Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Thanks for joining the Committee.”

Dreams Bourg could hardly believe she was graduating High School in a mere four months. She felt as if her high school experience was seriously lacking. Aren't these supposed to be the best years of her life?
She sure hoped they weren’t.
But she wasn’t gonna let them end like this, nope, she wanted her last four months of school to be the best so she did something unlike herself. She joined committees.
First the yearbook committee as someone who apparently just stood around and watched. Then she joined the unthinkable. Prom Committee.
Her original plan was to ignore the prom existed but in a spur of the moment decision she signed up and now she was swept up in the hustle and bustle of the “most important moment in their lives.”
Her first day on the committee she got a couple of stares, okay not a couple. A lot. Probably because she was the only person in the room who wasn’t wearing a speck of pastel.
“Oh, hello,” Tamarai said, jumping up from her seat and walking over to Dreams, “Take a seat. Thanks for joining the Committee.”
Dream took a seat around the table where everyone else was sitting, some of them openly whispering. Probably about her.
Dreams looked around the table at the assortment of people sitting there, all of them preppy and popular. Of course there was Harriette, DaeRi, and Tamarai, none of them seniors but that didn’t stop them from getting into the Prom spirit too.
Then there was a group of people from the Newspaper, they were the whisperers. Also there was a group of cheerleaders who all had the same same high ponytails and were discussing something with the Populars.
Then of course the few stragglers who thought being on Prom committee would make their senior year memorable, like Dreams.
“Okay everyone,” DaeRi said, “Let’s get started. To update the new comers who seemed to take a little while to decide that the Committee was for them, we are trying to decide on a theme today. Since we can’t get  moving till we do that let’s get started.”
“What about an evening in paris?” One of the stragglers said.
“And what is your name?” DaeRi asked.
“Brittany,” she said. Brittany had long blond hair that was styled into a very tight bun on the top of her head, which seemed to go with her very dancer inspired outfit.
“Okay, Brittany, I’ll write your suggestion,” DaeRi said. “Anyone else?”
“Mascarade!” One the cheerleaders said.
Harriette yawned, “so cliche. Same with Night in Paris. We need to do something new and exciting.”
“You’re not even a senior,” the cheerleader said, “Your opinion doesn’t matter.”
“I’m on the committee, my opinion counts,” Harriette said, “And I think we all agree that this should be the best prom yet?”
The cheerleader sighed, she couldn’t argue with Harriette, especially as everyone nodded their agreement.
“What about space?” one of the other random girls said.
“I like it,” Harriette said, “Write it down.”
“What about ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’,” one of the newspaper girls said.
“Like the movie?” Harriette said, “I like it. Sophisticated.”
“Oooh, what about the seventies?” one of the other newspaper girls said.
“Okay write that down too,” Harriette said “Though it’s a little tacky.”
Suddenly Harriette face lit up, “Candyland! Oh it’s perfect. And adorable. Just imagine it.”
Dreams couldn’t help it, she just started laughing. Candy land? How tacky could you get.
Everyone stared at her.
“Oh I’m. It’s just. Candyland?” Dreams struggled to speak through her laughs, “I know I’m not going to anything themed candyland.”
Everybody was silent, wondering what they should do.
Finally Harriette broke the silence, “Okay. Fine. Got a better idea?”
Dreams shrugged, “Anything would be better than that.”
Harriette glare suddenly changed and she grinned looking past Dreams towards the door.
“Collin!” Harriette said, bouncing up from her chair and running towards him. Dream groaned, Collin? Dreams didn’t like Collin, for plenty of reasons. One being that he had no personality, he literally just followed Harriette around being her personal little puppet. How annoying. Seemed she wasn’t the only one, because DaeRi let out a sigh and turned back to her notebook frowning.
“Come sit,” Harriette said. “You’re just in time, we were trying to think of a theme.”
Collin sat next to Harriette, taking the seat where Harriette was originally sitting, right next to DaeRi. DaeRi now openly glared at him. Dreams wondered what was up with her, but decided that she didn’t actually care, she was just glad that nobody was paying attention to her anymore.
“Got any ideas?” Harriette asked.
“Uhm, not really,” Collin said, looking uncomfortable. “I’m not even going, so I don’t see why my opinion counts.”
“Because you’re on the committee,” Harriette said, “All of our opinions counts. Here’s our ideas so far;” she reached over and took the notebook form DaeRi, “space, seventies, and candyland! that last one was mine. Oh and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’”
Collin nodded,”those all sound good.”
“But candyland’s the best right?” Harriette said.
Dreams stifled a laugh, how could anyone stand to be around Harriette for so long. She was like a needy child.
Collin shrugged, “it’s cute.”
“Right?” Harriette said, ignoring that he hadn’t actually agreed with her. “But Miss Emo over there doesn’t like it.”
They all stared at Dreams.
“Dreams,” Dreams said, “My name is Dreams. And I think that the candyland theme is a little obnoxious, and a lot of people probably will think it’s stupid.”
“But you don’t know?” Harriette said.
Dreams sighed, “Whatever I was just saying my part, I thought all of our opinions are important.”
“Oh, yeah, of course,” Harriette said. “Thanks for your opinion.”
After that the focus shifted back onto Harriette as more people offered their opinions.
After what felt like an eternity the meeting was finally over and they had a long list of Theme suggestions, but no concrete theme.
“Everyone should think about the theme and we’ll take a vote next time,” DaeRi said.
Dreams couldn’t wait to leave and get away from all these preppy popular people and never come back. Unfortunately that didn’t happen quickly as Harriette followed her out and quickly fell in step with her.
“I’m sorry about earlier,” she said. “I just really liked my idea, I guess I got carried away.”
Dreams shrugged, “Whatever. I don’t really care. I probably won’t even go to prom.”
“What, why?” Harriette asked, looking genuinely shocked.
“I’m not a big fan of dances,” Dreams said.
“But it’s your senior year,” Harriette said, “Your last chance to have some real high school fun.”
Dreams shrugged, again, “That’s why I joined the committee, hoping for some real high school fun. But I seemed to forget that I don’t mix well with you popular people.”
“Oh, please don’t let me scare you away,” Harriette said, pouting. “I have to go, Collin is waiting for me, but I’ll see you at the next meeting.”
Dream waved as Harriette ran off, back to the meeting room. Harriette was weird, that’s what Dreams decided as she walked away from the school building and drove home.
Maybe she would go to the next meeting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Valentine's Quest the final part

