Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sonrisa pt 6; “Ugh, goodbye sounds so final.”

Monday came way too fast for Sacia Moretti, she was sitting on her back porch on Monday morning, trying to forget that her best friend was leaving that day.
“Sacia, your friend is here.” Her mom called out to her. Sacia sighed, that must be Bryan here to pick her up for school. She quickly said goodbye to her mom and ran out to the car.
“Okay, let’s go.” She said as she got in the car.
“No greeting for me?” Bryan said, looking offended.
Sacia glared at him. “I don’t feel like greeting people today.”
“Okay.” Bryan said quickly, pulling out of the driveway. They drove the rest of the way in silence.
Sacia jumped out of the car as soon as they stopped. “See you later.” She waved and ran up the steps into the school and to her locker.
“Hey, Sacia.” Fedora said as Sacia walked up the her locker. “You can get in trouble for running in the halls
“Hey.” Sacia said opening her locker and putting her bag in it and ignoring Fedora’s last comment.
“Sonny’s leaving today, right?” Fedora asked.
“Yep. “ Sacia said, not looking at fedora.
“Hey, come on,” Fedora said, seeing that she was upset, “cheer up.”

“I won’t.” Sacia said, closing her locker and turning to Fedora and crossing her arms. “I don’t need to.”
“Okay.” Fedora said, annoyed. “But don’t expect me to be sad with you.”
“You suck.” Sacia said, abruptly turning around and walking away leaving Fedora by herself.
“Hey.” Bryan said as Sacia walked up to the lunch table, so far school had been uneventful and Sacia was glad about that.
“Hey.” Sacia said. She noticed Fedora was not there, “where is Fedora.?”
“She went to get ice cream with AeGuk” Bryan said.
“Ice cream in the middle of the school day.” Sacia said, opening up her lunch. “So Fedora.”
“Yeah.” Bryan said.
“Why didn’t you go?” Sacia asked, taking a bite of the pasta her mom had made her for lunch.
“I didn’t want to leave you here.” Bryan said, shrugging.
“Well, okay.” Sacia said.
They ate silently until Fedora ran up to their table, gathering looks from people on the way. She had a ice cream cone in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.
“I got you a present.” She announced as she sat down. She slid the bag over to Sacia and Sacia opened it with caution.
“A muffin? where did you go that sold ice cream and muffins?” Sacia asked, amused.
“There was a coffee shop next to the ice cream parlor, duh.” Fedora said, shrugged and continued to eat her ice cream.
“Where’s AeGuk?” Bryan asked.
“Yeah, I think I lost him, I raced him back to the school.” Fedora shrugging again. “I guess he couldn’t handle my speed.”
Sacia laughed, “you’re insane”
“At least I got you to laugh.” Fedora said.
Sacia shrugged, “well a muffin is better then whatever my mom packed for desert.”
“What is it?” Fedora said, in between licks of her ice cream.
“Umm...” Sacia said as she opened the lid to one of her container. “Store bought sugar cookies.”
“Yum.” Fedora said, grabbing them. “My mom never buys store bought cookies, all she does is make healthy stuff, ew.”
“Where is your lunch anyway?” Sacia asked.
Fedora shrugged, “oh, I just threw that out, I had planned to eat at school, but then I saw how disgusting the food was so I got ice cream instead.”
Sacia shook her head and went back to eating.
After school Sacia drove straight to Sonrisa’s house. Sonny was sitting on the front steps when Sacia arrived, Sacia noticed the moving vans on the street.
“Hey.” Sacia said, sitting next to Sonny.
“Hey.” Sonrisa said. “How was school?”
“The usual.” Sacia said, shrugging. “Long and boring.”
“Yeah, so was my day,” Sonrisa said, “just packing, packing and packing.”
“Well, you have like the biggest house in town, of course it’s going to take a long time to pack.”
“Well, I don’t like to brag but, it is pretty big? isn’t it?” Sonrisa laughed.
“What does the house in Spain look like, have you seen it?” Sacia asked.
“Oh, it’s nice.” Sonrisa said. “A little smaller. I still get my own master bathroom though, if I didn’t then I would just stay here. That is a necessity”
Sacia laughed, “you’re are such a rich person,”
“Always and forever.” Sonrisa said.
“Risa!” Sonny’s mom called. “Time to go.”
“Oh, well.” Sonny said getting up. “Do you want to come with us, to the airport?
“No, I think I’ll just say good bye here.” Sacia said, also getting up.
“Well then, goodbye.” Sonny said, hugging Sacia. “I’ll email you everyday.”
“I’ll text you everyday.” Sacia said, pulling away. “I’ll miss you.”
“I’ll miss you more.” Sonrisa said.
“Goodbye.” Sacia said.
“Ugh, goodbye sounds so final.” Sonrisa said. “I hate this.”
“I hate this more.” Sacia said.
“Of course you do, you have to be stay here stuck with Fedora and the losers.” Sonny said.
“Um, yeah.” Sacia said quietly.
“After I graduate, I’m coming back to save you, okay?” Sonny said.
“Okay.” Sacia said.
“Risa!” Sonrisa’s mom called again.
“Well, I gotta go.” Sonny said, “see you later.”
“Yeah.” Sacia said as she walked away to her car.
“Have fun with the losers!” She heard Sonny call as she pulled out of the driveway.
“They’re not losers.” She wanted to call out, but she didn’t, she just drove away silently, ready to move on.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Drabble Drop; Friendship

