he had just appeared and sat down next to Sacia.
“Oh, hi,” Sacia said.
Fedora frowned, “but what are the chances we’re ever going to see any of these people again?”
“Pretty high,” Sacia said.
“Not for me,” Fedora said, “I mean I’m going to college all the way in massachusetts and then I’ll be going to law school, in massachusetts, and then I’m moving to New York, so there is no reason for me to ever come back to California, unless I wanted to visit my family.”
“See?” Sacia said, “When you come to visit, some of these people will still be here. Why do you even care, I thought you hated everyone? I thought you hated this school.”
“I do!” Fedora said, “but after I graduate this will all be over, it’s really depressing, I’ll never get to hate these people again.”
“Hey, at least we’ll be pretty close,” Sacia said.
Fedora shrugged, “not that close, you’ll be in a different state.”
“Yeah, a state that is right next to Massachusetts,” Sacia said.
“I wish I was going to college in New York,” Fedora sighed, she loved New York, she felt a special connection to it.
“Harvard is your dream school,” Sacia reminded her.
“Yeah,” Fedora said, brightening up, “My grandma went there, and she was the best lawyer ever. But she also lived in New York before that.”
Sacia laughed, “well you don’t actually want to be just like her.”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, “I’m going to New York this summer though.”
“Really?” Sacia said.
“Yep,” Fedora said, “my mom promised me I could spend three weeks with my dad, it’s like a going away present, I guess.”
“That’s awesome,” Sacia said, “I’m spending the summer at the family beach house with all my extended family that can’t even speak English. But Simone might be there, so that’s cool.”
“Speaking of family that can’t speak English,” Bryan said, “my grandmother on my mothers side is coming over for the weekend, and the only English she knows is hello and goodbye, which doesn’t help much because those are the only words I know in Spanish anyway.”
“I’m glad my family is all American,” Fedora laughed.
“But you actually know some Spanish,” Bryan said.
“True,” Fedora said, “and I guess I don’t actually know that much about Bentley’s family, they could all be from, like, Germany or something.”
“True,” Sacia said.
“Hi,” AeGuk said, walking up to their table.
“What took you so long?” Fedora asked.
“S-sorry,” AeGuk said, sitting next to Fedora, “The T-t-teacher wanted t-to taalk to me me.”
“Oh, cool,“ Fedora said, “We were just talking about family members who don’t speak English. Which I’m sure you know a lot about.”
“Oh,” AeGuk said.
“But he doesn’t have a problem because he can actually speak Korean,” Bryan said.
“You’re right,” Fedora said, “I guess you guys are the only ones with that problem.”
“I guess so,” Sacia said. “Hey, what are you doing for summer, Bryan?”
“I don’t know yet,” Bryan said, “probably something with the family.”
“Why is summer always about spending time with family?” Fedora asked.
Bryan shrugged, “because we’re so busy during the school year.”
“Maybe,” Fedora said.
The bell rang, signaling that lunch was over They all said goodbye and went their separate. Fedora thought about how much she would miss talking to her friends at lunch.
At least there was still the rest of May.

Friday, April 20, 2012

A.L. Prom; “It’s my dreams, okay.”

That was all everyone was talking about at A.L. High.
Fedora wanted to have the picture perfect prom, just for fun. Sacia on the other hand was very serious, which Fedora made of of her for all the time. Sacia practically forced Bryan to ask her to prom, though they were obviously going together since they were dating.
“Well, you’ve seen the movies,” Sacia said, “I have to be asked out in the most romantic way, or prom just won’t be right.”
“So if he didn’t ask you to prom then it would suck?” Fedora asked.
“Yeah,” Sacia said, “it wouldn’t be what I imagined.”
“That’s ridiculous,” Fedora said, shaking her head.
“It’s my dreams, okay,” Sacia said.
Chriselle Date just wanted to have a good time. She wanted prom to be great, just like everyone said it would be. Usually she was a very positive person but so far her senior year was not the best, nothing like she imagined. She had always thought her senior year would be the best year of her life, hanging out with her friends, being super popular, and just having a great time.
That wasn’t even close to how it actually went.
Now all she wanted was to have a great prom, maybe possibly even hang out with Sacia again, and get away from A.L. High.