Valentine’s day started out just like every other Valentine’s Day that Harriette has experienced. The smell of her mom’s famous pink strawberry pancakes filled the air and Harriette could hear the twins being noisy downstairs. And, just like every other Valentine’s Day, Harriette popped out of bed excited about her day.
After getting ready for the day she joined the rest of the family downstairs.
“I see you’re in the Valentine’s spirit,” her mom said as she entered the kitchen, referring to Harriette’s very Valentine’s inspired outfit. She was wearing a pink sweater with white hearts all over it and a lacy white skirt. Also the adorable necklace Collin gave her last year, two linked hearts. Might seem like a strange gift for your brother to give you but that’s just how close they were.
“You know I love this holiday,” Harriette said.
She took a seat next to Collin, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“To you too,” Collin said. “Do you have any big plans?”
“No,” Harriette said, “I was hoping you were free, since both of my friends have plans.”
“I’m always free,” Collin said.
“Great,” Harriette said.
“Ooo, I love that sweater,” Tamarai said, taking the seat next to Harriette.
“Thanks,” Harriette said. “I like your outfit too.”
Truthfully Tamarai’s outfit was nothing that Harriette would wear for Valentine’s day, or really ever. A mint crop top with a silver heart and a pink and white ombre skirt, and of course an arm full of bangles as always.
“Okay, eat up,” her mom said setting a plate of pink heart shaped pancakes in front of each of them. “Don’t want to be late for school.”
“So what are your plans for today?’ Tamarai asked Harriette.
“Probably just gonna stay home and do something with Collin,” Harriette said, “What about you?”
“Well, as you already know, Teddy asked me out. I don’t know what we’re doing, he said it was gonna be a surprise.” Tamarai said. “Isn’t that cute?”
“Totally,” Harriette said.
They finished their pancakes and then piled into their mom’s car and headed out for school. Just like every other Valentine’s day.
After surviving a full school day of question after question of “what are you doing for Valentine’s day?” Harriette was glad to be out and away.
After seeing Tamarai off to her date went up to her room and realised just how bored she was. Here she was on Valentine’s day with nothing to do.
“You okay?” Collin said, standing in her doorway.
“Yeah,” Harriette sighed. “You don’t think I’m a loser, right?”
Collin laughed, “Of course not. Why would I think that?
“Because I don’t have anything to do for this big day,” Harriette said.

“Well, neither do I, does that make me a loser?” Collin said, joining her where she was sitting on the bed.
“I guess not,” Harriette said. “I feel like the same thing happens every Valentine’s day. I mope around about not having a date, then I have an epiphany about how dates don’t matter. It’s like a bad TV show.”
“Well then you better stop moping,” Collin said, standing up. “I have the perfect plan, you just wait here. We’re gonna go somewhere.”