"Locker Buddies"
Purity Pai and Lexi Bell were ‘locker buddies” as Lexi liked to call it. They met up at their lockers every morning, Lexi always said hi and tried to start a conversation. Purity on the other hand, thought Lexi was just another ditzy cheerleader, her overly peppy attitude annoyed her.
Lexi was oblivious to this though, she thought Purity was cute and shy, which is what everyone thought Purity was when they first meet her. Purity didn’t talk much because she was a little shy and because she didn’t want to, which made everyone think she was extremely shy.
“Hi.” Lexi said one day as they did their usual morning locker routine.
“Hello.” Purity said, putting her bag into her locker.
“How was your weekend?” Lexi asked.
“Fine.” Purity said.
“Yeah?” Lexi said.
“Um , yeah.” Purity said, ‘that is what I just said’ Purity thought. Lexi did that a lot, say “yeah?” whenever someone said something.
“Well, bye.” Lexi said, as she saw some other cheerleaders pass. Purity watched as she ran up to join them.
Purity sighed, wondering what she did to deserve this.

War Zone
Fedora always said she didn’t like drama, but she always started it, or she continues the drama Sacia started. Being at the table with Sacia and Fedora was like being in a war zone, they were always arguing, Fedora didn’t like how obsessed with popularity Sacia was and Sacia didn’t like that Fedora thought she was so above popularity.
Sure They could hang out without fighting, they were friends. But they always made fun of each other, that is just how their friendship worked.
But even with all this fighting, Bryan and AeGuk still sat at the table everyday, eating quietly as Sacia and Fedora fought about whatever.


Tracy Knight was a perfectionist. She liked everything to be perfect all the time. She spent hours every morning getting ready, but she always had to wake up at six o’clock, because it was her lucky number, even though she had to be at school at  eight o’clock, which gave her only two hours to get ready, and she needed more then that to look perfect.
Which meant she was always late, which just upsets her even more, because late isn’t perfect. She had to sit in the front of class in the center, or she threw a fit, which got her into detention multiple times.
She always brought her own lunch because, well, the cafeteria food was disgusting and really anyone who did not bring though own lunch were sort of crazy.
Anyway, her lunch was always set up the same, her salad in the corner, whatever entree she prepared in the center and her drink in the other corner. Her napkin was folded, perfectly, at the side of the plate with her silver ware at their respective places.
All this made it sort of hard to be friends with her, as Heather Butler knew. She was Tracy’s best friend. They knew each other since kindergarten and have been best friends ever since Heather helped Tracy get the color crayon she wanted.
Heather had stuck by her side no matter how crazy her requests became. Like the time she yelled at the ice cream parlor owners because her ice cream was lopsided.
Yeah it became tough sometimes, and sort of embarrassing.