But her boyfriend, and possibly her last friend, Greggory had different ideas, he could not care less about prom. If it wasn’t for Chris wanting to go so badly he would probably not even be going.
Chris was annoyed by this, it felt like ever since their fall from popularity Gregg couldn’t care less about anything school related. Like being popular was all that really mattered and if you weren’t then school didn’t matter.
Chris wished she still had some of her old friends, but since Sonrisa moved and Sacia was now BFFs with Fedora she was left with only Gregg, which ultimately meant she would have to go through with this prom thing alone. No girl friends to go shopping with, to get ready with, to do anything with.
Chriselle stared longingly at Sacia’s table, she was laughing about something with Fedora. Fedora. Why was Sacia friend with her. They used to tease her all the time. She couldn’t believe that Fedora would even think about being friends with Sacia. It’s just did not make any sense.
“Hey,” Gregg said, taking her attention away from the other table.
“What?” Chris said.
“What’s wrong?” Gregg said.
“Nothing,” Chris said, “Why?”
“You’ve been staring across the cafeteria this whole time and you haven’t even touched your food.”
“Oh,” Chris looked down at her food and pushed it away, “Not hungry.”
Gregg looked at her then just sighed, “what’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” Chris said, forcing a smile. “I had a big breakfast.”
“Okay,” Gregg shrugged, Chris could tell he didn’t believe her.
Chris was relieved to hear the bell ring, she quickly gathered her stuff, said good bye to Gregg and then threw her left over food out.
“Oh, hey,” She heard Sacia before she saw her.
“HI,” she said turning around to greet her old friend.
“What’s up?” Sacia asked as they walked to their next class together.
“Not much,” Chris shrugged.
“Excited for prom?” Sacia asked.
“Totally,” Chris said.
“Me too,” Sacia said, a little too loud but she didn’t notice the stares as she went on. “Me and Fedora are shopping this weekend, the big dress day. I’m so glad Fedora is excited too, I thought she’d be a drag like she was with all the other dances. When are you getting your dress?”
“I don’t know,” Chris shrugged.
“Light bulb moment!” Sacia exclaimed, “You can come with us!”
Chris stopped, shocked, this was everything she dreamed of, “really?”
“Yeah!” Sacia said, “I’m sure Fedora won’t mind.”
“I doubt that,” Chris said,her good mood quickly gone, Fedora would mind. There goes her dreams.
“Come on,” Sacia said, “she isn’t that bad.”
“But she thinks I am,” Chris said, “I don’t even know why she likes you.”
“People move on, Chris,” Sacia said. “And anyway, it was mostly you and Sonrisa who made fun of her.”
Chris was quiet until they reached the classroom, “I’ll think about.”
Sacia smiled at her and then took a seat near the back, Chris thought about joining her but decided to sit near some cheerleaders instead.
She didn’t know why she was so hesitant, of course she wanted to go with them, finally prom was looking better.
Fedora and Sacia were sitting in Sacia’s lounge later that day talking about prom.
“It’s just going to be fabulous!” Sacia was saying.
“Yeah,” Fedora agreed eating another handful of chips.
“Oh, is it okay if Chris comes shopping with us?” Sacia asked.
Fedora made a bad face, “why?”
“I imagine she’s pretty lonely,” Sacia said, “She has no friends to go shopping with otherwise. To do anything with really, all she has is Gregg and I doubt he’s any fun.”
Fedora nodded, “but still, she hates me.”
“OMG, that’s what she said!” Sacia exclaimed, “Can you guys get over the past and move on now!?”
Fedora shrugged, “whatever, I just don’t want anyone to ruin my perfect prom.”
Sacia laughed, “like you care.”
Fedora pretended to look offended, “why would you even dare to question my genuineness?”
Sacia laughed, “Okay whatever, so she can come.”
Fedora shrugged, “sure.”
“Thanks,” Sacia said.
Karina Black was the president of the prom committee, of course, she was the president of everything that happened at school. But she had to admit being in charge of the prom committee was tough, everyone was counting on you to make this prom picture perfect. And making something perfect was hard.
She was so busy with all of her after school stuff and prom committee she hardly had time to be with her boyfriend, Bentley Hills.
Bentley was the guy of every girls dreams, and Karina was the lucky one who got him. It was really random, to be honest. Karina did not see it coming, they had never talked before and then suddenly he asked her to homecoming and ever since then they’ve been dating.