“Can you tell me where we’re going?” Harriette said. “I need to know what to wear.”
Collin laughed, “What you’re wearing is fine.”
“Okay,” Harriette said.
DaeRi sat across from Payton at an upscale restaurant in the city. She was telling him about how Harriette was still dateless and how she wondered what she was up to.
“Probably on a stupid ‘date’ with Collin,” DaeRi laughed. “Only Harriette can get away with spending Valentine’s day with her brother.”
Payton sighed, he looked bored.
“What’s wrong?” DaeRi asked.
He glanced at the notebook that he had to write in if he wanted to talk. He just shrugged.
DaeRi frowned, going on a date with someone who can’t talk is kind of frustrating.
But she didn’t even know frustration compared to what Payton was feeling. He wanted to talk so badly, to have a normal conversation. But he couldn’t and he didn’t want to write in the stupid notebook. At least with his family he could use sign language but Daeri didn’t know that so he was stuck with the notebook.
“Am I boring you?” DaeRi asked.
Payton shook his head quickly. He gestured for her to continue talking.
She shrugged, “Okay.”
And back to the long rants, because really Payton didn’t mind. because there was one thing that DaeRi didn’t do and that was try to get him to talk anymore then she would any other person. And that’s why he liked her.
“The lake?” Harriette said as her mom pulled onto the dirt road that led to the lake.
“Yep,” Collin said, “I love this place.”
Harriette laughed, “You love the lake? Gosh no one goes here anymore.”
“I do,” Collin said, “It’s peaceful and it’s got a lot of stuff to draw.”
“Whatever you say,” Harriette said.
“Here you go,” thier mom said, parking in front of one of the trails that led closer to the lake.
“Come on,” Collin said, getting out of the car and pulling a picnic basket out of the trunk.
“A picnic by the lake?” Harriette said, now very impressed. “Can you even get more perfect.”
Collin shrugged, “I thought it would cheer you up.”
Harriette laughed. “I think it’s working.”
“Good, now follow me,” Collin said, leading the way down the trail. Harriette was glad they put gravel on the trail back when this place was a popular hangout spot, because she was not wearing proper shoes for hiking.
Soon enough the trail opened up to a clearing by the lake. Harriette remembered all the partys she went to here back in Middle school. It was where she went on her first date with Gregg. It looked different when it wasn’t covered with kids pretending that they were adult and cool.
She watched as Collin set up the picnic.
“You know you really need to get a boyfriend,” she said.
“Why?” Collin asked.
“Because you’re wasting all your perfectness on me,” Harriette said.
“It’s not a waste,” Collin said, filling two cups with some tea.
“I’m your sister,” Harriette said. “You’re not supposed to do this kind of stuff for your sister. It’s weird.”
“Why shouldn’t I?” Collin asked. “I mean you’re more deserving of it than anybody I would date.”
“Stop it,” Harriette laughed, “You’re too nice to me.”
“I don’t think there is such thing as being too nice,” Collin said. “Come on, sit down.”
Harriette walked over and sat down on the blanket. Collin changed the topic and asked how school was that day.
They talked about a bunch of random stuff as they are the turkey and avocado sandwiches that Collin had made. For dessert there were mini raspberry pies that their mom had made the night before and let Collin take a few for the picnic.
By the time that their mom came to pick them up Harriette had completely forgotten that she was upset about not having anything to do. So basically it was just like every other Valentine’s day.
But maybe this one was the best.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Valentine's Quest part 4

After the scene in the cafeteria it was like every girl in the school was trying out for a spot at the the Popular table. One by one people would walk up and say things like “You’re looking really pretty today,” “That skirt is ultra cute, where’d you get it?” or “That was amazing, I was so tired of DaeRi thinking she was better than the rest of us.”
It would be a lie if Harriette said she didn’t enjoy it a bit, she felt like she was newly popular again, with people feeding her with compliments. But she tried not to let it show, because Collin looked annoyed with it all.
Tamarai was quiet through the whole thing, Harriette assumed she felt conflicted about what happened. Tamarai and DaeRi were friends before they were Harriette’s lackies so of course it would uncomfortable sitting there without DaeRi.
Finally, after school, Tamarai said something.
“You’re not really kicking DaeRi out of our clique right?” she said.
Harriette pondered that for a minute, on one hand she really did think that DaeRi was getting a little too stuck up, but on the other hand DaeRi was Tamarai’s best friend and kicking her out might lead to Tamarai leaving too and then Harriette would be lacky-less and then anyone could take her place as queen Popular.
She shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe if she starts acting nice then she can come back.”
“But, Harriette,” Tamarai paused, probably contemplating whether she should continue or not.
“Yes?” Harriette asked.
“D-daeRi is really nice underneath it all,” Tamarai said, “I know she’s been a bit overbearing but it’s just because she’s worried about you.”
Harriette laughed, “That’s what she told me. But I don’t need people to worry about me. I’m fine, I can take care of my own problems and it might not look like it but I do notice what people are saying and I do care. But it’s hard to live like that, only focusing on popularity. I want to have fun. I don’t want the rest of my high school years to be a drag me trying to please everyone else.”
Tamarai just stared at her, “All this is because of what Collin told you?”
“Yeah,” Harriette said, smiling. “He’s great, isn’t he?”
“Harriette!” DaeRi called from the entrance of the school, she was running/speed walking towards them.
“Uhm...” Harrietted said.
“I’m-” DaeRi started once she got close enough to them.
“Nope,” Harriette interrupted. “I know exactly what we need, and it’s not heartfelt apologies.”
DaeRi looked confused.
“Spa day,” Harriette said. “Come on!”
Tamarai and DaeRi shared one last confused glanced before following Harriette to where her mom’s car was waiting for them.
After a relaxing day afternoon at the spa Harriette, DaeRi, and Tamarai sat in her living room eating some fruit and chatting it up, like all the drama from the cafeteria never happened.
“So, guess what happened during lunch today?” DaeRi said.
Harriette stared at her, what could have happened other than the blow out? she glanced at Tamarai, who looked like she already knew.
“Payton asked me to prom,” DaeRi said, grinning from ear to ear. Harriette on the other hand felt her face fall, she wasn’t jealous or anything, DaeRi was gonna go to prom before her no matter what since she was a year older than her. What she felt was a combination of shock and anger.
“I thought you were gonna break up with him?” Harriette said.
“Oh, yeah, well...” DaeRi trailed off, looking nervous. “I changed my mind. He was really nice to me after everything happened, I mean he asked me to prom! How could I break up with him after that?”
“Well, I’m happy for you,” Harriette said. “Really I am.
“Thanks!” DaeRi said.
“He must really like you,” Tamarai said.
“I know,” DaeRi said. “I didn’t even know he did, I thought he hated me.”
Then DaeRi and Tamatai started talking about prom dresses and Harriette shut them out, she didn’t want to think about this stuff right now on their relaxing spa day.
Tamarai poked Harriette, breaking her out of her trance, “what do you think?”
“About what?” Harriette asked,
Wearing black to the prom,” Tamarai explained.
“Ew,” Harriette said, “Wearing black to the prom makes it look like you’re trying too hard to be sophisticated, wear dark blue instead. Dark colors really bring out you gorgeous complexion.”
“Thanks,” DaeRi said, looking genuinely thankful.
“Anytime, that’s what friends are for,” Harriette said.
DaeRi smiled and then they got back to talking about the prom.
It’s in three months, do they have to talk about it now? Harriette wondered.

