Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

New years eve and Harriette, Collin, Fedora, Tamarai, and Bentley were sitting in the living room in front of the TV watching the live coverage of the time square ball drop.
“Next year I’m gonna be there,” Fedora said, “I’ll bring you with me.”
“That would be awesome,” Harriette said.
“I’ve been there before, you know?” Fedora said, “Have I told you about that time? I was only four years old and my dad decided that he wanted to take me to see the ball drop. My mom had a fit, she said it wasn’t safe for me to go out into the city so late at night but of course my dad prevailed, he always does. I don’t remember it much, I was only four years old as I said. But I remember the screaming, the count down, the riot afterwards. People milling about, hugging strangers, someone hugged me even though I was only four. It was crazy and even when I was four I thought that craziness was fun.”
“Oh, wow,” Harriette said.
“Hey, what are you guy’s new years resolutions?” Tamarai asked.
“Hm,” Harriette said, “I don’t know.”
“Mine is to do ten totally insane things every month,” Fedora said.
“Like what?” Harriette asked.
“Uhm, like driving around naked in my car,” Fedora said.
Harriette made a face, “Is that legal?”
“Duh,” Fedora said. “I wouldn’t do anything illegal, I do want to be a lawyer.”
“That’s insane,” Tamarai said.
“Well that was my point,” Fedora said. “Gotta live life to the fullest. I won’t be able to do crazy stuff like that when I’m a lawyer, then I’ll have to be professional.”
“Anyway,” Tamarai said, “What’s yours, Collin?
“I don’t know,” Collin said.
“Hmph,” Tamarai sighed, “Well mine is to lose weight.”
Fedora frowned, “Why?”
“Because,” Tamarai said, “I’ve obviously gained a few pounds and I want to be slimmer.”
Fedora just shrugged, “Whatever you say.”
“Also,” Tamarai said, “Join more extracurricular activities, maybe a sport. And get my driver license, study more, talk to more people, audition for a school play, and go to every school dance. Other than Prom of course, unless a senior asks.”
“You sure are going to be busy,” Collin said.
“Yes, but in a good way,” Tamarai said, “Me and DaeRi are doing it together, except she’ll probably go to prom since she’s dating Payton.”
Harriette frowned, the idea of DaeRi going to prom before her upsetted her. Of course she didn't let it show too much, except for the frown, that came out accidentally.
“I just thought of mine,” Harriette said, “To be nicer and to get a boyfriend.”
“Aw,” Tamarai said, “That’s sweet.”
Fedora just laughed, “Cop out. To be nicer? That’s a basic one, and to get a boyfriend? Is that really that important?”
“Shut up,” Harriette said, “Those are my resolutions. I also don’t want to base everything I do on popularity.”
“Now that’s a good one,” Fedora said, though she doubted Harriette would stick to it.
“Okay, Bentley, how about you?” Tamarai asked.
Bentley shrugged, “just to have a good time I guess.”
Fedora laughed, again, “cop out! You guys are such losers. Mine is a real resolution.”
“Well, no need to be rude,” Tamarai said.
Just then the doorbell rung and Fedora jumped up, “It’s probably AeGuk,” she said.
And she was right, AeGuk and DaeRi had arrived. They couldn’t stay till twelve because AeGuk was nervous about driving around at twelve o’clock.
“But everyone will be inside then,” Fedora said when he told her.
“O-or everyone will will be d-driving home th-th-then,” AeGuk said.
“No, that is incorrect,” Fedora said, “Nobody leaves at twelve o’clock.
“And n-neither will I,” AeGuk said, “So I’ll b-be on the street... w-w-with a bunch of of other sssleep deprived d-drivers.”
“Nobody is sleep deprived at twelve o’clock,” Fedora said.
They went on like this for awhile until finally AeGuk lost. Nobody won against Fedora. But unlike AeGuk DaeRi had a real reason, Payton had invited her over to his house where they were going to play games with his family. And since Payton refused to get into cars ever since his accident AeGuk would have to drop her off.
But they could stay for a while.