“Okay,” Bentley said one day at lunch, “I know you’re super busy and stuff but you’ve got to have Saturday off.”
“Sorry, I have dance,” Karina said.
“Come on,” Bentley said, annoyed.
“Maybe next Saturday?” Karina suggested
“I’ll have to check my calendar,” Bentley said, shrugged, “See you later, hopefully.”
“Yeah,” Karina said, watching him walk over to his friends.
“Hey,” Karina’s friend Abigail said.
Abigail was a fellow cheerleader and probably Karina’s closest friend.
“Hi,” Karina said.
“What’s up?” Abigail asked taking a seat next to her.
“Not much,” Karina said, “I’m so busy.”
“Yeah?” Abigail said, “I bet you are, Mrs. President of everything.”
Karina shrugged, “I better get going, I have something to do before class. Don’t want to be late. See you later.”
“Bye,” Abigail said.
So maybe Karina had too much on her plate, but she handled it okay enough.
“So honey,” Sacia’s mom said at dinner, “you’ve never told us what college you applied for.”
Sacia groaned, she hadn’t told them because she hadn’t applied. She had another dream, one that did not include college right out of high school.
“I’m not going,” Sacia said. Her mom and dad stared at her, shocked.
“Even Simonetta went to college,” her mom said, “Though, she did drop out.”
“But she is going to cosmetology school,” her dad said.
“That hardly counts,” her mom said.
“Guys,” Sacia said, “this isn’t about Simone.”
“Of course,” her mom said.
“Why are you not going to college?” her dad asked.
Sacia bit her lip, she wasn’t excited to tell her parents about her dream. She was sure it wasn’t exactly what they had in mind for their daughter.
“Do you want to wait?” her dad said.
“That’s acceptable,” her mom said.
“Sure,” Sacia lied, “that’s it. I just don’t know what I want to be yet, what I want to do with my life.”
“Take your time,” her dad said.
“Yes,” her mom said, “just not too long.”
“Yeah,” Sacia said. “I have some homework I have to do.”
“Of course,” her dad said.
In her room Sacia sat down at her desk and pulled out her journal. She didn’t actually write in it, she didn’t like writing that much, but she did put pictures in it. Her inspiration.
She opened it up to the most recent page, it wasn’t finished. She was trying to put a collage of her dreams. It was sort of stupid, and childish, but she felt like it was sort of therapeutic. It made her feel better.
She got out some already cut up magazines and looked through the pages for some good pictures of models.
A model. That is what she wanted to be. One day she wanted to model for her sister, Simone. Simone wanted to be a fashion designer, or a writer, or own her own beauty salon. Her sister had lots of choices.
Simone quit school after realising she did not need to learn how to write because she already knew how. She realised the whole thing was useless. So she dropped out and moved to new jersey with a friend and started working in a salon and designing clothes for her dream fashion line. That was until she decided she wanted to get serious about cosmetology.
While her Parents hated her, Sacia admired Simone. She took control of her life. And that was what Sacia planned to do.
“I hate this whole thing,” Bryan said to AeGuk one day after school.
“What?” AeGuk asked.
“Graduating,” Bryan said. “I have to think about my future and stuff, and my parents expect me to know what I’m doing. They made me apply to all these colleges, and I don’t really want to go to any of them. If they accept me.”
“I’m sure th-they’ll accept you you,” AeGuk said. “At-at least one of th-them.”
Bryan shrugged, “It’s not like I care, I already decided I want to wait. Like Felton.”
Felton was Bryan’s brother who decided after high school he wanted to travel the world. Right now he was in India.
“Are you you g-going to,” AeGuk said, “travel t-too?”
Bryan shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“Oh,” AeGuk said.
“You’re lucky,” Bryan, “you still have a year to think about that.”
“I I want to b-be a comp-puter engineer,” AeGuk said.
“Oh,” Bryan said, “that sounds smart.”
AeGuk laughed, “it it is,”
“I definitely don’t want to be anything smart,” Bryan said.
“Well th-the world needs those little p-people,” AeGuk said, “like trash men or some-something.”
Bryan nodded, “true.”
Fedora was sitting on her bed listening to music on full volume and doing her homework. This was what she called a good time, though many people would disagree about homework being fun. But she liked it. Right then she was writing a paper on whatever war she wanted, she could choose. She was doing it on World War 1 and doing the research was actually entertaining.