Sonrisa pt 6; “She had a...problem.”

“She’s leaving this Monday. “ Sacia said to Fedora. They were sitting on Sacia’s back porch talking about Sonrisa.
“Oh, that’s to bad.” Fedora said, trying to sound sympathetic, though she couldn’t care less.
“I know you don’t care.” Sacia said. “You were the one giving her looks at the party.”
“Don’t tell me she is leaving because she can’t handle my looks.” Fedora scoffed.
“She isn’t, she was going to leave anyway.” Sacia said. “She said she thought it would be better that way.”
“Why?” Fedora asked.
Sacia looked down. “She had a...problem.”
“What kind of problem?” Fedora asked, curiously.
“If I tell you, you cannot give her any looks,” Sacia stopped, looking over at her, “you know what, you should just stay away from her.”
“Do you not trust me?” Fedora said, laughing, but stopped when she saw Sacia was serious. “Okay, whatever. I didn’t really want to be around her anyway.”
“She had a...” Sacia paused.
“Does it have anything to do with cupcakes?” Fedora joked.
“Sort of?” Sacia said, looking up a Fedora.
“Wait, really?” Fedora said, raising her eyebrows. “Did she have a...”
Sacia shrugged. “Yes?”
“She had a eating problem?”
Sacia looked down.
“I was right!” Fedora said, jumping up. “She is, like, better now, right?”
“Of course, she is leaving cause she doesn’t like the pressure to be popular.” Sacia said, looking up at Fedora. “Look, you cannot tell anyone, not even Bryan.”
“Okay, I wont.” Fedora said. “So you were afraid she wouldn’t eat the cupcakes?”
“Yeah.” Sacia said.
“Oh, well. She did.” Fedora said. “And so did I, they were awesome! I should ask Harriette where she got them.”
Sacia laughed, “You are insane.”
“I can’t help it, I was born with it.” Fedora said. “Well, I better get home, if I wanna catch lunch before Bentley gets home.”
“Okay, bye.” Sacia said, getting up. “I’m going to be hanging out with Sonny for the rest of the day so, call me tomorrow.”
“Yep.” Fedora said. “See you later alligator.”
Sacia did spend the rest of the day with Sonny, they went out for lunch at Sonny’s favorite sushi place and then they went shopping and bought a bunch of stuff, including friendship bracelets. Then they went to watch a movie, then they ate at Sacia’s house, since Sacia’s Mom said she had to be home for dinner, because her sister’s were still visiting. Then they all went out for ice cream. Finally Sonrisa went home and Sacia tried to get some sleep.
But all she could think about was how Sonny was leaving on Monday. Sacia had waited two years for Sonrisa to come back and now that she had, she was leaving.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture: AeGuk Baek

Fixed a Story Post

okay, well I was just going through the blog and I noticed that Sonrisa pt 2 was cut short, so I fixed that. So click here to finish it, so sorry about that. I hope you do back and finish it, because it would make some of the more recent ones make a lot more sense.

Sonrisa pt 5; “You know what, Sacia?”