Picture: Harriette Brown

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Valentine's Quest part 3

“We’re going out for Valentine’s day,” Purity’s parents announced one morning.
“That’s nice,” Purity said.
“All of us,” they continued.
“What?” Purity said, “Not me right? I have a date.”
“A date?” Phillip, her dad, asked, “Who with?”
“The guy from the halloween dance,” Purity said.
“Are you guys dating?” David, her other dad, asked.
“Maybe,” Purity said.
“Then why don’t we know about this?” Phillip said.
Purity looked to Payton for help, but he was just pushing around his eggs on his plate probably not hearing a single thing that was happening.
“Because we only just started really dating,” Purity said. “The point is that we’re spending Valentine’s together. And what about you guys? Don’t you guys want to spend it alone?”
“We spend everyday alone,” he said,  “we want to spend time with you guys.”
“But Payton probably has something to do too,” Purity said, looking at Payton again. This time Payton looked back and just shrugged.
“Payton, did you have other plans?” David asked.
Payton just shrugged and signed “not if you don’t want me to.”
“But what about DaeRi?” Purity pushed, “Won’t she be mad.”
Payton sighed and signed “when is she not mad?”
Purity’s parents looked at each other, sharing a worried look.
“Are you okay, Payton?” David asked.
Payton shrugged again.
“He’s been like this since the start of the year,” Purity said, “I don’t know why he’s still dating DaeRi if she makes him so miserable.”
“DaeRi’s a nice girl,” Phillip said.
“Sure, but she’s ‘always mad,’” Purity said, “And you should have seen the scene in the cafeteria yesterday, she totally got kicked out of the Popular table.”
“Why is that?” David asked.
Purity shrugged, “Maybe Payton knows.”
They all looked at Payton who had turned his attention back to his still full plate of eggs and bacon.
He looked up and signed “what?”
“Why was DaeRi kicked from the Popular table?” Purity asked.
“They thought she was too stuck up,” he signed.
“Funny,” Purity said.
“But she’s such a nice girl,” David said.
Payton shrugged and continued to pretend to eat his food.
“Okay, how about this?” Phillip started, “You guys spend some time with us after school, we’ll go and get ice cream or something, and then you can hang on your dates.”
Purity frowned, not exactly ideal btus he figured it was the best she could get so she nodded and said “fine.”
Hopefully Daniel won’t mind.
After the scene in the cafeteria Payton did what any normal boyfriend would do and went to go see how DaeRi was doing.
DaeRi had moved to an empty table in the corner and was writing in her notebook. Payton walked over and glanced over her shoulder, but she slammed the notebook shut before he could read anything.
“No snooping,” DaeRi said, glaring at him.
Payton just shrugged and sat down next to her, and gestured for her to hand him the notebook.
“You aren’t gonna read it, right?” she asked.
He shook his head and made a writing gesture.
“Oh, you want to say something,” DaeRi said. She opened the book to the last page and set it in front of Payton.
“Are you okay?” Payton wrote.
“I guess I will be,” DaeRi sighed, “she can’t be mad at me forever.”
“What happened?” Payton wrote.
“She thinks I’m stuck up,” DaeRi said, “I’m guessing it has to do with something Collin told her. She practically worships the ground that he walks on. He told her the other day to stop thinking like a Popular, can you believe that?”
Payton shrugged and wrote “maybe you should follow that advice.”
DaeRi glared at him, “I can’t. Someone needs to think like a popular out of the three of us.”
“Just a suggestion, Collin seems smart,” Payton wrote.
“I hate him,” DaeRi said, glaring across the cafeteria. “The only way I”m gonna get back there is if I start being nice, also apologise in a very public way. You can’t turn down public apologies.’
Payton couldn’t help but think that DaeRi was a lot smarter than people thought she was, it was one of the thing she liked about her. Also her determination.
Maybe that was why he wrote down what he did next, “do you still want to go to prom?”
Seeing this she turned and grinned ear to ear, “Really?”
He shrugged, already regretting it.
“Of course I do!” DaeRi said, loud enough to cause some people to look their way as she hugged him. “Thank you.”
DaeRi then gathered her stuff and after a quick peck on the lips she got up and and walked over to Tamarai, presumably telling her the “big news.”
Oh god, what have I gotten myself into, he wondered.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Valentine's Quest part 2