“We were just asking about new  years resolutions, what are yours?” Tamarai asked once everyone settled down.
“Oh,” DaeRi said, “You already know mine. Plus I want to keep a diary and write in it everyday, I already do but I want to keep it up. Maybe I’ll finish one of my stories.”
“T-to get in-into one my c-colleges of ch-choice,” AeGuk said.
“Like Harvard,” Fedora said, nudging him.
“Y-y-y-y-y-,” AeGuk stuttered, “yeah.”
“That’s sweet,” Tamarai said.
They talk for a little longer until Aeguk has to go to drop DaeRi off at Paytons. They all say good bye and Fedora make a few jabs at how lame Payton’s family is and then they are gone and they are left alone again.
It’s now eleven o’clock and Tamarai was starting to get tired so Fedora said they should play some games.
“Ha, after all you said about Payton’s family you want to play games?” Harriette laughed.
“Yeah, but now if people are falling asleep we need to,” Fedora said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
After rummaging through the game cupboard Fedora pulled out Twister.
“Ah, yes, good ole Twister,” she said opening the box. She pushed the coffee table aside with the help of Collin and then set up the mat.
“Who wants to spin?” Fedora asked.
“I will,” Collin said.
“You’re so boring,” Fedora said, handing him the spinner anyway.
After playing for about fifteen minutes, which included Fedora elbowing Harriette at least twice, on purpose or not nobody will ever know. Tamarai always got out pretty quickly, which Fedora and Harriette going for long lengths of time because they were both pretty flexible, with Fedora being a dancer and having a short stint with gymnastics and Harriette being a cheerleader.
But Fedora won every time, due to the elbowing.
AeGuk came back around eleven thirty, when they were all sitting on the couch tired out form Twister.
“Wow, w-w-what happened h-here?” he asked after finding all of them slouching on the couch.
“We played some hardcore games of Twister,” Fedora said. “I won them all.”
“By cheating,” Harriette said, “I’m gonna have a bruise on my arm from her elbow.”
“No pain, no gain,” Fedora said.
AeGuk joined them on the couch and they all stared at the television for ten minutes in silence.
“I know what we need,” Fedora said, breaking the silence, “Snacks!”
She jumped up,”who wants to help?”
“I will,” Harriette said, “I am the hostess.”
“Cool,” Fedora said, “snack time.”
Harriette’s mom was not there because she went over to Fedora’s mom’s house for a more “adult” celebration.
“They’re gonna drink alcohol,” Fedora whispered to Harriette after their parents explained the situation.
So they were on their own for the night. “Snacks” consisted of cinnabuns that Harriette’s mom had made beforehand, some cheese and crackers, and chips and dip. After gathering all of that and putting them on a platter they joined the rest of them out in the livingroom where they were talking about favorite moments of 2012.
“You wanna know mine?” Fedora asked after joining them on the couch and eating two cinnabuns.
“Go ahead,” Collin said.
“When I got accepted to Harvard,” Fedora said. “That was great. And prom. And graduation. And of course my summer vacation in NYc, plus actually going to Harvard. This year was great.”
Harriette contemplated hers for a long time, “I think mine was Christmas and having Fedora home again. It’s like the old times.”
“Aw, thanks,” Fedora said.
“Hey look,” Tamarai said, gesturing to the screen, the sixty second countdown had begun.
“Wow, time sure did fly,” Fedora said.
They watched the screen as the time ticked down. 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10.
“Ten!” Fedora exclaimed, the ten second countdown beginning.
“Eight! Five! Four! Three! Two!” They chanted.
“One!” they all yelled and jumped up, hugging each other and Fedora yelling random things for the fun of it.
“Happy new years!” they said over and over again.
Finally at 12:05 they all headed upstairs super tired and exhausted from all that yelling, ready for some sleep. It was officially 2013, a new year.