“Hey,” her step brother, Bentley, said, surprisingly loud enough for Fedora to hear through her loud music.
“Get out,” Fedora said.
He pulled her ear phones off and tossed them on the bed.
“Give them back,” Fedora said, sitting up.
“It’s probably bad for your ears to listen to so much loud music,” Bentley said.
“Wow,” Fedora said sarcastically, “I’m so worried.”
“But really,” Bentley said, “mom told me to get you, it’s time for dinner.”
“Finally,” Fedora said, getting up and stretching, “I’m starving!”
“Okay,” Bentley said.
Fedora followed him downstairs to the dining room, which was really just a space between  the kitchen and the living room.
Though Fedora loved to eat, dinner was probably her least favorite time of the day. Probably because she had to have civil conversation with her step brother and her step dad, who Fedora despised.
“So how was your day,” her mom asked.
“Same old, same old,” Fedora said, taking a bite of the macaroni and cheese.
“When are you going dress shopping?” her mom asked.
Fedora rolled her eyes, she knew this question was coming up soon. She bet her mom was afraid to ask because she was afraid that Fedora would say she was not getting a dress. Sadly Fedora was going dress shopping, so she had to tell her mom.
“I’m not,”
Or maybe she didn’t.
“Oh,” her mom said, Fedora smiled. She could tell her mom was angry.
“I’m thinking I might just wear some jeans and a t-shirt,” Fedora said pushed on.
“Oh,” her said again.
“Yep,” Fedora said, “you know what I think, comfort before style.”
Her mom just stared at her quietly.
“Well, look at that,” Fedora said, looking at her plate, she had just finished, “there is no more food on my plate, time for me to say goodbye and goodnight. AdiĆ³s, buenas noches.”
Fedora got up and went to her bedroom, back in her room she continued to do her homework. That is until someone stole her ear phones right off her ears, again.
“You’re insane,” Bentley said sitting on her bed.
“What do you mean?” Fedora asked.
“You lied to mom,” Bentley said.
“I lied to my mom,” Fedora corrected him. “And how did you know I was going dress shopping.”
“I heard you talking about it,” Bentley said. “So do you really enjoy annoying mom so much?”
“Actually, yes I do,” Fedora said, “Annoying my  mom is one of my favorite past times, I’ve been doing it since I was born.”
“One day you’re going to get in trouble,” Bentley said.
“That day has already come,” Fedora said, “About a million times, if I do remember correctly.”
Bentley shook his head, amused, “I’m glad you’re my sister.”
Fedora rolled her eyes, “that is something we just have to agree to disagree on, Bentley.”
“See you later, sis,” Bentley said.
Fedora rolled her eyes again and continued with her homework.
After a long day of shopping on Saturday Chris, fedora, and Sacia each had a beautiful dress that they loved.
Fedora picked out an short orange princess style dress with purple leopard spots on the skirt, it was exactly what Fedora had in mind. Something cute, wild, and not too girly.
Sacia got a short hot pink dress with a corset style sequined top and a fluffly bottom, and a equally fluffy light pink train. Sexy, pink, and perfect, just what sacia had wanted.
Chris went with a bubblegum pink princess style dress with crystals covering the top and lining the bottom. Simple and girly, just like her.
“Dresses down, now we just need to style them perfectly on prom day,” Sacia said. They were sitting in the food court after shopping and Sacia just couldn’t stop looking at her dress, it was the perfect dress. She could not wait to show it to her mom, and Simone.
Simone was coming down for the weekend just to help her out with prom, it was going to be perfect. Simone was going to cosmetology school, so she was the perfect person to help out.
“You guys are coming to my house to get ready, right?” Sacia asked.
“Oh,” Fedora said, “I don’t know, my mom probably wants me to get ready there so she can take, like, a thousand photos.”
“Oh, same with my mom,” Sacia said. “You’re mom can come too.”
“I’ll ask her,” Fedora said.
“What about you, Chris?” Sacia asked.
“No problem,” Chris said, smiling.
“Awesome,” Sacia said, “so it’s set. I am so excited!”
Karina also spent the day shopping with her friends, she found the perfect dress rather quickly. It was a rose pink floor length empire style dress with a slit on the side and a crystal flower where the v-neck ends.