“Hey, Sacia?” Sonrisa said, running up to Sonrisa, who was hanging out with Bryan. The party had been going on for about two hours now and Sonrisa was getting bored of feigning interest in whatever Harriette was talking about.
“Yeah?” Sacia asked, looking worried.
“Come on, I’m tired.” Sonrisa said. “And seriously, Harriette is more then annoying, why again did we even hang out with her before?”
“I don’t even know.” Sacia said, she turned to Bryan. “Tell Fedora I left, okay?”
“Okay.” Bryan said, smiling.
“Good, bye.” Sacia said, following Sonrisa out the door.
“You didn’t tell anyone, right?” Sonrisa said, as soon as they got in the car. This was something that was bugging her throughout the whole party, Fedora kept looking at her weird and she didn’t like it.
“What?” Sacia said, shocked.
“You know what I mean, about why I left.” Sonrisa said, annoyed.
“I didn’t.” Sacia said. “Why would I?”
“But Fedora kept giving me looks.” Sonrisa said.
“Fedora doesn't like you. You called her fat on so many occasions, of course she is giving you looks.” Sacia turned on the car and pulled out.
“But she kept asking me weird questions about the food and why I left and stuff.” Sonrisa said.
“Sonny, you’re being paranoid.” Sacia said.
“Good, ‘cause I already get enough of that stuff at home.” Sonny said, rolling her eyes.
“You know what, Sacia?” Sonrisa said after a driving silently for awhile. “I really do feel better. Like happier. I don’t even care about being popular anymore, which is a big relief, because that was taking over my life before, especially if being popular means hanging out with Harriette.”
“That’s good.” Sacia said, nodding.
“I think the whole experience just made me a stronger person.” Sonrisa said.
“Good.” Sacia said. They drove quietly for a while until Sonrisa finally spoke up again.
“That’s why I’m going with my family to Spain.” Sonrisa said, quickly.
“How long?” Sacia asked as they pulled into Sonrisa’s driveway.
“We’re moving.” Sonrisa said, looking at Sacia, trying to gauge her reaction, she looked shocked. “I’ll probably stay there for the rest of high school.”
“But you just got here.”
“My parents thought it would be better if I said goodbye in person, that’s why I didn’t just go there right away.” Sonrisa said, she looked over at Sacia and could she was upset. “I’m sorry. But I don’t want to stay here. All the people and places here just give me bad memories. Just being at that party and remembering the pressure to be popular and pretty was bad for me.”
Sacia just stared ahead quietly, Sonrisa could tell she was upset.
“Of course not you, Sacia.” Sonrisa said. “I’ll write and call you all the time. And I’ll come visit, or you could come visit me, either way is fine. I’ll miss you.”
“Yeah.” Sacia said quietly.
“I’m leaving on Monday, so we still have the weekend.” Sonrisa said, trying to be positive.
Sacia just nodded nodded.
Sonrisa nodded, she could tell Sacia wanted to be alone then. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Bye.” Sacia said.
Sonrisa got out of the car and watched as Sacia drove away, she knew she was doing the right thing by leaving, but she couldn’t help but be sad. She was leaving her best friend, who had stuck with her throughout the whole ordeal.
‘But now I need to do this myself’ She thought as Sacia’s car turned the corner and she could no longer see it.

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New Layout

updated the layout.

Drabble Drop; Popularity

The Plan
Fedora remembered, back in elementary when she and Harriette were unpopular together. They were both losers. They could hang out together in school, before Harriette became obsessed with popularity.
To be honest Fedora gave Harriette her popularity. Fedora thought she was going to move to NYC with her fathers so she wanted Harriette to be happy when she left so she thought of the big plan, the plan that changed everything.
They would have a fake fight, make everyone believe that Harriette didn’t like Fedora anymore. It worked a little to well.
Harriette immediately started hanging out with the populars at the time, Sacia, Surprise, Chrisselle and Greggory. And they, of course, accepted her into the clique, she was cute and totally popular material.
But the Fedora figured out she didn’t have to move, but Harriette kept with the plan. She always wanted to be popular and now she was, why would she give it up. Fedora hated it, Harriette just got more like the other Populars.
Ever since then it was predicted that she would take over the populars and she did. It wasn’t slow at all either, it just seemed like one day Sacia, Sonrisa, Chriss and Greggory were popular and the next, they were not. Nobody really knows what happened, except maybe the old Populars, but why would they tell everyone how they got kicked out?
Only some people know that Harriette and Fedora are still friends. Tamarai knew and Fedora’s friends knew. Other then that everyone thought they hated each other. She didn’t know where it turned into hate, because at the start they just weren’t friends any more. but you know high school, rumours spread faster then a wild fire.