Year Review

January: The Letter
She could not believe it, she gathered up the papers that fell and then ran down to the kitchen where she knew her mom probably still be looking at the mail.
“Mom!” Fedora said, running into the kitchen.
“Don’t run in the kitchen,” her mom said, not even looking up form the mail, “it’s dangerous.”
“Guess who’s going to Harvard!” Fedora exclaimed.
“Who?” Her mom answered.
“Guess,” Fedora said rolling her eyes.
Her mom stared at her then smiled, “Was that the ‘junk mail’ you were opening?”
“Ding ding ding,” Fedora said, “we have a winner!”
“That’s great,” her mom said.
“It’s better then great!” Fedora said.
“I guess we better celebrate,” her mom said, looking annoyed.
“Can I have my friends over?” Fedora asked, ignoring her mom not so enthusiastic reaction, “I can’t wait to tell them.”
“Okay,” her mom said, shrugging.
“Thanks,” Fedora said running out of the kitchen and up to her bedroom where she collapsed on her bed. All this excitement was tiring her out.
She was going to Harvard, really going to Harvard. She was already on the right track to become the best lawyer ever!
(Full story here)

February: Polyvore!
There was no real stories in February, just a lot of clothes posts. I was a tad bit obsessed with Polyvore.
Here’s a little preview:


March: Two stories and my failed plan to post every Saturday.

Dear Diary
Sometimes AeGuk is really annoying, today I was practicing Korean since we might stay with Grandma over the summer and my Korean sucks. So anyway, he was helping me and but he kept laughing at me when I said things wrong. Ugh. After a while I just gave up.
Sometimes I think AeGuk thinks he’s so much better then me because he’s older and smart. I’m smart. If I told this to anyone they’d probably think I was lying, because when he’s with other people he’s all shy and stuttery, well he’s stuttery with everyone, but much less so when at home.
Oh, the phones ringing, Tamarai said she’d call so I bet it’s her.
It is, so that’s my entry for today.
WL (Write Later,ㅋㅋㅋ)
P.S. ㅋㅋㅋ means kekeke, which is basically laughing Korean. See I actually know something. ㅋㅋㅋ
(Full story here)

From now on I am going to post a new story every week on Saturday, unless I am busy all day.

Spring Break Plans
“You’re right,” Fedora said. “I’ll probably get invited to go somewhere with Harriette’s fam. We always do.”
“True,” Sacia said.
“Or I could spend it in your backyard,” Fedora said.
Sacia laughed, “prime vacation spot, my backyard.”
“Hey, you have a pool,” Fedora said, “That makes it pretty great.”
(Full story here)

April: Prom! and other stuff. (I wrote a lot in April)

Graduating Blues
It was already April and you could tell that people were realising just how soon graduation was, still two more months but those two months felt very small.
Fedora was always excited to graduate high school, ever since she started school she couldn’t wait for it to be over but now that it was coming to a close she wanted it to last forever. She had friends who she didn’t know if she’d ever see again after high school. Of course, she would see Bryan, he was her cousin, and Sacia planned to move to NYC, which was Fedora’s favorite place in the world, so there was a strong possibility of still keeping in contact with her. But what about AeGuk, he wasn’t graduating till next year and he planned to stay in California and that was across the country from Massachusetts, where she was going to college, so what if she never saw him again. She didn’t want to think about that.

(Full story here)

Karina shrugged, “he just always seems out of it when he’s with me.”
“Maybe he’s cheating on you,” Abigail said, “that’s one of the signs of a cheating boyfriend.”
“Bentley’s not like that,” Karina said.
Abigail shrugged, “maybe, but maybe he is.”
“No,” Karina said, “I’m not going to let you fill my brain with doubts and insecurities.”
“I’m just saying what I think,” Abigail said. Karina sighed, Abigail always said what she thought, and most of the time it was bad. She can’t keep secrets to save her life and probably by tomorrow everyone is going to be talking about how Bentley is cheating on Karina. She was the queen of gossip.
(Full story here)

Prom Outfits

(Full post here)

A.L. Prom
The prom was beautiful, they were fairy lights all over the ceiling, sort of looking like stars, a band was playing some music, the refreshment table had some punch and cookies, there was tables and chairs spread out in the corners and in the center the dance floor, which people were already dancing on, and a photographer waiting to take someone’s photo.
“It’s exactly the way I imagined,” Karina said.
(Full story here)

Sad about leaving...
“Am I the only one sad to be leaving this school,” Fedora asked.
“Probably,” Bryan said, he had just appeared and sat down next to Sacia.
“Oh, hi,” Sacia said.
Fedora frowned, “but what are the chances we’re ever going to see any of these people again?”
“Pretty high,” Sacia said.
“Not for me,” Fedora said, “I mean I’m going to college all the way in massachusetts and then I’ll be going to law school, in massachusetts, and then I’m moving to New York, so there is no reason for me to ever come back to California, unless I wanted to visit my family.”
(Full story here)