Karina loved this dress, it was exactly what she imagined.
Chris was honestly shocked and so happy to hear that Sacia wanted her to get ready with them too! All of her prom plans were coming together.
“That’s cool,” Gregg said after she told him about her new plans.
“I know right?” Chris said.
Gregg was happy for Chris, he knew she was really down about having no friends to hang out with before prom and now that she did he could tell she was ten times happier, which made him ten times happier.
After shopping Fedora went over to Harriette’s house to show her the dress.
“Wow,” Harriette said when Fedora showed her the dress.
“It’s awesome, isn’t it?” Fedora said.
“It’s cute,” Harriette said, “not my style but it’s cute, I can’t wait to see you in it. You have to take, like, a million photos so I can see every angle of the dress. Okay?”
“With my mom around I’m sure it won’t be that hard,” Fedora said.
“I can’t wait till my prom,” Harriette sighed.
“Well you still have three years to go,” Fedora said.
Harriette frowned, “well I can’t wait for you to tell me all about yours, okay?”
“Of course,” Fedora said.
“Sacia wants me to wear pink to match her dress,” Bryan said. It was Sunday and him and AeGuk were hanging out at his house.
“Yeah,” AeGuk said, “Fedora g-gave me a orange b-bow tie to wear. Her dress-s is orange.”
“But why does it matter?” Bryan asked.
AeGuk just shrugged.
“Do you guys want anything to eat?” Bryan’s mom asked.
“Nah, we ate already,” Bryan said.
“Okay,” she said, leaving the room.
“I’m just going to get a pink tie or something,” Bryan said.
“Yeah,” AeGuk said.
“But isn’t she going to be wearing pink?” Amado asked, when Bentley showed him and Collin his outfit for prom.
“Yeah?” Bentley asked.
“Isn’t it like a...” Amado paused to think, “what’s that word? I don’t know. But aren’t you supposed to wear pink too? All of your stuff is purple.”
Bentley shrugged, “things like that are stupid, and I like purple.”
Amado shrugged.
“What do you think, Collin?” Bentley asked.
“Oh,” Collin said, “it’s nice, you’ll look great.”
“Thank you,” Bentley said, “that’s more of the reaction I was expecting.”
“I am sorry,” Amado said, “it does look very nice.”
“Thank you,” Bentley said, “I wish you guys were going, it would be so much more fun.”
“It would,” Amado said, “but we are not, so you should still enjoy yourself.”
“Of course,” Bentley said.
The week went by quickly and pretty soon it was Friday, the day before Prom. The whole school was super excited but Sacia was probably the most excited.
“I have waited my whole life to go to prom,” Sacia said, “I remember when Simone went to prom, she wore the craziest dress, trying to make a statement.”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, bored with all this prom talk and she could tell everyone else at the table was too. Yeah prom would be great, but she couldn’t wait for it to end and their conversations to go back to normal.
Fedora smiled at herself in the mirrored, it was the day of the prom and she had just finished getting ready and was waiting for Sacia to finish with her hair.
Sacia’s sister, Simone, did Fedora’s hair and makeup and Fedora thought she did a pretty good job. Her hair actually looked tame and her makeup was soft and pretty. Her only accessories were her trademark jelly bracelets.
“Done!” Sacia announced. Fedora turned around to look at her, she looked gorgeous. She had a crystal headband in her hair and a crystal charm bracelet, and a pearl necklace. She had bright pink lips and shimmery eyes.
“Cute,” Fedora said.
“Thanks,” Sacia said.
“Let me see,” Chris said, she had just put her dress on and was waiting for ehr turn to get ehr hair and makeup done.
Sacia turned to show her, “how do I look?”
“Glam,” Chris said.
“Thanks,” Sacia said.
“Now your turn,” Simone said pointing at Chris.
“Okay,” Chris said, looking really excited.
Sacia went to admiring herself in the mirror and Fedora ate some chips, laughing when the thought of messing up her lipstick came into her mind. It was so unlike Fedora to worry about her makeup.
“Done,” Simone announced.
Chris stood up and did a little turn in her complete outfit. She had her hair in a ponytail and a pretty crystal flower clip, her makeup was soft and brought out her pretty blue eyes.
“You look fabulous,” Sacia said.