After a full day of scanning the hallways for suitable guys for Harriette, and asking Tamarai who they were, DaeRi had put together quite a list.
“Darian Bran, Bachelor Carter, Caleb, Elijah Smith, Gale Woods, Lucas Woods, Jason Manley, and Will King,” she read the list aloud to Harriette and Tamarai after school.
“I don’t even know half those people,” Harriette said.
“But Tamarai does,” DaeRi said, turning to Tamarai, “They’re nice people, right?”
“I don’t know them that much,” Tamarai shrugged. “I just know they’re names, and that both Lucas and Gale play on the football team.”
“Ew,” Harriette said, “I hate football players.”
“Okay, then, if you’re gonna be picky,” DaeRi said, crossing both of those names off of the list. “What about Elijah? He’s kind of short, taller than Collin, but not six feet.” DaeRi said.
“Look I’m not gonna go out with someone I don’t know,” Harriette said, “End of story. I don’t even care anymore.”
“But this isn’t about whether you care or not,” DaeRi said, “It’s about the people caring, the people who you’re supposedly so much better than. You need them to continue to think that, and if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s day, you’re not that great.”
“I don’t care what the people think anymore,” Harriette said, “What does being popular even mean? If it’s all about whether or not I have a boyfriend then I don’t really care. I want people to look up to me because I’m nice, and pretty and the kind of person you want to be.”
“People want to have boyfriends,” DaeRi said, “So they won’t want to be you if you don’t have a boyfriend.”
“Well then fine,” Harriette said, “I don’t want a boyfriend, and if they don’t like that then oh well.”
And with that Harriette got up and stormed out, only to come back a few seconds later and tell them to leave because they were in her room.
“Fine, whatever,” DaeRi said, “But this isn’t gonna last long.”
“Does it look like I care?” Harriette saide.
Daeri just shook her head and followed Tamarai out of the room.
“What are we gonna do?” She said, distressed.
“About what?” Tamarai asked.
“Harriette, she’s throwing away everything she worked so hard for,” DaeRi said.
“Well obviously she doesn’t care,” Tamarai shrugged, “And looking for a boyfriend is just causing her stress. I just want her to be happy.”
“Fine, but I care,” DaeRi said, “And I need a ride home, do you think your mom will drive me?”
“Sure,” Tamarai said.
After they left Harriette just lay on her bed, wishing that Collin was here so she could talk to him about everything that’s going on.
Daeri was crazy, that’s what Harriette thought, all she cared about was being popular, kind of like Harriette used to. Now all Harriette wanted to do was be happy, but that felt impossible lately.  How could she be happy when everything felt like it was going wrong?
First all the fighting with Collin at the start of the school year, and now her boyfriend troubles. Why couldn’t she get a moment of peace?
“You okay?”
“Collin!” Harriette shot up at the sound of his voice. “I am not okay.”
“What’s up?” he said joining Harriette on the bed.
“Everything,” Harriette sighed, “DaeRi is going crazy trying to find me a boyfriend of Valentine’s day, and I don’t even know if I care. That’s what scares me the most. Why don’t I care? Before all I could think about was what would make me more popular, and what would make me less populars. Having no boyfriend on valentine’s day for two years in a row definitely lands in the latter category.”
“Have you considered that maybe being Popular is what is causing all these problems?” Collin said.
Harriette just stared at him.
“Like, imagine if you were never popular. Never had to worry about not being popular because you weren’t already.” Collin said.
Harriette thought about that, would she be happy if she was never popular? She always assumed she would be miserable, but here she was miserable and popular.
“But it’s too late now,” Harriette said, “I’m popular and I don’t want to be a loser. I don’t want to end up like Chris, Gregg and Sacia. Even worse Sonrisa. She fell apart.”
“I’m not telling you stop being popular,” Collin said, “I’m saying maybe if you thought like someone who wasn’t popular then you would be less stressed. How would you act in this situation if you weren’t popular?”
“I wouldn’t have this problem if I wasn’t popular,” Harriette said.
“Imagine you weren’t popular and both all of your friend had Valentine’s but you didn’t” Collin said, “What would you do?”
“I would try to get a date,” Harriette said.
Collin nodded, thinking. “Well now imagine if it didn’t matter who you went on a date as. What if you getting someone to take you on a date wasn’t so easy?”
Harriette smiled, picking it apart like that made her troubles seem a lot more easy. “I don’t want to just date someone because I’m popular so of course they’ll date me. You’re right. That’s my problem, I need to stop thinking like a Popular.”
She hugged Collin, “Thank you!”
“Anytime, I’m always here for you.” Collin said, patting her back.
The next day Harriette entered school with a new bounce in her step and a smile on her face, today she was gonna fix all of her problems. Okay so maybe not, but she’ll look at them in a different way.
Tamarai and DaeRi were waiting at her locker and seeing DaeRi caused the Harriette’s new bounce in her step to fade a bit.
“Hi,” Tamarai said, “You look happy.”
“I am happy,” Harriette said, “All because of Collin.”
They all glanced at Collin who blushed and then told Harriette that he would meet her at homeroom, quickly getting away.
“What happened?” DaeRi asked.
“He told me the the answer to my problems,” Harriette said.
DaeRi’s face lit up, “So who are you going to ask out?”
Harriette laughed, “He didn’t tell me who to ask out, he told me the way to feel better about that. I have to stop thinking like a Popular.”
DaeRi’s face fell, “No. What?”
“He said ‘how would you react to this situation if you weren’t popular,’” Harriette said.
“And what did you say?” Tamarai asked.
“I said I would try to get a date,” Harriette said. “But not like picking through all the guys and picking out the suitable ones, no I would work to get anyone to ask me out.”
“Anyone?” DaeRi said.
“That’s great, Harriette!” Tamarai said, a lot more like the reaction Harriette had wanted, “I’m so glad you’re happier now. I was afraid you were never gonna cheer up.”
The bell rung then, calling them all to their separate homerooms.
By Lunchtime Harriette found out that pretending she wasn’t popular was harder than she thought. With Valentines day next week she already had about five people ask what she was doing and every time she answer with a nonchalant “I don’t know.”
If she wasn’t popular she probably would have just said “I don’t know, I need a date but I have no idea who to ask.” She would have been... Honest. She hated that her Popular Self was a liar.
“Where’s Tamarai?” Harriette asked as she sat down at their table, where DaeRi was the only other person at it.
“With Teddy,” DaeRi said, gesturing to a table a few tables away where the rest of the newspaper/yearbook committee sat. Sitting with them also was Payton, who sometimes sat with them too.
“Hey,” Collin said, sitting next to Harriette said. “What are you guys looking at?”
“Tamarai,” Harriette said.
“Oh, what’s she doing over there?” Collin asked.
“Flirting with Teddy,” DaeRi said, “What a stupid name. Teddy.”
“What’s wrong?” Harriette asked suddenly realising that DaeRi was acting particularly bitter.
DaeRi sighed, “It’s just Payton. I think I should break up with him.”
“What? Why?” Harriette said, shocked. DaeRi had seemed like she liked him so much before.
“This might sound rude but he can’t talk,” she said, “And it was okay before, but have you tried having a conversation with someone who can’t talk? It’s impossible. and sometimes I feel like he’s not listening to me.”
“Is this about prom?” Harriette asked.
“Only a little bit,” DaeRi said, “I just really want to go and isn’t listening to me.”
Harriette sighed, “do you like him?”
DaeRi shrugged, “I don’t know.”
“Are you breaking up with him so you can date another senior?” Harriette asked.
DaeRi’s face changed from her usual pale complexion to a blushing pink,“What? What kind of person do you think I am.”
But the pink said it all, that was exactly what she was planning to do.
“I don’t want to do this anymore,” Harriette shook her head, “You are the most stuck up, obnoxious, single minded, person I have ever met. And quite frankly you don’t deserve to sit here.”
“What?” DaeRi said, now she looked like she was going to cry, “Is it that bad to care about keeping my popularity stance?”
“Maybe not, but the way you’re going about it is all wrong,” Harriette said.
“I’m sorry that I care and you don’t,” DaeRi said, grabbing her stuff and standing up, “I was just trying to help you.”
“And what about Prom?” Harriette said, “That had nothing to do with me.”
“Yeah, but it had nothing to do with popularity either,” DaeRi said, “I just thought that if I went then next year everyone will look at me and think well she’s already done this so she’s cool.”
“That sounds like it has to do with popularity,” Harriette said.
“You’ve changed,” DaeRi said, “And I think if anyone doesn't belong to sit here, it’s you.”
And just like that she was gone, and everyone in the cafeteria was staring at them. Harriette felt her face go red. She glanced at Collin who was just looking at her with a shock expression.
“Wow,” he said, “You have changed, in a good way.”
Harriette grinned and at that moment she felt like nothing really mattered, it didn’t matter if the next day she was a social seper because at least she had Collin. And herself.
Okay, she takes that back, it would matter. Ew, a social leper?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bentley's Drastic Plan and Purity's "Boyfriend"