Fedora and Bentley
She hated him, she hated when he acted all brother-y, like he actually cared, when she knew he didn’t like her. Nobody ever likes their step siblings
“It’s like he’s asking to be punched in the face or something, “ Fedora said to Harriette later that day, she called her right after breakfast and went over to her house instead of writing her report. Now they were sitting in Harriette’s bedroom talking about Bentley.
“Did you ever think that he actually likes you,” Harriette said, “like as a brother, of course.”
“No,” Fedora said, “no one likes their step siblings.”
(Full story here)

More on Bentley
“Hey,” he said the next morning.
Fedora just ignored him and poured herself a bowl of cereal.
“Sorry about yesterday,” Bentley said, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”
Now Fedora stared at him, “oh really? You didn’t think that calling someone fat would offend them, that’s nice.”
“I didn’t mean to call you fat,” he tried to explain, “I just meant that you didn’t look like your mom.”
Fedora continued to ignore him.
“Fine,” Bentley said, getting up from the table, “see you later.”
(Full story here)

May: A lot about graduation and another failed plan

Graduation week failure and fedora the Valedictorian
Note: For the next seven days I'll be posting a story every day that has to do with Graduation, leading up to the longer story about graduation day. So I hope you enjoy it.
Graduation day was only a week away, and well let’s just say Fedora was procrastinating on writing her speech.
It was no surprise that Fedora was Valedictorian, everyone knew she was the smartest person in school.

(Full story here)
Fedora’s graduation Outfit
“You’re not really going to wear that are you?” Sacia said, hoping that Fedora was joking around when she showed her her graduation outfit.
“Why not?” Fedora asked.
“Because you’re supposed to wear formal wear,” Sacia said, “not a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.”
“It’s not any t-shirt,” Fedora said, “It’s a graduation t-shirt, I have to wear it, what other time will I be able to wear it?”
(Full post here)

Slumber party
But Chris couldn’t stop thinking about one slumber party they had, just  a year ago. It was Harriette’s attempt at making the populars and the losers mesh. It was terrible! At one point Fedora left the room crying because Sonrisa wouldn’t stop making fat jokes. The party ended up splitting into two different slumber parties, the Populars and the Losers.
Chris hoped this time nobody would leave the room crying, sure it’s been a year and they were all sort of losers now, but Sonrisa was always going to be Sonrisa.
(Full story here)

June: Graduation!

“Now I guess I should thank some people, because that’s what people do in these speeches. I thank our parents, even if mine didn’t really do much to help me, I thank our teachers, even if they gave me too much homework “
(Full story here)

Summer plans
Fedora loved New York City, so when her dad brought up the idea of staying with him for the summer Fedora jumped at the chance. A whole summer in New York City? It was going to be awesome.
But first her mom had to agree.
Her mom was tough, she never let her do anything fun so she knew she would have to warm up to the idea first. Sadly her dad disagreed and told her mom the same day he told Fedora.
(Full story here)

July and August: Summer break, no posts!

September: A whole new year.

Summer came, Summer went
Summer came, Summer went and now it was time to get back to school.
Harriette could feel it in the air, this year was going to be different. Even more different than just the fact that all the seniors are gone, though that will be very strange. But no, she sensed that something big was gonna happen this year, she just hoped it wasn’t gonna be bad.
(Full story here)

It’s hard to be Popular
Harriette was sure she had told at least 20 people about her summer traveling with her family, and each one of those people were more fascinated than the last. But Harriette didn’t mind, she loved the attention. Just another reminder of exactly how popular she was.
Finally she arrived at her locker, the only person left walking with her was Collin who had the locker next to hers.
“Somehow I had forgotten how hard it was to be popular,” Collin said opening his locker.
“Hard?” Harriette laughed, “no, it’s great! People love us.”
“Sure, but we couldn’t even get to our lockers without being stopped by, like, everyone in this school.” he said putting some of his stuff in his locker.
Harriette patted Collin’s shoulder, “it’s just been a while, you’ll get used to it again soon enough.”
(Full story here)

Missing Fedora
The school felt weird to AeGuk without Fedora, empty. It was also impossible not to think about her here, back in Korea he could just space out. But not here. Here she was everywhere. There wasn’t a single place in this whole school that Fedora and AeGuk had not hung out. And everytime he walked by one of those spots he thought of her.
Walking into homeroom alone was a challenge, made worse by Harriette and her crew staring at him like he was an alien. He braced himself when Harriette waved him over, what would the Populars want with him?
(Full story here)

New Year Means New People
Walking into the cafeteria Layla Thompson was shocked to see that it exactly the way people talked about it. She hadn’t believed it before, but seeing it now it was very obvious that everyone rotated around the Populars.
(Full story here)

New profiles up!