“Yeah, cute,” Fedora said.
“You all look fabulous,” Simone said, “I did a great job.”
“Thanks,” Sacia said
“Now let’s go show the parents,” Simone said.
“Okay,” Fedora said, “get ready for the flashing camera.”
“Don’t worry, I was born for the flashing cameras,” Sacia said.
“Whatever you say,” Chris said.
“We should probably wear sunglasses.” Fedora joked.
“That will ruin your makeup, just go.” Simone said.
“Okay, we’re coming,” Fedora said.
“You girls look beautiful,” Sacia’s mom said.
“Simone did all the makeup and hair,” Sacia said.
“Well,” her mom said, “she did a good job.”
“Thank you,” Simone said.
“Wow,” Fedora’s mom said after taking some picture of thme at the stairs.
“Now move to the fireplace,” Sacia’s mom said.
“Okay,” Saica said, laughing.
They then proceeded to take a lot of pictures all over the house until finally the doorbell rung and the guys had arrived.
Karina looked amazing in her dress, with her hair pulled up in a bun and some crystal jewelry with very subtle makeup except for her cherry red lips, the whole look came together.
“You look great,” Her mom said.
“Totally,” Abigail said.
“Thanks,” Karina said.
The doorbell rung and her mom went and let the guys in. Bentley and David, who was Abigail’s date, walked into the foyer.
“You look beautiful,” Bentley said.
“You do too,” Karina said, trying to ignore the fact that he was wearing purple accessories when she was wearing a pink dress, which was totally wrong.
“Thank you,” Bentley said. “I got this for you.”
Bentley gave her a purple flower corsage, “thank you.”
She put it on her wrist and smiled at him.
“Okay, time to go,” David said.
“Bye, mom,” Karina said.
“Have fun,” her mom said.
“I will,” Karina said.
“You look great,” Gregg said when he saw Chris.
“Thanks,” Chris said, hugging him.
“Here you go,” Gregg said, handing Chris a red flower corsage.
“So pretty,” Chris said putting it on her wrist.
“Thought it might match your dress,” Gregg said.
Chris smiled, it didn’t really match since her dress was purple pink not red pink. But that didn’t matter.
“W-w-wow,” AeGuk said, looking at Fedora, “you you loook g-g-great.”
“And so do you,” Fedora said.
AeGuk smiled, “I b-brought you you s-some-something.”
Fedora waited while he pulled a little box out of his pocket and took out a little purple corsage.
“You sssaid y-your dress was,” AeGuk paused, “ p-purple and or-orange.”
“It is,” Fedora said, pointing to her dress, “This matches perfectly.”
AeGuk smiled.
“Oh,” Sacia said, looking at Bryan. “Your outfit?”
“What?” Bryan asked.
“It’s not very,” Sacia paused, “formal? Prom-y?”
Bryan shrugged “All you said is that I need to wear pink, and I am.”
“But I thought you might wear a tuxedo, or something,” Sacia said, frowning, “Not just a vest and a tie over a t-shirt and jeans.”
“Hey, this is as formal as I get,” Bryan shrugged. “You look great, by the way.”
“Oh,of course I do,” Sacia said, “So... did you get me anything?”
“What?” Bryan said, looking confused, “Was I supposed to?”
“Um, yeah,” Sacia said, “A corsage?”
“Oh,” Bryan said, “Oops?”
Sacia took a deep breath, she didn’t want to start a fight before prom. “Let’s go.”
“Okay,” Bryan said.
They stopped at a fancy restaurant before the prom.
“Wow,” Fedora said, “fancy.”
“Awesome, right?” Sacia asked.
“It better have good food,” Fedora said.
Sacia laughed.
They all went inside and got their table. Fedora looked over the menu and laughed,
“Wow, the prices,” she said.
“Don’t worry, “ Sacia said, “I’m paying.”
“Well, if you say so,” Fedora said, looking through the menu again.
After the dinner tthey got back into the limo and were on their way to prom.
“There it is,” Sacia said. Fedora looked out the window, Sacia was right. There was the school. Fedora could practically feel Sacia’s excitement go up, which Fedora did not think was possible since Sacia was already extremely excited.
The limo pulled into the school parking lot and as soon as the limo stopped Sacia practically jumped out of the car. Fedora noticed Bentley with Karina also just arriving.