Bentley's drastic plan
Bentley was tired of school. He doesn’t even like acting, he just didn’t know what else to major in. And going to school everyday feels just like back in high school, he wasn’t very fond of his high school experiences. They felt fake, and now his life feels even more fake.
So he decided he needed to do something drastic, something totally and completely up to the real him. But first he had to figure out who the real him is.
After a particularly boring lecture he decided he needed a break, any kind of break, just to get away from school.
Bentley had lived in the west side forever so he decided that the best thing to find himself would be to go all the way across the country, to New York.
This was drastic, just what he wanted. So he told his school that he was taking a break, figuring he might come back in the fall after spending the rest of this semester and the summer away.
Then he called his parents.
“What why?” was his dad’s reaction.
“Even Fedora’s still in school,” was his mom’s reaction.
“Well,” he explained, “I don’t like school, it feels boring and pointless. So I’m gonna leave and go to the east coast.”
“Where are you gonna get the money for that?” his dad asked.
“Uhm, you?” Bentley said.
His dad laughed, “You’re worthless.”
“Please?” he asked again.
“Whatever you want,” his dad said, “I’ll support you.”
“Thanks,” he said, “So I’m thinking, I’ll come and visit for a week and then leave, probably around Valentine’s day.”
“Okay, then,” his dad said, “See you soon then.”
And that was that.