“See You’re Perfect”
“How come I don’t like anyone?” Harriette said, mostly to herself.
Collin looked at her, “what do you mean?”
“I have never liked anyone, or really found anyone attractive,” Harriette said, “I mean, I knew Bentley was hot, but that was really just obvious. But people who aren’t obviously hot? Nope. I mean DaeRi thought Preston was a super hottie, but he’s just bleh. Tamarai thinks almost everyone is hot, but unless they’re obviously attractive I don’t see it. I don’t even have an ideal type. If someone asked me what kind of guy I like I would describe you, because you, Collin, are the perfect guy. If I could meet someone who looked and acted just like you then, maybe I would like them.”
“Uhm,” Collin said, looking confused. “I’m sorry?”
(Full story here)

October: Halloween and the Giveaway

Tiffany Lee?
Tiffany is more than just a new name. It’s a new me.
Tiffany Lee, AKA Sakura Mori AKA Belle Chang, changed her name this year to fit the new her. Gone were her weeaboo days, she’s moved on to something big and better. Korea. She loved everything about that place, the culture, the music, and, mostly, the people. She was obsessed. Over the summer she had discovered the group Super Junior and ever since then she’s been obsessed with them and everything else Korean.
(Full story here.)

Part 1
“Pumpkin carving, I guess Halloween is really just around the corner isn’t it?”
“Yeah,” Collin said.
“Well, this weekend I have to go shopping with the girls then,” Harriette said, she didn’t have a costume for the annual Halloween Dance. “We’ll need costumes for the dance. You can come with us if you want.”
“I don’t think I’m going to the dance,” Collin said.
“Why?” Harriette asked.
Collin shrugged, “I don’t know, it sounds boring.”
Harriette frowned, lately Collin had been calling a lot of things “boring.” Things that were exciting to Harriette. This worried her, she and Collin usually did everything together.
(Full story here)

Part 2
The Halloween dance was only a week away which meant the first school event since Layla came to school. Well, the first one she could make it to, she had been sick for Homecoming.
Layla, Lexi, and Honey were going to the dance dressed as zombie princesses. They had just spent the whole day shopping to find the perfect dresses, stopping at every thrift store in town. Which wasn’t much, only two since they lived in such a small town. Finally they each had a dress and were stopping for lunch at the Deli.
(Full story here)

Part 3
Purity really couldn’t believe it when Daniel asked her. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty, or a loser, or anything bad like that, it’s just that she was sort of invisible. She thought no one had even noticed her.
Daniel wasn’t popular, but he wasn’t invisible or a loser. He was a bit closer to the top tier. He played baseball last year but had to quit after hurting his arm. Now he was on the A.L. News commitee, their school newspaper. Purity had joined the committee this year in hopes that she would meet new friends. And it worked, now instead of going straight home after school she was going to the park, or the deli, or even someone’s house. She was hanging out with people, and that was a first.
(Full story here)

Part 4
Collin came into her room a few minutes later.
“Harriette?” he asked.
“Yes?” Harriette said, carefully curling her hair.
“I’ll go to the dance with you,” he said quietly.
“Really?” Harriette said, almost burning herself with the curling iron.
“You’re are the best,” Harriette said, running over to hug Collin.
(Full story here)

Part 5
After a while Layla’s feet hurt so she excused herself from the dance floor and went to find a seat. Unknowingly she accidentally sat next to Thomas.
“Hey,” he said.
“Oh,” Layla said, “hi”
“You look crazy,” Thomas said.
“I’m a zombie,” Layla said, “duh. I want to eat your brains, that makes me sort of crazy.”
“Yeah?” Thomas laughed, “well my brains won’t be very helpful, I’m almost failing science.”
(Full story here)

In honor of my 100th post I did a fun little giveaway and Facebook, the winner got to create a character for A.L. High.
The winner was Diana and her character was introduced in December, (more on that later)

November: NaNoWriMo and Thanksgiving.