“Hey!” Sacia called to them,
They looked over, trying to see who was calling them.
“Over here,” Sacia called.
Karina and Bentley waved and they all headed towards the doors.
The prom was beautiful, they were fairy lights all over the ceiling, sort of looking like stars, a band was playing some music, the refreshment table had some punch and cookies, there was tables and chairs spread out in the corners and in the center the dance floor, which people were already dancing on, and a photographer waiting to take someone’s photo.
“It’s exactly the way I imagined,” Karina said.
“It’s awesome,” Bentley said.
“Wow,” Sacia said, “this is perfect.”
“Ooo,” Fedora said, looking straight at the refreshments table, “cookies.”
Sacia laughed as Fedora dragged AeGuk over to the refreshment table. Sacia turned to Bryan,
“Let’s get our picture taken,” Sacia said.
“Okay,” Bryan shrugged.
“Let’s dance,” Chris said to Gregg.
“Uh,” Gregg said.
“Please don’t say you don’t dance,” Chris said, “everyone dances, especially at prom.”
Gregg shrugged and Chris lead the way onto the dance floor.
Over at the refreshment table Fedora was eating some cookies while watching the people dance.
“Can you get me some more punch?” Fedora asked, holding out her now empty cup.
“O-okay,” AeGuk said, pouring some punch into Fedora’s cup.
“This is great,” Fedora said.
AeGuk just smiled and nodded.
“Come on,” Fedora said setting her empty again cup on the table, “Let’s dance.”
“This is the best day of my life,” Sacia said, to Fedora after dancing for a while.
“Definitely  in the top five,” Fedora said.
“Yeah,” Chris said.
“Hello everyone,” A voice said, they turned towards the stage and saw Karina’s friend Abigail.
“I hope you’re all having fun,” she said. “Please give a hand to our band, The Kings of Here.”
Everyone clapped and then she continued, “now it is time for the crowning of prom queen and king.”
“I completely forgot about this part,” Sacia said, suddenly looking even more excited.
“It’s not like we don’t know who it is,” Fedora said, looking over at Bentley and Karina.
“Thank you all for voting,” Abigail said, “This year’s prom queen is... Karina Black!”
Everyone clapped as Karina went up on the stage and Abigail put the the tiara on her head.
“Now, the king,” Abigail said, “Bentley Hills!”
Another round of applause as Bentley went up and got crowned.
“Now, make room for the king and queen dance,” Abigail said.
Karina looked bashful as she and Bentley went down and the band started playing a slow song.
“I love your dress,” Sacia said to Karina.
“I like yours too,” Karina said.
“You’re pretty lucky,” sacia said.
“Yeah?” Karina said.
“You’re prom queen,” Sacia said, “I used to always dream about that, but you know after everything happened that dream seemed impossible.”
Karina looked sympathetic.
“You don’t even have time for me at the prom?” Bentley, who just walked up to them, teased
“Sorry,” Karina said.
“Hey Sacia,” Bentley said.
“Hi,” Sacia said. “I’m gonna go find my date, he’s probably at the refreshment table. See you guys later.”
“I’ll remember this forever,” Sacia said, “when I’m old and in a nursing home I’ll tell all my new old people friends all about.”
Fedora and Chris laughed.
It was getting late and the prom was starting to slow down. Fedora was sitting with AeGuk wondering where Sacia disappeared to.
“Hey,” Chris said. “Are we leaving soon?”
Fedora shrugged, “I’m sort of promed out but I doubt Sacia will ever be, wherever she is.”
“I’ll go find her,” Chris said.
“Okay.” Fedora said.
“Find who?” Sacia said, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.
“You,” Fedora said.
“Oh,” Sacia said, “are we leaving?”
“I guess,” Fedora said
Sacia smiled, “Proms over.”
“Yep,” Fedora said.
“Let’s go,” Sacia said.
Though it was over, it was still what everyone was talking about. They would be talking about how somebody spilled some punch on Abigail’s pretty indigo dress, about how three people were kicked out for drinking alcohol, about how a bunch of freshmen showed up without tickets and tried to get in, about how it was so obvious Karina and Bentley would be king and queen, about how people were dancing up until they had to kick them out because it was so late, about everything that happen. All the good and the bad.
They were talking about prom.