Purity's "Boyfriend"

Valentine’s day wasn’t so hard for everyone though, take Purity for example. This is her first Valentine’s day with a “boyfriend,” granted, he’s only partially her boyfriend. You could say they were “dating.”
They, as in Purity and Daniel, have been on about ten dates since the Halloween dance, and hung out with each other after school more time than that, but Purity doesn’t know when you call someone your boyfriend officially. Since this is her first boyfriend and all.
They don’t hang out in school much so Purity was genuinely surprised when Daniel came up to her at her locker.
“Hey,” He said, putting his arm around her waist.
“Hi,” she said.
“Got anything special planned for Valentine’s day,” he said.
Purity laughed, “maybe...”
“Oh no,” Daniel said, feigning shock, “Did someone steal you before I could get here?”
“Nope,” Purity said, kissing him on the cheek, “I’m all yours on V-Day.”
“Perfect,” he said, “See you later.”
He gave her a quick peck on the lips and then slipped into the bustling hallway, leaving Purity glowing over the whole encounter. She figured now they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Valentine's Quest part 1

Valentine’s day is coming around the corner, which mean Harriette has to pretend that she doesn’t care about not having a boyfriend. But she cares, a lot. But around this time she can’t let it show, she has to pretend that she’s cool with it or else everyone will think she can’t get a boyfriend.
She can, she just doesn’t want to date some random guy she has no feelings for what so ever.
But this Valentine’s day is looking to be the worst so far, Tamarai has her eyes on this new kid and DaeRi has a boyfriend, though their relationship is rocky. So Harriette will be extra alone.
Harriette liked Valentine’s day a lot more back when she was little, when it was about trading gifts with Collin and going on “dates” with the family.
Not that Harriette hates Valentine’s day, she doesn’t, she still sees some fond things about it. Like swapping gifts with Collin, and going on “dates” with him. Last year they went out to eat at her favorite spot in the city.
But this year Harriette can’t help but feel like a loser if she spends Valentine’s day with Collin again. He’s her brother!
“So we need to get you a boyfriend,” DaeRi announces a ten days before Valentine’s day.
“I’m not dating anyone just for Valentine’s day,” Harriette said, “That’s just lame.”
“But that’s the point, it won’t just be for Valentine’s day,” DaeRi said. “It’ll just start that way, but then you’ll show your charm, and he’ll show his charm, and you’ll fall in love.”
“Who’s ‘he’?” Harriette asked.
“I don’t know yet,” DaeRi said, “But it has to be someone cool.”
“What about that freshman guy, Thomas?” Tamarai asked.
“Who’s Thomas?” Harriette asked. Tamarai always seemed to know the weirdest people.
“He’s a freshman and he’s on the yearbook committee with me,” Tamarai said.
“And he’s not Teddy?” Teddy was the guy tamarai had a crush on.
“Yeah, duh,” Tamarai laughed, “I wouldn’t be trying to pair you up with Teddy.”
“Okay, what does this Thomas guy look like?” Daeri asked.
“Brown curly hair, really green eyes and he’s really tall,” Tamarai said.
“I’m not dating someone tall,” Harriette said, “In case you haven’t noticed I’m barely five feet.”
“Oh... yeah,” Tamarai said. “You’re right, that would be weird.”
“Okay so back to the drawing board,” DaeRi said. Harriette sighed, lately everything DaeRi does is annoying. She’s not sure why, but even this whole quest to find Harriette a boyfriend just grates on her nerves.
“You know, I don’t really care about not having a date,” Harriette said, which was only a little lie. She mostly didn’t care, but she did.
“Fine, but you won’t get away with this forever,” DaeRi said, “People are gonna start noticing, and rumours are gonna be spread. Now I have to go, my boyfriend invited me over to his house for dinner. Hopefully this will clear up all the drama about him not going to prom, which is just unfair.”
Harriette just laughed, “It’s unfair to you because he doesn’t want to go to his senior prom?”
“Yes,” DaeRi said, “I’m his girlfriend and I want to go.”
“Just save it for next year,” Harriette said.
“Whatever,” DaeRi said, “See you guys later.”
“See ya!” Tamarai said.
“Is it just me, or does DaeRi get more annoying day by day,” Harriette asked once she left.
“She does not,” Tamarai said.
“I’m just joking,” Harriette said, even though she wasn’t. She just figured she shouldn’t start Tamarai against her right now.
The truth was DaeRi feared for Harriette’s, and ultimately hers, state of Popularity. Harriette has just been so relaxed lately, not seeming to care about popularity as much.  And Tamarai never cared, so DaeRi figured someone has to care out of them three or they’ll fall on the popularity ladder quickly.
So DaeRi wasn’t giving up this quest to find Harriette someone suitable for Valentines, and she didn’t really care whether Harriette wanted one or not.
The first thing DaeRi needed to do was make a list of all the suitable guys at A.L. High. So after dinner with Payton, which was okay, not stellar since he’s still adamant on not going to prom, she went straight to her room and pulled out her notebook.
“Suitable guys,’ she said to herself. “Well, there’s of course Darian, Bachelor and Preston. But not Preston since he’s my ex.”
She wrote down the two names and continued to think aloud to herself, something she did quite often.
“Hm, there’s Caleb from my math class, he’s cute,” she said, “not exactly popular, but he could be. He’s got the look.”
Suddenly there was a knock on her door.
“Yes?” she asked.
“Who are you talking to?” her mom asked in Korean.
“Myself,” DaeRi replied.
Her mom opened the door and looked around “Good. It’s late. You should be asleep.”
“I’m working on something important,” DaeRi said.
“Homework?” her mom asked.
“Not really,” she said. “But it’s still important, and it has to do with school.”
“Talk slower please,” her mom said, still in Korean. “I don’t understand when you talk so fast.”
DaeRi sighed, “It’s for school.”
“Okay, go to sleep soon.” her mom said.
“Gosh, why can’t she just speak in English?” DaeRi said to herself. She looked down at her notebook, only two names and Harriette has already expressed how she felt both both of them.
“Oh, and Caleb,” DaeRi said, writing it down. “Hm, who else? .... I’m gonna need some help with this, I’ll talk to Tamarai tomorrow.”
And with that she set her notebook down and got ready for bed, the whole thinking of the guys at A.L. High. This was important, Harriette has never had a date for Valentines day, and DaeRi is sure that people notice.
Finally she fell asleep with that thought on her mind and another more worrisome thought, what if Harriette refused to go on a date with someone?