For the month of November I was writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month, which I succeeded in and I finished a week early which meant that I could post a Thanksgiving story!

The Thanksgiving Story
Part 1
The one thing Harriette was the most excited for about Thanksgiving was Fedora coming home. So instead of doing something with with her friends on Wednesday after school she went straight home. Fedora was scheduled to arrive that evening and Harriette needed to be there to to welcome her.
“I’m home!!!”
Harriette could hear Fedora yell from upstairs in her room. It didn’t sound weird to her, Fedora calling her house home, though it might sound weird to other people.
(Full story here)

Part 2
AeGuk wasn’t expecting Fedora when he heard the knock on the door and rushed to answer it. It was too early for people to being coming over, his mom and DaeRi were still asleep. In fact he was expecting anyone but Fedora.
But it was and he was shocked. What was she doing here? AeGuk didn’t even know she was in town.
“H-h-h-h-,” he tried to say hi but it just wouldn’t come out.
“What’s up?” Fedora said, “You gonna invite me in?”
“Uh-uhm,” he said, he didn’t know what to say. “S-s-s-s-sure sure?”
(Full story here)

Part 3
Everyone sat and down at and Harriette's mom led them through a prayer. Most of their family wasn't that religious but Harriette’s mom was and since she was hosting Thanksgiving they were gonna pray before eating.
Afterwards they passed the food around the table, everyone getting a little bit of everything, except grayson who passed anything that had animals products in it.
For a moment Harriette and Fedora had forgotten about what they were previously talking about. The seating went like this, Tamara next to Harriette, Harriette next to Fedora, Fedora next to Collin, Collin next to Bentley. And then everyone else.
Fedora ate like five plates of stuffing, among all her other food. Collin and Harriette warned her more than once that she should save room for dessert.
“I am,” Fedora said, getting herself some more cranberry sauce. “Or else I would have more stuffing.”
(Full story here)

The holidays are here!
Fedora turned around at the last minute and called back, “Don’t be sad, it’s the holidays!”
And how could Harriette be upset when Fedora made so much sense, plus she looked so funny with a goofy smile on her face and her arms up in the air. Harriette smiled back at her and Fedora turned back and walked through the gates leading to the plane.
(Full story here)

December: The failure of the 25 days of Christmas.

I had planned to post a Christmas story every day for 25 days, but I failed miserably. I did manage to post seven posts in the month of December and posted the Christmas story even though I was close to giving up hope on that!

The Conest winner: Shafan Zajak
Shafan Zajak is your classic case of judging a book by the cover. While she was mostly invisible to the students of A.L. High, the ones who do notice her think of her as a nerd. With her unruly brown hair, braces and glasses she looked like the picture of your average nerd.
(Full story here)

A little on DaeRi
DaeRi was smart, but she didn’t try hard. She cared so much about popularity that she was afraid of looking like a nerd. AeGuk knew she was smart, but she never studied and he was pretty sure she made her grades look bad on purpose. Which was really terrible in the long run.
Sometimes he tried to tell her that. But she always says the same thing “only a nerd like you would care about that kind of stuff.”

AeGuk and Collin
AeGuk had thought that after getting back together with Fedora that school would feel a little different. But it didn’t. It was still very lonely. That’s what he gets for only making friends with Seniors last year.
Collin tried to be friends with him, but Collin was so different from AeGuk’s old friends. Collin was quiet and thoughtful. The kind of person you would think that AeGuk would like to hang out with, but when you put two quiet people together you just get silence.
(Full story here)

DaeRi’s Holiday Party?
Her original plan was to invite no one, stick around for thirty minutes and escape to Harriette’s house where she’ll pretend that nothing was happening. But no, AeGuk ruined that when he made some vague remark about the party in front of Harriette.
“You’re having a holiday party,” Harriette asked, or said. It sounded like a statement. Daeri just had to pick something up before heading over to Harriette’s so they stopped by her house. They should have been gone by now but Harriette had struck up a conversation with AeGuk.
“Uhm, yeah,” DaeRi said, “Just something my mom’s doing. She’s been reading those home magazines and suddenly she feels like living the all american dream.”
(Full story here)