Lexi and the Cheerleaders
Lexi Bell thought she was popular, but in truth she was only friend with the cheerleaders because, she was a cheerleader. She realised this the first day after winter break. All of the Cheerleaders were talking about what they did during spring break. Lexi realised, that they had all done something together, without her.
Knowing this made Lexi feel out of it. Like a third wheel, except there were a lot more then three people. Lexi realised she was not close friends with anyone, well other then her cousin who went to a all girls private school across town. But even with her cousin, her cousin had more friends form the private school. Lexi thought she had friends too, up until then.
So, she made the decision to try to be more close with the cheerleaders, so she could also be part of the clique.
Ever since then, she tried and tried, but honestly the cheerleaders were pretty dull. In her opinion at least. Sure, they did a lot of fun stuff, like shopping, Lexi loved shopping, and going to parties and stuff, who doesn’t like a party? But all they talked about were boys, makeup, and popularity. Sure, Lexi like boys, makeup and popularity, but she didn’t really like talking about them all the time.
Eventually she learned how to block out all of that. She would sit with them at lunch and laugh when they laughed or look interested when they looked interested.
Lexi wondered if this was how her whole life would be spent, trying to fit in and make friends. It’s not like she was obsessed with it or anything, she just didn’t want to be outside of the circle, she felt like she belonged there. Because she was a cheerleader. And she really didn’t want to be alone, so faking it was better for now. She was sure one day she would make real friends, she had to right?

Sacia’s Ranting.
Fedora was sitting at lunch listening to another one Sacias rants about how she should be popular and not the ditzy cheerleaders. AeGuk looked super bored and Bryan was trying to look interested, but failing.
“I mean, I’m sure they don’t even know what two plus two is.” Sacia said.
“Neither do you.” Fedora said.
Sacia rolled her eyes.
Fedora shrugged, “Don’t try to deny it.”
“But that’s not the point,” Sacia said, changing the subject. “I should be popular. Instead I’m sitting at the major dweebs table, with you.”
“Thanks a lot.” Fedora said, sarcastically.
But Fedora was used to this, Sacia always dissed them. With no real back u either, since she could always move to Chriss and Gregg’s table.
“It’s true though.” Sacia said, shrugging. “Everyone knows, we are dweebs, we are worse then Terrence and Bary, the nerds.”
“So what, I don’t care. I like our table.” Fedora said, to her it didn’t matter what they were called as long as she was happy.
“You do.” Sacia said. “I don’t.”
“Then why don’t you sit with Chrisselle and Gregg, your old friends” Fedora said.
“You know, Chrisselle is just another example of what is wrong with this social system.” Sacia said, ignoring Fedora. “She is a cheerleader, but she isn’t popular because she hangs out with Gregg. Seriously why do we have to be judged by who we hang out with.”
“That’s life.” Fedora said, shrugging.
“It’s shouldn’t be.” Sacias said.
“But it is!” Fedora said, annoyed. “We just have to deal with it. After we graduate, we can escape this and move on. But for now, it’s only high school.”
“Only high school? Me and Sonrisa used to dream about having the best high school ever, when we were popular. Now here it is the wonderful high school and I’m not popular and Sonrisa isn’t even here.”
“Will you please calm down.” Fedora said. Sonrisa was Sacia’s best friend who moved away a two years ago.
“Whatever.” Sacia said.
“Let’s go get ice cream after school.” Fedora said, trying to change the subject. “I seriously need some, ever since my mom banned it from the house, because I kept sneaking some.”
“So? Stop sneaking some.” Sacia said. “Stop eating so much, then you’ll get it back.”
“But I like eating.” Fedora said.
“You know what I don’t get, how people can be happy that they’re unhealthy. It’s not something to be happy about.” Sacia said.
“Shut up.” Fedora said, she hated talking about her what she ate, it just made her mad. “I don’t care what you think, all you ever do is rant.”
“Um, lets not fight.” Bryan said.
“Whatever, I don’t have the energy anyway.” Fedora said.
“See, you don’t have any energy.” Sacia said, shrugging.
“I do, I just don’t want to waste it on you.” Fedora said.
“Whatever.” Sacia said, getting up. “I’m going.”
“Bye.” Fedora said, waving.
“See you later.” Bryan said.
“If she ever goes on another rant, I’m leaving.” Fedora said.
“I understand.” AeGuk said, sympathetically.
“It’s not that bad.” Bryan said.
“Oh come on, she’s gone. Don’t pretend you actually care.” Fedora said.
“I do.” Bryan said.
“Whatever.” Fedora said rolling her eyes.

Picture: Lexi Bell