Picture: Collin Brown

Friday, February 1, 2013

So, what's up with Sacia?

This is not what Sacia imagined. When she thought of moving to New York city and trying to start a modeling career she imagined living in a penthouse, making millions off of modeling gig after modeling gig, and spending her weekends shopping at the finest stores. Not this, No.
The reality is that Sacia lives in a small apartment, works at her sister’s salon, and she is lucky if she has one modeling gig.
Things Sacia forgot to factor into her dreams; you don’t start from the top, she’s only 5’5, and money doesn’t appear out of nowhere.
Sacia spends more time sitting around in her apartment alone then she does modeling, either that or spending money she doesn’t have on expensive designer clothes.
So she has a shopping problem, but she likes to ignore that. Everyday she wakes up thinking that today will be the day, the day she’ll get the biggest gig and be able to pay off all the credit card bills that she’s hidden under bed.
And everyday she get’s disappointed.
“You need to stop shopping,” her sister, Simone, said one day after seeing the pile of shopping bags full of various sparkling garments.
“What do you mean?” Sacia asked, cleaning a  bunch of clothes off the couch so they could sit down.
“I mean this,” Simone said walking across the room and picking up some of the bags. Sacia watched as one by one Simone pulled out sparkling dresses, shoes, purses, skirts, and shirts.
“I bought those,” Sacia said.
“With what money?” Simone asked.
“Uh, the money I make from working at the salon,” Sacia said.
Simone studied one of the price tags, “Girl, I don’t even pay you enough to afford one of these.”
“Well I model too,” Sacia defended herself, though she was well aware that she had no money for this kind of shopping.
Simone shook her head, “When was the last time you had a gig?”
“Uh,” Sacia pondered, when was the last time she modeled? “I think it was that catalog shoot.”
Simone just laughed, “You need help.”
Sacia shrugged and sunk down onto the couch. She hated this couch. It was a dull brown color, a “gift” from Simone. More like Simone’s leftovers. Sacia couldn’t help but feel resentment towards Simone, Simone was actually going somewhere.
After graduating Cosmetology school last year she took over her girlfriend’s salon, renamed it “Simonetta’s hair and makeup” and now she had a booming business. Simone lived in a nice apartment, and has a way better couch than this stupid thing.
“I hate my life,” Sacia sighed. “Look at this. It’s a mess. I should have just went to college.”
“Look you can still fix this,” Simone said, “If you really want to go to college then apply. And return all these clothes.”
“But I love these clothes,” Sacia said.
“Do you realise that you’re only eighteen and already deep in debt?” Simone said, “You need to stop.”
Sacia nodded, “Okay fine. Help me.”
“Good,” Simone said, “Let’s start with taking care of these clothes.”
Sacia just sighed. Just how did she let her life get so messed up?


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