DaeRi’s Holiday party.
It’s not like they never had a tree before, but they usually just used the tiny fake one they had for years. They usually just set it on the coffee table, out of everyone’s way. Now there was a gigantic tree, that looked pretty real, in their livingroom.
“It’s nice,” DaeRi said, and it was. Really, DaeRi might be bitter about the party but she was always a sucker for Christmas. She admired how the brown family always went so big and now they had a tree too. A tree that was obviously a pity present, but a tree nonetheless.
(Full story here)

“Aren’t you curious?” Fedora said, heading down the pathway to the barn.
“A little,” Harriette admitted.
“Then come on,” Fedora said.
Harriette shrugged and followed Fedora down the path. Sfter trying the door they found that it was locked, so Fedora knocked and waited. That’s when Harriette noticed the door bell and rang it.
After a while a old man came out of the the house next to the barn. Fedora noticed him and waved with a big smile. The man, who had look a little hesitant at first, smiled back.
(Full story here)

Merry Christmas!
The party was great, everyone was there. They ate, talked, sung, played, and opened some gifts. As always they got special Christmas sweaters for the next day, which, although they are quite ugly, Harriette loved. But really, their ugliness is what makes them so cute.
The twins wanted to go to sleep immediately so it could be Christmas, but everyone knew all they were doing was sitting awake trying to go to sleep. Their mom already came into the room twice to remind them that Sanat w n’t come if they’re still awake.
Children are so cute.
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And then this!
Thank you so much to everyone who reads this because sometimes I feel it’s pretty pointless but I love writing for this blog.
This year started out slow, because I was so busy working on the Prom and Graduation stories. But after summer I got right back into it, I hadn’t expected to start writing so much again. But I love it!
Now the year is coming to a close and I have to start thinking about next year's Graduation and Prom stories, haha.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas

The party seemed to fly by, before they knew it everyone was in bed sleeping, or trying to sleep.
The party was great, everyone was there. They ate, talked, sung, played, and opened some gifts. As always they got special Christmas sweaters for the next day, which, although they are quite ugly, Harriette loved. But really, their ugliness is what makes them so cute.
The twins wanted to go to sleep immediately so it could be Christmas, but everyone knew all they were doing was sitting awake trying to go to sleep. Their mom already came into the room twice to remind them that Sanat w n’t come if they’re still awake.
Children are so cute.
Harriette, Fedora and Collin were all sitting on Collin’s floor cuddling in blankets, pretending that it was actually cold and ignoring that it was actually quite hot.
“Okay, give me one hint about what you’re getting me,” Harriette asked Fedora, who was being extra secretive.
“You never even knew you wanted it,” Fedora said.
“What?” Harriette said, “So I’ll never guess?”
“That’s the best kind of present,” Fedora said.
“We’ll you’ll never guess what I’m getting you either,” Harriette said, though she wasn't quite sure if that was true.
Fedora laughed, “good.”
“What about you, Collin?” Harriette asked, “Can you give me a clue?”
Collin looked thoughtful for a minute then said; “It’s beautiful.”
“Oh,” Harriette said, “That’s not very specific.”
“That’s the point,” Collin said. “You’re not supposed to know what you’re getting.”
Harriette stuck out her tongue at him.
“Fine, give me a clue,” Fedora said.
“Hmm,” Harriette said thoughtfully.
“It’s something you already have,” Harriette said.
“What?” Fedora laughed, “Something I already have, then what’s the point of giving it to me?”
“You’re not supposed to know,” Harriette winked.
Fedora elbowed Harriette.
“Ow,” Harriette said.
“Come on,” Collin said, yawning, “We should sleep. I’m tired.”
“Yeah,” Fedora said, tossing the blankets off of her. “Ah fresh air!”
Harriette laughed. She followed Fedora and tossed the blankets aside and stretched.
“Good night Collin.” They both said, leaving to go to Harriette’s room where they were sleeping.
“Good night,” He called back.
Harriette and Fedora climbed into the bed and pretty soon Fedora was asleep. Fedora always fell asleep rather quickly, so this wasn’t a surprise. It took awhile but finally Harriette drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the wonderful day to come.
And then it was Christmas. The twins were yelling down the halls, surely waking anyone who was still asleep. Fedora, who was a late sleeper on everyday except Christmas, nudged Harriette.
“Let’s go,” she said, already wide awake.
“Jeez,” Harriette yawned, “one second.”
Fedora rolled her eyes and got out of the bed. Harriette followed, stopping in front of her vanity and taking the curlers out of her hair.
“Are you serious?” Fedora asked, standing in the doorway with her wild hair going every which way.
“What?” Harriette asked running a brush through her hair now.
“It’s Christmas and you’re taking your time to do your hair?” Fedora said.
“Um, mom will be taking pictures,” Harriette said, “And unlike some people I don’t like looking like a hooligan.”
Fedora laughed.
“Hmph,” Harriette said applying some lip gloss and blush. She needed to look as if she wasn’t wearing any makeup, completely natural.
Fedora sighed loudly.
“Okay, I’m coming,” Harriette said, finishing with mascara and running to catch up with Fedora who was already out the door.
Collin was already downstairs so Harriette and Fedora went straight to him, taking their stockings from the fireplace on the way. Collin’s was already next to him, looking unopened.
“I was waiting for you guys,” he said as they sat next to him.
“Aw,” Fedora said, “Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas,” Collin said.
“Hey, let’s open our presents first,” Fedora said, “The one’s we’re giving each other, before the hustle and bustle of the rest of them.”
“Sounds good to me,” Harriette said, she was just excited to see what they got her.
“Okay, I want to go last,” Fedora said, “So one of you guys first.”
“I’ll go,” Harriette said. she got up and searched around the tree for her presents. After finding them she joined Fedora and Collin again and handed them their presents.
“Okay, go,” Harriette said.
Fedora ripped hers open quickly while Collin opened his carefully.
“Yes,” Fedora said. Harriette had gotten her a t-shirt that said “I ♥ My BFF” with her name on the back plus a cap with the words “Lovers Gonna Love” on it.
“This is great!” Fedora said, putting on the hat and holding up the shirt.
Finally Collin had opened his, she had gotten him a candy notebook and pencil set, both the notebook and the pencil were fully functional and edible. Plus a real drawing pad with the words “Every Artist Was Once an Amateur.”
“Aw, thanks,” Collin said.
“You’re welcome,” Harriette said.
“Okay, Collin next,” Fedora said.
Collin got up, got his gifts, quicker than Harriette had, and sat back down handing both of the gifts to Harriette and Fedora.
They both unwrapped theirs quickly.
“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Harriette said. He had drawn and painted a picture of her. It was beautiful of course. “It looks just like me.”
“Oh, awesome,” Fedora said, she had also gotten an portrait of herself. “I love it.”
“I didn’t know what to get you,” Collin said.
“These are perfect,” Fedora said. “Now it’s my turn.”
She got up and got their presents returning quickly and handing them to them. Harriette opened hers quickly again, shocked to see the doll from the antique store.
“How?” Harriette said, “How  did you know I wanted this one and it was so expensive.”
“Well, I had no idea what to get you,” Fedora said, “When I got here I had still not gotten anything for you, I had planned to just ask you what you wanted but when I saw you admiring that doll I noted that it kind of looked like you and I just knew I had to get it for you. The old man was nice enough to cut the price for me, he said he never got any customers anyway.”
“Thank you so much,” Harriette said, hugging her.
Then they both turned to Collin to see what he got. She had gotten him a gift card to the local craft store.
“I didn’t know what you already were getting so I figured a gift card was safe,” Fedora said.
“I love it, thanks,” Collin said.
Finally Tamarai came down the stairs and joined them on the couch.
“You guys already opened stuff?” she asked.
“Just the stuff we gave each other,” Fedora said.
“Oh, okay,” Tamarai said.
“TIme for gifts!” their mom said, coming out from the kitchen with a plate of cinnabuns.
“Ah, yes cinnabuns,” Fedora said, grabbing two.
Gifts went by quickly, of course everyone got everything they asked for. After opening gifts guests came over, with more gifts. So they talked and opened more gifts. Having a good time.
Time flew by and it felt like second passed when it was suddenly dark outside and the guests were leaving. Their mom was picking up the mess and the teens were all laying on the couch kind of asleep and kind of talking.
After Fedora fell asleep they all split up to their respective bedrooms and slept. And Christmas was over.
Merry Christmas!!